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Does this scenario ring a bell?


I have 2+ Atlassian products 

Products are on-premise; some are Data Center and some - Server

I have a growing pool of users

I already have or I'm expecting more than 500 unique users in every app

I cannot afford downtime

  I must keep my services available and up and running at all times

Meet Crowd

Crowd allows you to manage your users for all of your Atlassian Server and Data Center applications. Packed with critical features such as single sign-on, audit logs, and delegated administration, Crowd allows you to manage users and their authentication permissions from multiple directories. Crowd easily integrates with your existing environment be it big or small.

Benefits of Crowd

To stay on top of all user management trends, an increasing number of users opt for Crowd Data Center to have one central place to manage all users from all Atlassian products but without the risk of failure due to high availability.

In-product user management

Crowd Data Center

User management done per app or in Jira

One place to manage all users

When users are managed in Jira, when Jira's down, users cannot log in to other apps

High availability - admins have uninterrupted access to user management and all users to apps

User management fixes and features need to be implemented per app

Fixes and features can easily be implemented

No prime features - high availability or delegated user

SSO, high availability, delegated user - all prime features included

In-product user management can have different versions

One app to upgrade and manage

OK, sounds good. What do I do next?


Read about the hardware and software requirements in our documentation.

Check installation requirements


Download a free 30-day trial of Crowd Data Center with all latest features.

Evaluate Crowd Data Center for free


Generate a Data Center license. (Yes, even if you use Crowd Server.)

Generate Data Center licence

Talk to us

Thinking about implementing Crowd or looking for a place to leave feedback? Check out these resources for more information or to get in touch.

Ask us a question in our community.

Crowd feedback community

Review the product's FAQ.

Check out Crowd FAQ

Stay on top of the latest features.

Check out release notes

Last modified on Jan 9, 2019

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