Crowd 2.6.1 Release Notes


18th March 2013

The Atlassian Crowd team is pleased to present Crowd 2.6.1.

This release is a recommended upgrade for all customers. It contains performance improvements for Delegated Authentication directories; a smoother user experience in some screens of the Crowd and CrowdID administration and user consoles; and more concise logging of long synchronization operations. It also contains a number of other fixes, which are listed below.

Crowd 2.6 Upgrade Notes

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 Complete list of improvements and fixes

Key Summary P Status
CWD-3097 Screen without data after failing to add a local group to a remote group Low Resolved
CWD-3044 Reduce logging during directory synchronization Medium Resolved
CWD-3171 Password complexity requirement message is not displayed Low Resolved
CWD-3096 Can't create a new LDAP connector directory with anonymous bind user dn Low Resolved
CWD-3159 Retrieve only the necessary attributes when copying memberships on delegated authentication Highest Resolved
CWD-3095 Add default salt generation when a PropertyManager has not been injected in the ssha password encoder Medium Resolved
CWD-3114 PluginSettingsFactory does not create transactions Medium Resolved
CWD-3103 Log the DN used in an authentication bind at DEBUG Medium Resolved
CWD-3192 SearchPicker should not assume search results are mutable Medium Resolved
CWD-2675 Improve logging of remote exceptions in RestCrowdClient Medium Resolved
CWD-1880 Cannot un-set ldap.password to return to anonymous bind Medium Resolved
CWD-3137 Delegated connectors use two attributes in the database to indicate "nested groups" support Low Resolved
CWD-3119 OpenID Trust Relationships should check for valid IP addresses Low Resolved
CWD-3104 Use a random salt for SSHA password encoding Low Resolved
CWD-3098 Replace atlassian-core with Guava where a straightforward replacement exists Low Resolved
CWD-3121 Make the OpenID endpoint URL more prominent Low Resolved
CWD-3179 i18n for client.forbidden.exception uses wrong ID for parameter Low Resolved
CWD-3175 Present password complexity requirements as a policy message, not as a warning Low Resolved
CWD-3160 SpringLDAPConnector returns ImmutableList which can't be sorted by ViewGroupMembers class Low Resolved
CWD-3156 DirectoryCreatedEvent published with unsaved Directory Low Resolved
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