Crowd 2.6.2 Release Notes


22nd April 2013

The Atlassian Crowd team is pleased to present Crowd 2.6.2.

This release is a recommended upgrade for all customers. It brings performance improvements for LDAP queries and delegating directories; a reduced memory footprint and a more robust and consistent handling of incremental synchronization and aliases. It also contains a number of other fixes, which are listed below.

Crowd 2.6 Upgrade Notes

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 Complete list of improvements and fixes

Key Summary P Status
CWD-2814 Unable to login to JIRA/Confluence with a Crowd login which is aliased Medium Resolved
CWD-3269 Accept sreg 1.1 in OpenID requests Low Resolved
CWD-2155 Empty password encryption selection High Resolved
CWD-1979 Crowd fails to add sequential LIST_INDEX numbers to table CWD_USER_CREDENTIAL_RECORD Low Resolved
CWD-3048 Crowd's alias creates multiple accounts Low Resolved
CWD-3917 Application syncs from Crowd fail due to "com.atlassian.crowd.model.event.AliasEvent" incorrectly invoked Low Resolved
CWD-3241 Membership synchronisation fails for groups that contain { and } Medium Resolved
CWD-3252 Keep out of the heap Medium Resolved
CWD-3234 Show a clearer error for ApplicationPermissionException Medium Resolved
CWD-3233 Constrain LDAP search results when directories don't support paged results Medium Resolved
CWD-3221 Include the unaliased username in SSO session details Medium Resolved
CWD-3220 POSTing an SSO session to validate it should return the aliased username Medium Resolved
CWD-3219 SSO tokens should be stored with unaliased usernames Medium Resolved
CWD-3181 Username returned in REST service /user has wrong casing Medium Resolved
CWD-3143 CrowdService API returns shadowed users depending on the shape of the query parameters Medium Resolved
CWD-3188 Failing incremental Crowd/Crowd synchronisation should fall back to full synchronisation Medium Resolved
CWD-3242 Upgrade to an ATR with reduced memory usage for plugins Low Resolved
CWD-3244 Rationalise initial Ehcache sizes Low Resolved
CWD-3250 NPE starting Crowd if license does not have maintenance expiry date Low Resolved
CWD-3105 Remove TokenSeed now it's no longer used Low Resolved
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