PPTX documents fail to render in Confluence 5.6.x and above

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After upgrading to Confluence 5.6.X or above, PPTX documents attached while on older versions still fail to render.

The following appears in the atlassian-confluence.log:

2015-03-03 10:39:38,688 WARN [http-bio-443-exec-13793] [com.benryan.conversion.PPTSlideServlet] doGet Conversion task timed out for attachment : Test.pptx with page number 0, waited : 300, now executing in background.



  • A Confluence 5.6.X instance that includes PPTX documents that were attached prior to upgrading to Confluence 5.6.X


Confluence versions prior to 5.6.X do not support PPTX, and create a corrupted cached file in <confluence_home>/viewfile


  • Clear the file preview caches

    1. Stop Confluence
    2. In the filesystem go to your <confluence_home> folder
    3. Delete the contents within the following folders (or move the entire folder to another directory)
      1. <confluence_home>/viewfile
      2. <confluence_home>/shared-home/dcl-document/

      3. <confluence_home>/shared-home/dcl-document_hd/

      4. <confluence_home>/shared-home/dcl-thumbnail/

    4. Start Confluence
  • The file preview cache will rebuild, and documents should render as expected


  CONF-32515 - Getting issue details... STATUS is a resolved bug covering this problem. Confluence 5.7 introduced a new File Viewer to Display Files and Images. Upgrade to Confluence 5.7 or higher.



Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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