Some Notifications Fail to Be Triggered for Watched Pages

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Some notification types such as "Add/Remove comment or attachment" are not being sent out to all users watching the page. The other notifications related to editing are unaffected.


Some notification listeners have been disabled in the atlassian-core module.


In Confluence v2.10.x and prior, visit this url:


Ensure that all plugin listeners are set as enabled. Notifications will not be generated for the actions whose listeners have been disabled.

Workaround for Version 2.10.x

A patch compatible with Confluence v2.10.2 is attached to the page. To apply it:

  1. Download the patched [ManagePluginsAction.class|Some Notifications Fail to Be Triggered for Watched Pages^ManagePluginsAction.class] file and copy it in your <Confluence-Install>/confluence/web-inf/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/admin/actions/plugins. Please create this folder structure if it does not exists already.
  2. Restart Confluence.
  3. Visit <CONFLUENCE_BASEURL>/admin/plugins.action?pluginKey=confluence.listeners.core to enable these disabled modules.

Find more details on applying patched class files at Installing Patched Class Files.


Upgrade to version 3.0.2 or later. Refer to Some Notifications Fail to Be Triggered for Watched Pages.

Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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