Once you have added a directory, you can import groups and users into it from external user-stores or from another directory defined in Crowd. This can reduce the number of user-stores within your organisation, and give you a consolidated, centralised point of user management. Once you have imported users into a Crowd directory, you can manage them via the Crowd Administration Console (assuming the directory's permissions allow this).

For example, your organisation might currently have user IDs for Atlassian JIRA users stored within JIRA's database, and user IDs for Jive Forums users stored within Jive's database. You could use Crowd to import all the user IDs from both places into Microsoft Active Directory.

You can import from different user-stores into a single Crowd directory, or into different Crowd directories, depending on your needs. 

To import users into a directory,

  1. Log in to the Crowd Administration Console.
  2. Click the 'Users' link in the top navigation bar.
  3. This will display the User Browser. Click the 'Import Users' link.
  4. This will display the 'Import Type' screen (see below). Click the button corresponding to the type of user-store or file from which you want to import external users into Crowd:

Screenshot: 'Select Import Type'

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