How to customize the "Not Permitted" page

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The customization described on this page is outside the scope of Atlassian support. Please check Atlassian Support Offerings for more information.


This page gets you started on customising the Confluence "Not Permitted" page with your own logo or custom text. This will not customize the actual permission process, but what end users see when they tried to access contents that they do not have permission of


  • Be sure to test your changes on a test instance of Confluence before applying them to production.


Customize the .vmd file

  1. In the Confluence installation directory, find the confluence/notpermitted.vm Velocity template.
  2. Make a copy of this file as a backup.
  3. Edit the file with a text editor to make your changes. Please note that the template contains a mixture of HTML markup and Velocity content. See Velocity Template Overview (in our developer documentation) for more information.

  4. Refresh the sign up page in the browser. You may need to clear your browser cache.


Last modified on Jun 17, 2016

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