Adding a User

To add users in Crowd, you can either import users into Crowd in bulk or add them individually as described below. Learn how to import users and groups into a Directory

Add users individually 

  1. Log in to the Crowd Administration Console
  2. In the top navigation bar, select Users

  3. In the left-side menu, select Add user

  4. Fill in user details.

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    Email address— The email address of the user. Email addresses must follow the RFC2822 format.

    Active — Only deselect this if you wish to deny the user access to the Crowd-integrated applications.

    Username — The user's login name. Within a given directory, the username must be unique. Note that you cannot change the username once the user has been created.

    Password — The user's password.

    Confirm Password — Enter the same password again, to ensure that you have typed it correctly.

    First Name — The user's first name.

    Last Name — The user's last name.

    Directory — The directory to which the user will be added. Note that the user cannot be moved to a different directory once the user has been created.

  5. Select the Send notification email checkbox if you want to notify the user that their account has been created (applies only to internal directories). You can customize the email’s contents to include the reset password link, letting the user set their login credentials. Learn how to customize email notification templates

  6. Select Create to add the user.

Next steps

Once you've added a user to Crowd, you are able to specify their attributes and group membership. If you wish, you can also verify that the user can log in to the appropriate applications. Check out the following guides for more information:

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Automatically adding users to Jira or other groups

You can configure your directory to automatically add users to one or more groups. Define the default groups on the directory as described in Automatically Assigning New Users to Groups.

For example, you can add Jira groups as default groups for your LDAP directory connector. Whenever a new user is added to LDAP, they will automatically get access to Jira.

Last modified on Sep 29, 2023

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