Crowd 2.8.2 Release Notes

27th April 2015

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Notable fixes

  • LDAP connections over SSL are now pooled.
  • The new OpenID server now works out of the box.
  • Talking to a remote Crowd server through a proxy now works again.
  • Getting all memberships for RFC 2307 directories now makes fewer requests.

Crowd 2.8.1 was an internal release.

Complete list of improvements and fixes

Key Summary P Status
CWD-4070 Pool SSL LDAP connections Low Resolved
CWD-3872 Support Recovery Mode in Crowd server Medium Resolved
CWD-4231 Automatic user synchronization stops if manual synchronization is performed Low Resolved
CWD-4101 As a sysadmin, I want to have a healthcheck resource to Crowd Low Resolved
CWD-1462 Display the JVM locale on the System Info page Medium Resolved
CWD-4291 Directory syncs can fail if an LDAP group is removed/renamed in the middle of a sync Medium Resolved
CWD-4096 RestCrowdClient http.max.connections doesn't take effect when the base URL doesn't include a port Medium Resolved
CWD-4317 Crowd client library doesn't send requests with already encrypted passwords Low Resolved
CWD-4300 RemoteCrowdDirectory.addUser should support encrypted passwords and PasswordCredential.NONE Low Resolved
CWD-4289 Add method to retrieve the 'directory features' for the directory a new user will be created in Low Resolved
CWD-4302 Test that a group search with `expand=group,attributes` returns succesfully Low Resolved
CWD-4245 Improve logging of directory synchronisation Low Resolved
CWD-4232 Allow setting a user's password to PC.NONE via REST API Low Resolved
CWD-4220 Include all the application configuration in the support information Low Resolved
CWD-4225 Improve logging around memberships requests Low Resolved
CWD-4173 Update SCM Links In pom.xml Low Resolved
CWD-4172 Don't use ApacheDS 1.0 in web acceptance tests Low Resolved
CWD-4167 Crowd standalone distribution incorrectly specifies context path in <Context> definition Low Resolved
CWD-4166 Improve the design of the 'View directory' screen Low Resolved
CWD-4141 Crowd OpenID server v2 login does not work when I have a cookie with a comma in its value Low Resolved
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