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Cloud Deployment

FreeStandardPremiumAtlassian AccessPremier Support (Jira Align only)
Self-help Resources(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Community Support(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Support Portal
Hours of Availability1

L1: 24/7

L2: 24/5

L3, L4: 9/5

L1: 24/7

L2: 24/5

L3, L4: 9/5

Initial Response Times3Production Application Down (L1)
2 Hr1 Hr1 Hr30 min
Serious Degradation (L2)
6 Hr2 Hr2 Hr2 Hr
Moderate Impact (L3)
1 Business Day1 Business Day1 Business Day8 Hr
Limited Impact (L4)
2 Business Days2 Business Days2 Business Days24 Hr
Support Team4
Standard TeamWeekdays, Premium Team

Weekends, Standard Team
Weekdays, Access Team

Weekends, Standard Team
Dedicated Senior Support Team
Phone Support----(tick)
On-boarding & Environment Familiarity----(tick)
Escalation Management----(tick)
Development Escalation Priority----(tick)
Support EntitlementAnyone5AdminsAdminsAdmins

Premier associated contacts7,8

Products CoveredAll productsJira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, Jira Portfolio, Jira Align, Confluence, Bitbucket

Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence9

Atlassian Access

Jira Align Premier Support must be contracted separately.7,8

PriceFreeBundled with Standard product licenseBundled with Premium product licenseBundled with Atlassian Access product license$39,500 per 3 named contacts7,8

Server and Data Center Deployments

Select SupportPriority Support for ServerPremier Support
Self-help Resources(tick)(tick)(tick)
Community Support(tick)(tick)(tick)
Support Portal(tick)(tick)(tick)
Hours of Availability19/52 L1: 24/7
L2: 24/5
L3, L4: 9/5
Initial Response Times3

Production Application Down


2 Hr1 Hr30 min

Serious Degradation


6 Hr2 Hr2 Hr

Moderate Impact


1 Business Day

1 Business Day

8 Hr

Limited Impact


2 Business Days

2 Business Days

24 Hr

Support Team4Select Team

L1, L2: Advanced Team
L3, L4: Select Team

Dedicated Senior Support Team
Phone Support-L1 onlyAll tickets
Matching response times for Staging & QA Systems--(tick)
Development Escalation Priority--(tick)
On-Call Upgrade Coverage--(tick)
Proactive Health Checks (includes QA and Staging)--(tick)
On-boarding & Environment Familiarity--(tick)
Escalation Management--(tick)
Post Incident Reports--(tick)
Support Entitlement

Admins of a 25+ user / 4+ Jira Service Desk agents server products

Admins of instances associated with Priority Support

Premier associated contacts

Products CoveredJira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, Confluence, Fisheye, Crucible, Bamboo, Bitbucket6Choose one server instance

All products except Opsgenie, Statuspage, Trello.6

Jira Align Premier Support must be contracted separately.7,8


Bundled with software maintenance

$5,000 per product license

Buy Now

$39,500 per 3 named contacts7,8

Buy Now

1 Hours of Availability - Weekend coverage applies to Premium, Priority, and Premier Support programs. Weekend coverage for Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Crucible, and FishEye is limited to L1 issues only for eligible support offerings. Weekend support does not cover free or open source products like SourceTree and Clover. Weekends start from 5PM US Pacific timezone (UTC-8 & UTC-7 DST) until Monday 10AM Australian Eastern timezone (UTC+10 & UTC+11 DST), spanning a total of 48 hours. During weekends when a Premier Support team member is not scheduled in advance, Premier Support requests are handled by the Select Support team. Jira Align specifics outlined below in footnote 8.

2 9/5 Support - Hours of coverage include 8am - 5pm for the following timezones: Pacific (UTC-8), Mountain (UTC-7), Central (UTC-6), Eastern (UTC-5), Western Europe (UTC+0), Central European (UTC+1), Eastern European (UTC+2), Eastern Europe Forward Time (UTC+3), Australia Western Standard Time (UTC+8), Australia Central Standard Time (UTC+9), Australia Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10). India is covered 10am-7pm (UTC+5.5). Japan is covered 9am-6pm (with Japanese language support). Tickets will be handled in the office corresponding to the geo in which they are submitted. Standard Support for Jira Align will be available from 9:00-7:00 ET, Monday through Friday. If and when timezone-based global coverage becomes available, the hours listed within 9/5 Support2 will apply.

3 Initial Response Times Atlassian will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the target initial response time for the applicable severity level. Full descriptions of severity levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: Production application down or major malfunction affecting business and high number of staff
  • Level 2: Serious degradation of application performance or functionality
  • Level 3: Application issue that has a moderate impact to the business
  • Level 4: Issue or question with limited business impact

4 Support Team – Our Advanced and Dedicated Senior Teams are both highly trained engineers who are ready to diagnose issues in your environment. Our dedicated senior support team familiarize themselves with three primary contacts from your company to learn your network and environment.

Entitlement for Community Support - Community Support (from the Atlassian Community) is available to anyone who signs up. Users of 10-user starter license and Sourcetree users are eligible for only community support.

Select and Premier Support - Includes all Atlassian server products.

Premier Support Named Contacts - Premier connects our top tier engineers with the customer and in order to ensure the best outcomes we limited the number of individuals within an account per $39,500 to three named contacts.  This helps ensure the most knowledgeable individuals within our customers are connected with our most senior engineers to drive issues to conclusion faster.  If additional named contacts are needed they can be purchased three at a time by purchasing additional Premier licenses. Account coverage pertains to all active Atlassian server product licenses and does not include Open Source products or 3rd party plugins.

8 Premier Support for Jira Align - Existing Premier Support licenses will not cover Jira Align. Premier Support for Jira Align Cloud must be contracted separately. Premier Support for Jira Align is included in Jira Align On-Premises Package. Premier Support for Jira Align is restricted to only support tickets raised for the Jira Align product. Jira Align Premier Support is available 24 x 5. If and when 24 x 7 coverage becomes available, the additional detail within Hours of Availability1 will apply.

9 Premium Product Coverage - Free and trial subscriptions are not eligible for Premium Support.

Premier Support Key Benefits & Details

  • Account-wide coverage - Premier support is an account wide service that covers all of your installed Atlassian products and Atlassian plug-ins.
  • Direct access and phone support from a dedicated senior support team  - All Premier Support tickets are handled and responded to by advanced senior support engineers with advanced technical and soft skills to better aid customers with complex environments and mission critical needs. Phone support and daily/weekly conference calls are highly leveraged during critical issue resolution.
  • Development team priority  - Higher priority queue placement is given to Premier Support customers when issues have to be escalated through to our development organization for assistance or fixes.
  • 24 x 7 phone support - Local regional phone numbers are given out to all Premier Support customers and phones are covered 24x7 to guarantee that you can connect with an engineer directly to assist you and to more quickly understand your issue without requiring you to wait for multiple ticket bounces.
  • Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks  - Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing session with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.
  • Weekend coverage  - Premier Support customers receive weekend support for their products, select server and data center support customers do not receive weekend coverage. Please click the link below for additional details as some products are excluded from coverage and/or restricted by severity.
  • Account on-boarding - Our team records your hardware, software, network, and configuration details during a series of on-boarding calls and discussions to ensure we have your detailed environment information available before your first ticket is filed, further reducing overall resolution times, questions, and delays for each follow-on issue.
  • Health Checks - During on-boarding our team performs health checks and performs best practice analysis across each of the Atlassian systems. Customers can also request that additional health checks be performed during upgrades on both staging and production environments, which assists with more trouble free upgrade experiences.
  • Other additional Premier Support offerings  - Find out what other offering and benefits come from Premier Support by clicking on the following link; Premier Support Offering Details.

Priority Support Server Key Benefits & Details

  • Mission critical coverage - Priority Support Server can be purchased for your most critical Atlassian instances - ensuring you have elevated support when you need
  • Advanced team for critical issues  - All critical Priority Support Server tickets (L1/L2) will route directly to our most senior Support Engineers (24x5). This team is dedicated to Priority Support Server customers, and ensures a faster response in critical situations.
  • 24 x 7 phone support and weekend support for L1 issues - Local regional phone numbers are given out to all Priority Support Server customers and phones are covered 24x7 to guarantee that you can connect with an engineer directly to assist you with your Level 1 severity issues.
  • Screen-sharing and collaboration phone calls  - Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing session with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.
  • Account on-boarding - All Priority Support Server customers receive a detailed on-boarding email that contains all the details necessary to engage with our team. Additional troubleshooting guidelines, best-practices, and steps to help expedite ticket triage and resolution
  • Other additional Priority Support Server offerings  - Find out what other offering and benefits come from Priority Support Server by clicking on the following link: Priority Support Server Offering Details

Support Includes

  • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system
  • Root cause analysis
  • Assistance with issues during installation
  • Assistance with issues during upgrades
  • Identifying and creating needed bug reports
  • Guidance around implementation and configuration
  • Integration support with other Atlassian products

Support Does Not Include

Need this kind of assistance? Search or Ask in Atlassian Community!

Read our  guide  on how to get the most out of your support, or check out our  Support FAQ  for rapid support orientation

Definition of Impact Levels

Impact LevelDefinition
Level 1Production application down or major malfunction affecting business and high number of staff
Level 2Serious degradation of application performance or functionality
Level 3Application issue that has a moderate impact to the business
Level 4Issue or question with limited business impact

Supported Platforms

You can have confidence that our supported platforms are well tested and we will work to correct issues. Atlassian will not provide assistance with configuration in unsupported environments. See the pages below for detailed information on what platforms are supported with Atlassian products:

Click here to expand...

Supported Platforms are version specific. When checking the documentation, make sure you're viewing the correct version for your platform.

Addressing Security Issues

Please read our Security Policies page for information about Atlassian's approach to handling security issues.

Fixing Bugs

  • Atlassian Support will help with workarounds and bug reporting
  • Critical bugs will generally be fixed in the next maintenance release
  • Non critical bugs will be scheduled according to a variety of considerations

 Critical priority is defined as: "production application down or major malfunction causing business revenue loss or high numbers of staff unable to perform their normal functions." This includes security issues.

For more detailed information, please visit these policy pages:

End of Life Policy

Atlassian supports major versions for two years after the first major iteration of that version was released (for example, we support JIRA 6.3.x for 2 years after JIRA 6.3.0 was released).

For versions that are supported, customers can raise issues via If a bug is discovered, it will be prioritised based on our Bug Fixing Policy and may require you to upgrade to the version which includes the fix. For critical security bugs, please see our Security Bugfix Policy on which versions we will back port critical security fixes to. 

Expand to see End Of Life dates for your Version...

  • Versions earlier than those listed below have reached End of Life (EOL).
  • Atlassian does not provide support for instances on versions that have reached End of Life. The only exception is for assistance related to upgrading from your EOL version to a supported version.
  • Ready to upgrade? You can download the latest versions of our software Download the latest versions of our products.
  • Looking for help with an older version? See documentation for all versions of our products (including versions that have passed their EOL date and may not show up in your search engine).


7.1 (EOL Date: 24 July 2022)
7.0 (EOL Date: 12 March 2022)
6.10 (EOL Date: 17 September 2021)
6.9 (EOL Date: 23 May 2021)
6.8 (EOL Date: 05 February 2021)
6.7 (EOL Date: 18 October 2020)

Bitbucket Server

(formerly Stash)

7.4 (EOL Date: 09 July 2022)
7.3 (EOL Date: 02 June 2022)

7.2 (EOL Date: 28 April 2022)
7.1 (EOL Date: 24 March 2022)
7.0 (EOL Date: 5 March 2022)
6.10 (EOL Date: 14 January 2022)
6.9 (EOL Date: 10 December 2021)
6.8 (EOL Date: 6 November 2021)
6.7 (EOL Date: 1 October 2021)
6.6 (EOL Date: 27 August 2021)
6.5 (EOL Date: 24 July 2021)
6.4 (EOL Date: 18 June 2021)
6.3 (EOL Date: 14 May 2021)
6.2 (EOL Date: 9 Apr 2021)
6.1 (EOL Date: 5 Mar 2021)
6.0 (EOL Date: 12 Feb 2021)
5.16 (EOL Date: 20 Nov 2020)
5.15 (EOL Date: 18 Oct 2020)
5.14 (EOL Date: 11 Sept 2020)
5.13 (EOL Date: 7 Aug 2020)
5.12 (EOL Date: 10 July 2020)


7.6 (EOL Date: June 30, 2022)
7.5 (EOL Date: May 20, 2022)
7.4 (EOL Date: Apr 21, 2022)
7.3 (EOL Date: Feb 5, 2022)
7.2 (EOL Date: Dec 12, 2021)
7.1 (EOL Date: Nov 4, 2021)
7.0 (EOL Date: Sep 10, 2021)
6.15 (EOL Date: Mar 14, 2021)
6.14 (EOL Date: Jan 22, 2021)
6.13 (EOL Date: Dec 4, 2020)
6.12 (EOL Date: Oct 2, 2020)
6.11 (EOL Date: Aug 14, 2020)


4.1 (EOL Date: Jun 22, 2022)
4.0 (EOL Date: Feb 25, 2022)
3.7 (EOL Date: Oct 3, 2021)
3.6 (EOL Date: Sep 3, 2021)

3.5 (EOL Date: Jul 3, 2021)
3.4 (EOL Date: Mar 13, 2021)
3.3 (EOL Date: Sep 26, 2020)


Note: Fisheye and Crucible are in basic maintenance mode. Read our full announcement.

4.8 (EOL Date: December 5, 2021)
4.7 (EOL Date: February 14, 2021)
4.6 (EOL Date: July 26, 2020)

Good Software

Analytics for Confluence DC (EOL Date: February 28, 2022)

Analytics for Confluence Server (EOL Date: July 5, 2021)

Macro Toolbox (EOL Date: April 30, 2020)

Poll for Confluence Cloud (EOL Date: April 30, 2020)

Jira Core

8.11 (EOL Date: 15 July, 2022)

8.10 (EOL Date: 23 June, 2022)

8.9 (EOL Date: 20 May, 2022)

8.8 (EOL Date: 19 March, 2022)

8.7 (EOL Date: 3 February, 2022)

8.6 (EOL Date: 17 December, 2021)

8.5 (EOL Date: October 21, 2021)

8.4 (EOL Date: September 9, 2021)
8.3 (EOL Date: July 22, 2021)
8.2 (EOL Date: May 21, 2021)
8.1 (EOL Date: Apr 4, 2021)
8.0 (EOL Date: Feb 11, 2021)
7.13 (EOL Date: Nov 28, 2020)
7.12 (EOL Date: Aug 27, 2020)
7.11 (EOL Date: Jul 11, 2020)
7.10 (EOL Date: May 29, 2020)

Jira Software

8.11 (EOL Date: 15 July, 2022)

8.10 (EOL Date: 23 June, 2022)

8.9 (EOL Date: 20 May, 2022)

8.8 (EOL Date: 19 March, 2022)

8.7 (EOL Date: 3 February, 2022)

8.6 (EOL Date: 17 December, 2021)

8.5 (EOL Date: October 21, 2021)

8.4 (EOL Date: September 9, 2021)
8.3 (EOL Date: July 22, 2021)
8.2 (EOL Date: May 21, 2021)
8.1 (EOL Date: Apr 4, 2021)
8.0 (EOL Date: Feb 11, 2021)
7.13 (EOL Date: Nov 28, 2020)
7.12 (EOL Date: Aug 27, 2020)
7.11 (EOL Date: Jul 11, 2020)
7.10 (EOL Date: May 29, 2020)

Jira Service Desk

4.11 (EOL Date: 15 July, 2022)

4.10 (EOL Date: 23 June, 2022)

4.9 (EOL Date: 20 May, 2022)

4.8 (EOL Date: 19 March, 2022)

4.7 (EOL Date: 3 February, 2022)

4.6 (EOL Date: 17 December, 2021)

4.5 (EOL Date: October 21, 2021)

4.4 (EOL Date: September 9, 2021)
4.3 (EOL Date: July 22, 2021)
4.2 (EOL Date: May 21, 2021)
4.1 (EOL Date: Apr 4, 2021)
4.0 (EOL Date: Feb 11, 2021)
3.16 (EOL Date: Nov 28, 2020)
3.15 (EOL Date: Aug 27, 2020)
3.14 (EOL Date: Jul 11, 2020)
3.13 (EOL Date: May 29, 2020)

Portfolio for Jira

Atlassian presently provides support for Portfolio for Jira versions 2.0 and later.

Portfolio for Jira supports the use of all currently supported Jira Core and Jira Software versions noted on this page.

Hipchat Server and Data Center

All Hipchat Server and Data Center versions are end of life.

Ultimate Permission Manager

2.6 (EOL Date: May 3, 2021)

Eligibility and Software Maintenance

Software maintenance covers access to support and software product updates for the corresponding software license. Refer to your applicable Cloud Terms of Service or Software License Agreement for specific terms of agreement. After the active maintenance period expires, the software will continue to function, but you will no longer be able to access support or software updates (including security bug fixes). Note that starter licenses include community support only. 

Support is open to system administrators and account holders. End-users will be redirected to a system administrator.

See Atlassian's bug fixing and Atlassian Security Bug Fix Policy policies for further discussion.

Knowledge Prerequisites

Administering Atlassian products requires a baseline technical skill set, including but not limited to:

  • Comfort running SQL commands and installing a database. It's best if you have a good DBA for database troubleshooting and administration.
  • Comfort installing and maintaining production web technologies

Customers are responsible for administering and upgrading their own installations. Atlassian Support will provide guidance on how to do this, but we will not be able to provide step by step maintenance and installation. If you require further assistance with this level of implementation, please consider the following resources:

Help with Unsupported Issues


The Atlassian Community is a great channel for discussions outside the bounds of the Atlassian Support offering. Below are some of the areas covered in the Atlassian Community.


If you need additional help, contact one of our Atlassian Partners (our 3rd party value added resellers) who offer a wide range of professional services, training, customizations and paid support. 

Third-Party Product Integration

Atlassian products interface with a variety of technologies. Front-end solutions like Web Servers (eg Apache HTTP Server), load balancers, single sign-on solutions (SSO), SSL certificates and LDAP repositories add functionality that is often critical to functioning of our products.

Atlassian will endeavour to provide documentation for integration with these 3rd party applications but does not provide support for 3rd party applications. We are unable to provide support when a failure in a 3rd party application occurs.

Third-Party Cloud Environments

Atlassian Server products can be deployed in a variety of 3rd party public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure. These environments can offer such services as dedicated image storage, caching mechanisms, load balancers, auto scaling, and network configuration which all add functionality that is often critical to the functioning of our products.

Atlassian will endeavour to provide documentation for utilising these 3rd party environments and services but does not provide support for these 3rd party environments and services themselves. We are also unable to provide support when a failure in a 3rd party environment or service occurs.

We recommended consulting our documentation regarding the minimum resource sizing of 3rd party cloud environments and services running Atlassian applications as ample provisioning can guarantee the best customer experience. In cases where Atlassian has provided deployment templates for 3rd party cloud environments and services we will endeavour to troubleshoot the template is functioning as intended. If such templates are altered and used differently to those Atlassian has provided, Atlassian Support may not be able to provide support for these alterations.

Add Ons

Atlassian offers support for certain add ons as listed in our supported add ons list. For unsupported add ons, issues should be raised with the provider of the add on. Each add on's supported status is listed on its page in the Atlassian Marketplace.  If you're doing development work, visit the Atlassian Developer Network.

Beta and Development Releases

Atlassian does not offer support for milestone or beta releases, but we do support release candidates. These will be tracked with the terminology 'RC' in the version title.

Databases and Application Servers

Servlet Containers and Databases are integral technologies; without them Atlassian products cannot function. We provide integration instructions for getting our products to work on supported platforms, but we do not support configurations that differ from the procedures described in our product documentation.

Customization and Development Requests

There are many ways to customize and extend our products. We provide source access, APIs, remote interfaces, plugin frameworks, scripting languages, and tools that allow users to add or change CSS rules, HTML, and JavaScript real-time. However, our support for use of these customization options is limited.

If you're working to extend or customize our products and encounter a problem, Atlassian support are happy to help document the problem and relay information to our development teams as follows:

  1. We can help you verify whether our code is working as intended and document any bugs.
  2. If we provide examples of how to make customizations in our documentation, we will work to make sure that documentation is up-to-date.
  3. For in-depth questions about implementing customizations, we will refer customers to our developer network or partner network.
SQL Queries
Modifying data

Atlassian does not support customers performing direct data manipulation of application databases via queries such as INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE, as they can easily lead to data integrity problems. If Atlassian encounters manipulation or customizations at this level, we may ask customers to restore data from their last known working state, or to engage an Expert to help recover their instance to a supportable state. If you are confident your UPDATE or INSERT is safe and your change management system is reliable, refer to the specific product's database documentation.

Fixing problems

In the event that there are data integrity problems due to defects in a product, Atlassian will provide workarounds or solutions to these problems that may involve SQL queries. We use SQL-based solutions as a last resort.


Using SQL for business intelligence is beyond the scope of Atlassian Support. Some of our products have a community page for database queries. Please help us as well as the community by contributing your knowledge! 

We have popular communities – see both the reporting for JIRA and reporting for Confluence parts of our community.

Deployment Planning Activity

Planning for rolling out our products or capacity planning for large instances is better suited for service offerings than Atlassian Support. We will refer this kind of activity to our partner network. This includes establishing specific upgrade and deployment plans for existing installations.

New Feature Requests

See Implementation of New Features Policy for a detailed discussion.