Internal directories use the Crowd database to store user, group and role information. Internal directories are stored in Crowd's database server.

To configure an internal directory,

  1. Log in to the Crowd Administration Console.
  2. Click the 'Directories' tab in the top navigation bar.
  3. This will display the Directory Browser. Click 'Add Directory' in the left-hand menu.
  4. Click the 'Internal' button.
  5. Complete the fields as described in the table below.
  6. Click the 'Continue' button to configure the directory's permissions.

(info) Once you have configured the directory's permissions, you will have finished configuring your new directory. You can then map the directory to appropriate applications.

Screenshot: Create internal directory

Internal Directory Attributes



The name used to identify the directory within Crowd. This is useful when there are multiple directories configured, e.g. Chicago Employees or Web Customers.


Details about this specific directory.


Only deselect this if you wish to prevent all users within the directory from accessing all mapped applications. If a directory is not marked as 'Active', it is inactive. Inactive directories:

  • are not included when searching for users, groups or memberships.
  • are still displayed in the Crowd Administration Console screens.

Password Regex

Regex pattern which new passwords will be validated against. The regular expression format used is the java.util.regex.Pattern. For example, for an alphanumeric password of at least 8 characters, you could use the pattern:


Leave blank to disable this feature.

Password Complexity MessageA message shown when a user is resetting a password to explain custom complexity requirements set with Password Regex (since Crowd 2.5.2).

Maximum Invalid Password Attempts

The maximum number of invalid password attempts before the authenticating account will be disabled. Enter 0 to disable this feature.

Maximum Unchanged Password Days

The number of days until the password must be changed. This value is in days, enter 0 to disable this feature.

Password History Count

The number of previous passwords to prevent the user from using. Enter 0 to disable this feature.

Password Encryption

If you wish to import users into this directory from another Atlassian product, specify 'ATLASSIAN-SECURITY' in order to ensure password compatibility.

Use Nested Groups

Enable or disable support for nested groups on the internal user directory.

Next Step

See Specifying Directory Permissions.


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