Crowd 3.0 Release Notes

17 August 2017


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Introducing Crowd Data Center

We can proudly say that we've joined the Atlassian's DC family. Data Center consists of a cluster of interconnected nodes that work together to handle all the requests from your users, and to make sure their work remains uninterrupted. When one node stops working for any reason, the remaining ones take over its workload, and your users don't even notice the change. One for all, and all for one!

Crowd DC is also great at scaling – you can easily expand your DC with extra nodes that will pull all the necessary configuration from the shared file system, and join the cluster without any extra setup.

For more high availability in your user management, see Crowd Data Center.


Microsoft Azure Active Directory

We're introducing support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to let you bring your users and groups from Azure AD to Crowd. Azure AD works as a synchronizable directory, which means that new information will flow on a regular basis, or whenever you request it. Incremental synchronization and nested groups are also there, ready to go.

Since Crowd will be using REST API to communicate with Azure AD, you don't need to subscribe to Azure AD Domain Services.


Complete list of changes and improvements

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