Issues Resolved in Confluence 4.0

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 4.0, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. Please also take a look at the Confluence 4.0 Release Notes for the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes

Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-6992 Markup umbrella issue - errors switching between modes or rendering escaped content Resolved Fixed 139
Bug CONF-4907 Rich text editor indenting feature does not seem to work Resolved Fixed 67
Bug CONF-10058 Links in macro bodies not updated on rename page Resolved Fixed 51
Bug CONF-14374 RTE is showing extra line breaks and space characters on IE Resolved Fixed 31
Bug CONF-4435 When indents used in a table (eg list items) there appears to be no way to stop indenting further text Resolved Fixed 23
Bug CONF-17582 Missing attachments causes Confluence page move to other space to fail Resolved Fixed 21
Bug CONF-8207 Extra \\ line breaks added by rich text editor near macros and images Resolved Fixed 19
Bug CONF-5895 Switching between editing modes doesn't preserve backslash escapes Resolved Fixed 18
Bug CONF-3844 Anchor links to the current page break when included in a different page Resolved Fixed 18
Bug CONF-11599 Link from comment or page to blog attachment doesn't work Resolved Fixed 17
Bug CONF-5950 Rich Text Editing destroys layout when using User Macros Resolved Fixed 14
Bug CONF-17385 Anchor Name must be unique following the HTML 4 standard Resolved Fixed 13
Bug CONF-16526 RTE incorrectly escapes code syntax within macros Resolved Fixed 13
Bug CONF-5258 Escaped backslash is lost in WYSIWYG -> wiki markup roundtrip Resolved Fixed 13
Bug CONF-20692 google-caja warnings cluttering atlassian-confluence.log file upon Confluence startup Resolved Fixed 12
Bug CONF-7595 WYSIWYG editor adds unnecessary double backslashes Resolved Fixed 11
Bug CONF-5228 Table editing bugs Resolved Fixed 11
Bug CONF-13434 Image size settings are corrupted on round tripping Resolved Fixed 10
Bug CONF-9929 Rich Text Editor handling of macros with body markup is buggy and/or incomplete Resolved Fixed 10
Bug CONF-8722 Shortcut links in content moved between spaces append the space key of the previous space to the shortcut link Resolved Fixed 10
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