Team Calendars for Confluence Send Email Notifications to Users that Are Not Related to the Calendar

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Email notifications from Team Calendars for Confluence about a specific calendar are sent to all/some users when the calendar is updated or new events are added. The emails are sent even though these users do not subscribe to the calendar and they do not watch any pages that have this calendar embedded.


  1. Find out the name of the calendar that has this issue
  2. Run the following SQL query to find the Calendar ID of this calendar:

    SELECT bandanakey FROM bandana WHERE bandanavalue like '%Insert the Name of Calendar Here%';
  3. Go to Confluence and search all pages that return given this Calendar ID:

  4. In the results, check for any page that does not embed the calendar in question. Check whether the watchers that are receiving erroneous notification emails are watching these pages.


This is caused by the way calendar ID lookups are implemented in the Lucene index, which is used by Team Calendars for Confluence. Full technical details can be found in this bug report:  TEAMCAL-2055 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Upgrade to Team Calendars for Confluence 4.3 and above, which resolves this bug. After upgrading Team Calendars for Confluence the notifications will stop but Step 3 above will still return multiple calendars because the search functionality was not fixed as part of this bug.

Last modified on Oct 17, 2016

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