Issues resolved in 6.0.2

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 6.0.2 which is a bug-fix release.

The complete list of fixes is at the bottom of this page.

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Released 27 November 2016

T Key Summary Status
Suggestion CONF-45273 Remove the healthcheck for the synchrony-proxy webapp when Confluence is started up and monitor the proxy's running status Resolved
Suggestion CONF-45272 Use HTTP and localhost as the scheme and hostname when checking the proxy webapp's running state Resolved
Suggestion CONF-45083 Allow JVM args to be passed to Synchrony. Resolved
Bug CONF-45264 isSynchronyProxyRunning fails with Resolved
Bug CONF-45201 Invalid AppID is generated when upgrading from 5.10.x to 6.0.x Released to Server
Bug CONF-45042 Synchrony AppID error - Invalid AppID format Released to Server
Bug CONF-51880 Database Lock timeout after site import Released to Server
Bug CONF-45374 Shared draft is retained after switching collab editing off then back on again Released to Server
Bug CONF-45352 Hidden content of Page Properties macro is available in search when you user have read permissions Resolved
Bug CONF-45100 Copy/pasting a line resulted in </br> between text and macros Resolved
Bug CONF-45080 Cannot copy an old version of a page Released to Server
Bug CONF-45054 The editor stops loading the page after an hour or two because the JDBC connection is expired Resolved
Bug CONF-41425 Confluence Sidebar is blank and Space Tools is missing on some instances Resolved
Bug CONF-45659 Extra paragraph added when a paragraph is selected and a symbol inserted in collab editor Released to Server
Bug CONF-45271 With the the system property synchrony.proxy.enabled is set (to true), the proxy won't be enabled after a Tomcat restart until we restart Synchrony Resolved
Bug CONF-44257 Cannot delete spaces which were imported from Cloud Resolved
Bug CONF-44226 Oracle Security Patched DB Driver Not Working Released to Server
Bug CONF-44094 "Update published page" dialog overlaps the Update button on Windows browsers Resolved
Bug CONF-43776 Confluence mobile version serves up login screen even when the anonymous access is enabled Released to Server
Bug CONF-42981 JIRA Issue Macro is repeated when adding 2 JIRA Issue Macro from the same issue key Resolved
Bug CONF-42929 Database Constraint Checker has mismatched definitions for expected non-nullable Released to Server
Bug CONF-41721 AO sequences are missing in XML Backups created using the Oracle JDBC driver Resolved
Bug CONF-39871 JIRA Issues Macro not loading in heading of table Resolved
Bug CONF-39368 Excessive Log messages insufficient free space available after evicting expired cache entries Released to Server
Bug CONF-35730 Caching problems can cause the option to create JIRA Issue from highlighting text to become missing Resolved
Bug CONF-34994 Mentions broken after space xml Import Resolved
Bug CONF-34326 Slow load speed for page using Page Properties Macro report Released to Server
Bug CONF-34141 Page Properties Report Macro fails to show all Page Properties in the same page with matching keys Released to Server
Bug CONF-31404 Orphaned entries in the OS_PROPERTYENTRY table cause failure in space import Resolved
Bug CONF-15549 "Non-atomic" warning messages on Windows when updating confluence.cfg.xml Released to Server
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