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Welcome to the Atlassian Support space! We have several resources for you to learn about how Atlassian uses our products to do support, and about our support offering.

Need to Find your Support Entitlement Number?

Check How to find your Support Entitlement Number (SEN).

Get the most out of Support in 6 simple steps

1. Check out our get help page

This is the first place to start if you need any kind of help, whether it is a licensing or purchasing query, training, a production issue or a specialised need that our community or experts can service. 

2. Tour the knowledge base for your product 

Search and browse the knowledge base for the latest and archived article documentation and the technical alerts relevant to your atlassian product and version.

3. Subscribe to the proactive alerts for your product 

Subscribe to receive product alerts that notify subscribers anytime new versions are released, security alerts, version specific known issues or other technical information.

4. Join our Answers community 

Share and discuss questions with the Atlassian community. Get your questions answered by community experts as well as Atlassian employees. 30% of questions are answered within the first hour! 

5. Use the support tools plugin within your product 

Within your product you can scan your log files for known issues, check out your system information or submit a support ticket (with logs automatically attached). 

6. Create an account on 

Once you have registered, you can create a support issue with our technical support team. See our Support policy to determine what is and isn't covered by Support.

Learn about Our Projects

Atlassian Support has some interesting projects to share about how we use our tools to do support:

Last modified on Feb 28, 2019

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