Crowd 2.9.1 Release Notes

10 May 2016

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(green star) Over 38 feature and improvement requests fulfilled

Highlights of this release:


Oracle 12c support

We've included support for Oracle 12c, which brings Crowd into line with other Atlassian applications such as JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket Server.

REST API improvements

We've created new REST API functionality, and released new REST API documentation that includes the new functionality. 

Complete list of improvements and fixes

Key Summary P Status
CWD-3216 Crowd creates NULL DB values for any blank text box in a directory configuration Medium Resolved
CWD-4206 LDAP user unable to Login to application due to membership in restricted group Low Resolved
CWD-3051 Require Java 7 Medium Resolved
CWD-3977 Crowd doesn't cleanup created MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager instances Medium Closed
CWD-3735 Require Java 8 Low Resolved
CWD-3512 For Internal and Caching directories, when searching for memberships you should be able to apply a search restriction to the result Medium Resolved
CWD-4495 Upgrade to httpcomponents' httpclient 4.5 Medium Resolved
CWD-3222 Ability to expand on attributes of users for search in the REST endpoint Low Resolved
CWD-3217 Unable to create XML backup from a fresh vanilla Crowd installation hooked with Oracle DB (NullPointerException) Low Resolved
CWD-3569 Support for Oracle 12c Low Resolved
CWD-4271 As an admin, I want to bulk-expire SSO sessions Low Resolved
CWD-4475 Retrieve avatars from LDAP for uncached directories Low Resolved
CWD-2923 Creating new users using Crowd REST ignores <attributes> element Low Resolved
CWD-4651 Support for openJDK 1.8 Low Resolved
CWD-3292 Upgrade to Struts 2 Low Resolved
CWD-4154 Create user operation fails to talk to new Crowd server Highest Resolved
CWD-3225 Improve performance for paginated queries across multiple directories Medium Resolved
CWD-3201 Return correct HTTP status for failure to create an application through /rest/appmanagement/1/application Medium Resolved
CWD-4381 Clicking "Synchronize now" button when viewing a remote Crowd directory switches to viewing a LDAP connector Medium Resolved
CWD-4287 Directory periodic synchronisation is not automatically re-started on Crowd restart Medium Resolved
CWD-4595 Enable X-FRAME-Option in HTTP response headers in order to provide clickjacking protection Medium Resolved
CWD-4614 Base URL no longer resolved properly in Crowd 2.8.4 Medium Resolved
CWD-3550 Upgrade Guava to 18.0 Low Resolved
CWD-4368 Session timeout set to zero (which is invalid) if an invalid session timeout is set on the settings page Low Resolved
CWD-4319 Crowd doesn't acknowledge non-incremental sync when triggering sync Low Resolved
CWD-4312 FlushCacheService should clear AtlassianCache caches. Low Resolved
CWD-4302 Test that a group search with `expand=group,attributes` returns succesfully Low Resolved
CWD-4299 Upgrade to Hamcrest for testing Low Resolved
CWD-4294 Add tenant setting filter to Horde Low Resolved
CWD-4280 Add support for HTTP caching of the session token resource Low Resolved
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