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17 February 2009

The Atlassian Crowd team is delighted to present Crowd 1.6.1.

This release focuses on solving problems with case sensitivity. Crowd's internal directories, client caches and LDAP directory caches are now all case insensitive but case preserving. Crowd will ignore case when comparing usernames, etc ('JSmith' = 'jsmith') and it will preserve case when passing information between applications and directories ('JSmith' remains 'JSmith'). This results in the expected behavior in the Crowd-connected directories as well as Crowd-connected applications such as JIRA and Confluence.

In addition, Crowd now allows you to enforce lower-case conversion of usernames, groups and roles for a specific application. Where is this useful? Let's assume you have previously integrated JIRA with an LDAP directory that allows mixed-case usernames (e.g. 'JSmith'). JIRA enforces lower-case usernames (e.g. 'jsmith'), so you have existing lower-case usernames in JIRA. And now you want to integrate JIRA with Crowd. You can configure Crowd to convert all usernames, etc, to lower case before passing them to JIRA.

We have also fixed a few bugs, including a problem with finding group members in Posix directories and a problem with Gzip compression for SOAP requests.

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