Issues resolved in 6.0.3

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 6.0.3, which is a bug-fix release.

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Released on 19 December 2016

T Key Summary Status
Suggestion CONF-45460 Increase timeout for user signup emails. Released to Server
Bug CONF-45573 Space export options imply attachments are not included Resolved
Bug CONF-45572 NPS view sample survey on the admin panel is broken Resolved
Bug CONF-45557 Update jdbc.postgresql.driver.version to 9.4.1212 Released to Server
Bug CONF-45484 Confluence Health Check Plugin is reporting any 5.8 version is approaching End of Life. Please plan to upgrade Confluence within {1} days Resolved
Bug CONF-45337 JIRA Issues macro doesn't render urls and pictures if user language is other from English Released to Server
Bug CONF-45182 Vertical spacing removed on preview or publish after certain user operations Resolved
Bug CONF-45081 Blank page on edit after collaborative editing switched off and on again Resolved
Bug CONF-43363 File Conversion Service causes OutOfMemoryError Released to Server
Bug CONF-45574 "Continue and overwrite existing data" set up option doesn't work when datasource option is selected Released to Server
Bug CONF-45485 Page properties report shows JIRA project doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it. Released to Server
Bug CONF-45392 Update atlassian-gadgets in Confluence to fix AG-1502/ACG-5 Resolved
Bug CONF-45391 Upgrade Confluence distribution to use Tomcat 8.0.39 Released to Server
Bug CONF-45296 If the scheme in your JDBC URL contains uppercase alphabets Synchrony won't start due to NPE Released to Server
Bug CONF-45090 Firefox occasionally displays the 'connecting...' message, even though synchrony is connected via xhr fallback Released to Server
Bug CONF-41010 Table index "c_status_idx" on CONTENT.content_status can cause slow search index rebuilding Released to Server
Bug CONF-24320 Links and web images with URLs containing certain non-alphanumeric characters fail to save Released to Server
Bug CONF-46308 Error thrown when using an excerpt-include macro inside a page properties report Resolved
Bug CONF-45420 Upgrade Hipchat plugin from 7.8.22 to 7.8.29 Resolved
Bug CONF-45084 The files preview shows up underneath the show changes dialog when a picture is clicked on Released to Server
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