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The Crowd development team has released Crowd 1.1.2.

Crowd 1.1.2 is a recommended upgrade from Crowd 1.1.1 since it provides improved integration with JIRA and Confluence, and tidier functionality for multiple directories.

For cross product compatibility, you must upgrade to the following versions of each product:

  • Crowd 1.1.2 or later
  • Bamboo 1.2.2 or later
  • Confluence 2.5.6 or later
  • JIRA 3.7.4 or later

Integration with JIRA user management

With Crowd 1.1.2, you can now turn external user management off in JIRA. This means that you can allow signup via JIRA, and you can manage your users within JIRA. Changes will flow through to Crowd.

(info) JIRA has an automatic group membership feature. This means that any new user added through JIRA will automatically be a member of all groups which have the JIRA Users permission. In this way, you can ensure that a new user is automatically added to several groups when they sign up with JIRA.

RSS feeds

Crowd 1.1.2 fixes the problem experienced accessing RSS feeds from JIRA including retrieving JIRA issues via Confluence macros (e.g. the JIRA portlet macro).

Improved LDAP Performance

Crowd 1.1.2 now queries LDAP repositories in a more efficient manner that will give a dramatic performance increase for those with large numbers of LDAP groups.

Other Fixes in Crowd 1.1.1

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The Atlassian Crowd Development Team

Last modified on Sep 4, 2007

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