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Many apps in the Atlassian Marketplace are free and open source, developed and donated by our community of generous app developers. Other apps in these libraries were written by Atlassian developers to serve some specific purpose or experiment with something new, but have not yet been brought up to the quality standards we prefer. Most of these apps work well and provide interesting and useful enhancements to our products.

However, because we have not yet been able to ensure all apps meet our quality standards outlined below, Atlassian only offers technical support for a specific list of the most widely used and useful apps developed by Atlassian. You can recognize these apps by looking for the "Supported" icon on the app listing. Hovering over the "Supported" icon will include more details on who to contact for support and a direct link to "Get support" as well.

The rest of the unsupported apps may be used but at your own risk. Our support engineers will not be able to answer questions about their usage. And should app inadvertently cause problems with our software, our support engineers may ask you to uninstall it.

If I have a problem or question about an app, what should I do?

Supported Apps

View a list of all public apps developed by Atlassian here: Atlassian supported apps.

If the app you're concerned with has a "Supported" icon on its homepage and is developed by Atlassian, then please file a ticket in our official support system: Atlassian Support. Please file your ticket against the product you're using. For a problem with a Confluence app, use the Confluence Support Project, and so on.

If the app you're concerned with has a "Supported" icon on its homepage and is developed by another partner, please see the "Support" tab for more details on how to get support.

On the other hand, if you find and confirm an actual bug with the app, you can go straight to the issue tracker listed on the app homepage and file a bug there. You can find the relevant issue tracker on the app’s homepage under the "Support" tab.

What does it mean when an app is Atlassian Supported? In addition to the fact that our Atlassian Support can answer questions about it, generally the app will:

  • be in the Atlassian Marketplace.

  • be published by the Atlassian partner

  • have Bamboo builds set up on one of our build servers.

  • have unit and functional tests with a certain amount of code-coverage.

  • have complete, accurate and attractive documentation

  • support all configurations of the product (e.g. clustered Confluence), except where stated otherwise in the plugin documentation

  • be internationalized.

Data Center Apps

This drop-down menu will tell you if the app is compatible with the "Data Center" implementation of our products that provide clustering and high-availability.

Unsupported Apps

If the app in question is not developed by Atlassian or does not have a "Supported" icon on its homepage, please do not file tickets in the Atlassian Support system. We will not be able to answer them. However, you still have a few other avenues to get help.

These channels are not explicitly monitored by Atlassian staff, but in many cases, the app's authors or other users will be able to offer help.

We endeavor to help non-Atlassian app authors keep their apps up to date and working in each new Atlassian release. We provide beta releases of our products during the development cycle. We provide development-milestone binaries in the Atlassian Maven repositories to facilitate testing with new versions of the software. We provide release and upgrade notes which explain changes affecting app development. We provide our source code and API documentation.

That said, unsupported apps are the responsibility of their authors or the user-community: not Atlassian. We cannot test or upgrade all of the apps that have been contributed.

Last modified on Jun 5, 2020

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