Crowd 2.3.1 Release Notes

20 July 2011

With great pleasure, the Atlassian Crowd team presents Crowd 2.3.1.

This release mostly contains small changes to work better with other Atlassian products such as Bamboo 3.2.

Host names can now be used in addition to IP addresses when configuring trusted proxies. Using host names can make maintenance easier as there is no need to remember IP addresses. For more information and examples, see the documentation.

(info) Crowd 2.3 was an internal release. Crowd 2.3.1 is the first publicly-available release of Crowd 2.3.x.

Upgrading to Crowd 2.3.1

You can download Crowd from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Crowd 2.3 Upgrade Notes.

Complete List of Improvements and Fixes

Key Summary P Status
CWD-1280 some new and useful events for the event listener in crowd Medium Resolved
CWD-2320 Tell deactivated users who reset their password that they are deactivated Medium Resolved
CWD-2397 JIRA importer Queries are broken against MySQL Low Resolved
CWD-2735 it's not possible to start Crowd from outside the Crowd install directory High Resolved
CWD-2522 Provide API to force copy of a user in DelegatedAuthenticationDirectory Medium Resolved
CWD-2502 RestCrowdClient does not have a socket timeout Medium Closed
CWD-2336 Sync status is not automatically updated in Internet Explorer (caching issue) Medium Closed
CWD-2525 UpgradeTask 453 never gets executed since it's not declared in Spring context Low Resolved
CWD-2518 Disable incremental sync and show a warning if the remote application contains remote directories that are not cached Low Closed
CWD-2505 Document REST api changes in EAC Low Closed
CWD-2450 Create a REST resource for group membership of all users and child groups Low Resolved
CWD-2445 XForwardedForUtil fails when request address contains IPv6 scope Low Closed
CWD-2259 Require JDK 1.6 Low Resolved
CWD-2422 Update Crowd documentation for host name support in trusted proxies and application remote addresses Low Closed
CWD-2420 Support host names in trusted proxy and application's remote addresses configuration screens Low Closed
CWD-2406 Include crowd-rest-plugin in Low Resolved
CWD-2395 Crowd REST client tries to unmarshal response body on errors, but doesn't handle unmarshalling errors Low Resolved
CWD-2370 'Invalid SSO Domain value' should be an ERROR Low Resolved

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