Crowd 2.10.1 Release Notes

13 September 2016

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Highlights of this release:


Faster than ever

We've improved how Crowd performs with aliases and applications with many directories without aggregated memberships.  

See an example...

One of the configurations we tested with was an application with disabled membership aggregation and the following directory configuration:

  • 2 directories - one internal and one database cached LDAP directory
  • 2402 users in 401 groups in the internal directory (1 default group and 200 parent groups each with 1 child group)
  • 4000 users in 401 groups in the database cached LDAP directory
  • 2400 shadowing users

In this example, it took approximately 26 seconds to return all groups with their users (via /rest/usermanagement/1/group/membership), as opposed to approximately 30 minutes prior to this change.

We think you'll notice a significant difference in your Crowd instance.

Improved group membership synchronization behavior

We've added a new option that synchronizes group memberships for users who have been created in an LDAP directory, but have not yet been synchronised to Crowd. This gives you convenience, without sacrificing performance. 

Improved UI for LDAP configuration testing

We've improved the look and usability of LDAP configuration testing to ensure better experience when verifying your connection parameters and filters.

Complete list of improvements and fixes

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Last modified on Sep 9, 2016

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