Pruning delegated directories

Optimize your user database by cleaning inactive users from your delegated directories. After configuring pruning for a delegated directory, Crowd will periodically check if the directory contains any users who have been deactivated or removed from the remote directory.

By default such users will be deactivated in Crowd. It is also possible to enable "hard delete" mode, in which users who have been deleted in the remote directory will also be deleted in Crowd.

Delegated directory pruning feature is Crowd's native feature starting from version 4.3. If you use version of Crowd lower than 4.3, you must install the Delegated Directory Pruning plugin from Atlassian Marketplace to be able to use this functionality. 

To enable pruning for your delegated directory

  1. Go to a delegated directory for which you want to enable pruning

  2. Go to Configure pruning.

  3. Enable pruning by selecting the Pruning toggle
  4. Choose the pruning mode:
    • Deactivate user - when a user is deactivated or deleted in a remote directory, it is also disabled in Crowd.
    • Delete user - when a user is deleted in a remote directory, it is also deleted in Crowd.

      User deactivated in remote directory will be disabled in Crowd.

  5. Choose what pruning should do with users that don't have an external ID specified:

    Who's a user with external ID?

    This is a user that was manually added to delegated directory by Add user in Crowd or using Crowd's REST API. Such user will not have an external ID because they have no link to the corresponding user in the remote directory.

    • Do Nothing don't do anything with a user that doesn't have an external ID.
    • Deactivate user - deactivate a user that doesn't have an external ID.
  6. Click Save.

Changes made to users in delegated directories are reflected in Crowd with a delay. Pruning is being run periodically - everyday at 03:00 AM server time.

Last modified on Apr 9, 2021

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