Issues Resolved in Confluence 5.0

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 5.0, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. The Confluence 5.0 Release Notes describe the new features in this release.

Features and Improvements

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Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Bug CONF-11467 People Directory empty or not displaying the proper number of people - When users have been deleted from an External User Management Resolved Fixed 51
Bug CONF-22440 Windows key toggle left-hand navigation bar in Documentation theme. Resolved Fixed 37
Bug CONF-27056 JIRA Issue Macro displaying "Unable to generate JSON output <br/>class" fetching due date from translated JIRA Resolved Fixed 25
Bug CONF-6404 Users from LDAP do not appear in people directory or search results until they have logged in Resolved Fixed 24
Bug CONF-22283 Display URL is not used when inserting jira issue Resolved Fixed 21
Bug CONF-6861 Long strings of characters with no spaces don't wrap in table cells in PDF Resolved Fixed 19
Bug CONF-24678 Copying a page to a different space results in no attachments coming with that page Resolved Fixed 12
Bug CONF-17113 import doc : blocking issue OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Resolved Fixed 8
Bug CONF-9703 Permissions checking on {children} tags consuming large amounts of CPU time Resolved Fixed 8
Bug CONF-25944 Failure when converting editor format to storage format. Resolved Fixed 5
Bug CONF-26546 Inserting an autoformat emoticon in a scrolled page causes the page to jump Resolved Fixed 4
Bug CONF-23782 Extra spaces are inserted when macro placeholders are inserted Resolved Fixed 4
Bug CONF-27028 Background color of Macro Browser is black (instead of grey) in IE8 Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-27002 A closing div tag for sign up section is wrongly placed in login.vm Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-25332 Export to Word rendered content incorrectly in Confluence 4.2 and 4.3 in Libre Office / Open Office Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-23943 Group Lookup for Delegated Authentication Directory should not query for all membership attributes Resolved Fixed 3
Bug CONF-27876 Shameful bug in abbreviation used for kilobytes while uploading the page Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-27336 Invalid HTTP response when hitting a 4xx or 5xx error. So Not Permitted/500jsp will never be shown to user Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-27274 WIki markup for Space/Page Links in Header for Theme Configuration does not work. Resolved Fixed 2
Bug CONF-27267 Widget Connector does not work with Viddler Resolved Fixed 2
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