Crowd 4.3 Release Notes

April 2021

Crowd team is proud to bring you Crowd 4.3 which is packed full with great new features and improvements.

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Scheduling with cron expressions

Starting from Crowd 4.3 you can use cron expressions for scheduling directory synchronization. Cron expressions give you more control when scheduling directory synchronization than using polling intervals. Now you can schedule a very specific time for the synchronization to start. For example, you could define a cron expression to run a sync at 8:15 am on the second Friday of every month. This functionality is available for Crowd Data Center only. To learn how to create cron expressions in Crowd, see our documentation

Pruning delegated directories

Optimize your user database by cleaning inactive users from your delegated directories. After configuring pruning for a delegated directory, Crowd will periodically check if the directory contains any users who have been deactivated or removed from the remote directory. See documentation on Pruning delegated directories.

Delegated directory pruning feature is Crowd's native feature starting from version 4.3. If you use version of Crowd lower than 4.3, you must install the Delegated Directory Pruning plugin from Atlassian Marketplace to be able to use this functionality. 

Active Object support

Crowd 4.3 brings you support for Active Object. Active Object is an ORM (object relational mapping) layer in Atlassian products, which is implemented as a plugin into Atlassian applications. It enables easier, faster, and more scalable data access and storage than the existing Bandana and PluginSettings APIs. For more information, see Atlassian developer documentation.

New supported platforms

We're introducing support for the following new platforms: 

  • PostgreSQL 12

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019

For the complete list of environments supported by Crowd 4.3, see Supported platforms.

Complete list of changes and improvements

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Crowd 4.3.5 - July 2021

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