Crowd 2.3.2 Release Notes

11 August 2011

With great pleasure, the Atlassian Crowd team presents Crowd 2.3.2.

This release introduces the following changes:

  • User details and direct group memberships can be updated on successful authentication when using Delegated LDAP directories.
  • Incremental synchronization can be disabled for Microsoft Active Directories.
  • Faster synchronization with external Crowd servers.
  • Many bug fixes.

Upgrading to Crowd 2.3.2

You can download Crowd from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Crowd 2.3 Upgrade Notes.

Complete List of Improvements and Fixes

Key Summary P Status
CWD-2497 Add on the fly group sync for delegated LDAP authentication. Medium Resolved
CWD-2054 Searching users when aliases are enabled is slow Low Closed
CWD-2421 'Lower Case Output' option can cause mismatch in database with applications Medium Resolved
CWD-2148 AD caching mis-behaving if the username case is changed/renamed High Closed
CWD-2407 Add enable incremental sync flag to Active Directory configuration UI Low Closed
CWD-2613 Crowd 2.3.1 integration JAR causes class not found exception High Resolved
CWD-2506 The crowd-persistence module needs to split out the HIbernate implementation details from the shared InternalDirectoy needed by apps that embed Crowd. Medium Resolved
CWD-2587 FailedEntities in a BatchResult can sometimes be ignored, giving no feedback in the logs Medium Resolved
CWD-2583 Crowd can start up without essential plugins Medium Resolved
CWD-2576 Use /group/memberships resource for db sync Medium Resolved
CWD-2459 Crowd removes the last occurrence of "/services" from the application URL Medium Resolved
CWD-2446 Remote Crowd directory connection URL cannot contain "/services" Medium Resolved
CWD-2617 On Mac OS X, adding an application with a base URL of localhost includes a scope ID in the IPv6 address Medium Resolved
CWD-2607 Crowd using high CPU due to Hibernate bug Medium Closed
CWD-2585 User Management: Update message when crowd REST API does not support single call memberships fetching Low Resolved
CWD-2187 Rename and move LdapPermissionOption to embedded-crowd-api Low Resolved
CWD-2183 Default LDAP timeouts are set too high Low Closed
CWD-2439 DbCachingRemoteDirectoryCache specific tests should be split from DbCachingRemoteDirectoryTest Low Resolved

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