Crowd 3.3 Release Notes

27 September  2018

The Atlassian Crowd team is pleased to bring you Crowd 3.3 , which comes with some great new features:

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Delegated group level administration

In Crowd 3.3, as a system administrator you can assign users to be group-level administrators of other groups. These users will be able to manage groups by adding and removing other users and groups from them.

Groul Level administration is currently available only for the Crowd Data Center license holders. If you're not such a user, you can create your evaluation license for Crowd Data Center and take Crowd for a spin. See the Atlassian license evaluation page.

Crowd  email 

With version 3.3, we're introducing support for email notifications regarding password expiration. When configuring internal directory you may define remind periods, which mean how many days before password expiration reminder will be send to user.

Multiple server alert addresses

From now on, Crowd lets you configure multiple server alert email addresses, so whenever some alert occur, every of these emails receive notification. 

Complete list of changes and improvements

Crowd 3.3.0 - 27 September 2018

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Crowd 3.3.1

This version was never made available for downloads.

Crowd 3.3.2 - 18 October 2018

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Known issues and limitations

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