Crowd 2.8.4 Release Notes

15th February 2016

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Complete list of improvements and fixes

Key Summary P Status
CWD-4308 User Directory test fails with "The validated object is null" when "Enable aliasing" is selected Low Resolved
CWD-4204 The Crowd user console should hide the profile update actions if the directory is read-only Low Resolved
CWD-3716 Usernames containing '+' breaks group membership check Medium Resolved
CWD-4423 Crowd's Tomcat misses CATALINA_PID variable Low Resolved
CWD-4496 Add logging explaining why incremental sync fails Low Resolved
CWD-4240 Upgrade tomcat to a version >= 7.0.55 Medium Resolved
CWD-4214 Disable SSLv3 in the commented out TLS tomcat configuration Medium Resolved
CWD-4601 Unable to login using MD5 directory password encryption Medium Resolved
CWD-3513 Publish UserRenamedEvent when user is renamed in LDAP Medium Resolved
CWD-3388 Add a REST API to do case-sensitive user renames Low Resolved
CWD-3608 As an admin, I want to rename users in Remote Crowd directories Low Resolved
CWD-4363 Only trim /services from the end of crowd.server.url Low Resolved
CWD-4603 Upgrade Atlassian Healthcheck to allow healthcheck resource to return 200 Low Resolved
CWD-4582 crowd-rest-plugin includes slf4j-log4j12 Low Resolved
CWD-4579 Upgrade to version 3.2.2 of apache commons-collections Low Resolved
CWD-4516 Limit the frequency of updates to cwd_token.last_acccesed_time Low Resolved
CWD-4498 As a user of RestCrowdClient, I want to obtain UserWithAttributes when I search users Low Resolved
CWD-4483 Remote Crowd directories ignore UI proxy settings and HTTP connection configuration Low Resolved
CWD-4459 NPE when parsing Group entity without attributes Low Resolved
CWD-4544 /user/rename should allow trivial renames Low Resolved
CWD-4543 Trivial renames should succeed trivially Low Resolved

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