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JIRA 3.3.1 Release Notes

In the tradition of worthwhile updates, JIRA 3.3.1 is released today in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions. This point release includes over 30 bug fixes and improvements. It can be downloaded here. See the JIRA 3.3 Upgrade Guide and JIRA 3.3.1 Upgrade Guide before upgrading.

JIRA 3.3.1 includes over 30 bug fixes and improvements.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug JRA-8049 Issue cache gets corrupted Critical Resolved
Bug JRA-7639 Creating issue fails if BROWSE permission is revoked from the currently selected project Critical Resolved
Bug JRA-7595 issue navigator STILL doesn't sort by requested columns Critical Resolved
Bug JRA-7589 Mail queue hangs when trackback ping hangs Critical Resolved
Bug JRA-7822 "All" tab fails on VIew Issue screen if using subversion or perforce plugin and the issue has no subversion or perforce commits Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7797 Help links on Issue Navigator seems to be broken under Orion Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7734 Deleting issue with "screenshot" (image) attachement throw exception Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7698 500 jsp Page throws an error because it cannot resolve the dtd for the entity-engine.xml file..... (most corps are behind a firewall) Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7685 Custom fields don't allow sorting without lucene Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7679 Double-quotes in component descriptions break the Create new issue page in Internet Explorer Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7673 Version Picker custom field has no available versions when searching Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7651 Filter statistics portlet fails for non-logged in users, when based on a filter that searchers for 'current user'. Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7640 Context path is invalid for date time picker Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7623 Assignee field does not include Reporter or Current Assignee Major Resolved
Improvement JRA-7616 "Install Jira as A service" chapter not updated for Tomcat 5.x Major Closed
Improvement JRA-7554 excel output can't be sorted when components is a column Major Resolved
Bug JRA-7165 Clone issue should not clone the Original Estimate, Remaining Estimate, and Time Spent fields Major Resolved
Improvement JRA-6966 Allow workflow transitions via SOAP Major Resolved
Improvement JRA-6485 Pressing "Enter" in Search field should choose "View" not "View & Hide" Major Resolved
Bug JRA-6139 URLs with single quotes are not valid in URL custom field Major Resolved
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