How to customize the Page Not Found (404) page

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The content on this page includes steps to customize or extend Atlassian software (adding/changing CSS rules, HTML, JavaScript, etc.). Per the Atlassian Support Offerings, support does not include customizations made to Atlassian products. Be aware that this material is provided for your information only and using it is done so at your risk.

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To customize the 404 error page served by Crowd, in order to better fit the design of your site.


  1. Navigate to the following path on Crowd Server.

  2. Add the following snippet at the bottom of the page, but before the </web-app> tag.

  3. Create a new file 404.html under <crowd-install>/crowd-webapp/. We can use any HTML script like following to modify the custom page.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <p>Modified 404 page</p>

    Restart Crowd.

Even though the filename needs to be 404.html the content on it can be whatever you would like to place in there. Thus, if you wanted to have the page be blank with no content or redirect to something else, you could set up the document accordingly to render. If you wanted to return a specific HTTP error code, this is not possible in the platform to route 404 pages to return HTTP 500 requests.

Last modified on Jul 22, 2022

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