Confluence 5.0 Release Notes

26 February 2013

Highlights of Confluence 5.0


Thank you for your feedback

(green star) Over 25 feature and improvement requests fulfilled
(green star) More than 875 votes satisfied

Video of what's new

A visual refresh

Confluence 5.0 introduces a modernised look and feel that is consistent with other Atlassian applications and follows the new Atlassian Design Guidelines.  

Updated global navigation

We have made a number of changes to the Confluence header, to improve usability and visual design. If you're using other Atlassian products, such as JIRA or Stash, you will also notice more cross-product consistency.

  • New application navigator. This appears on the left of the header if your Confluence site is linked to other applications. Using the application navigator, people can move easily from Confluence to JIRA and other linked Atlassian applications. Administrators can add more links too. For example, link to your internal HR systems, corporate applications, external web links, and so on.
  • Space directory and people directory immediately accessible. The new header includes options pointing directly to the space and people directories. Add-ons will also be able to add items to the header. For example, Team Calendars will add a 'Calendars' option.

  • Consolidated help menu. A new top-level help icon presents links to online help, keyboard shortcuts, and other useful pages.
  • Consolidated administrator menu. Site administrators can access add-on management, user management and general administrative settings, directly from the cog icon in the header.
  • Browse menu removed. The 'Browse' menu in earlier Confluence versions contained a mishmash of options, some relating to the current space, some to the entire site, and some random options like keyboard shortcuts. Now things are much tidier and will feel familiar to users of JIRA too:
    • Site-level items now appear on the left of the header: Dashboard, space directory and people directory.
    • Space-related items are now in the sidebar (see Sidebar below).

    Note that the 'Browse' menu remains available in the Documentation theme, which does not include the new sidebar.

Content creation made simple

Just choose 'Create' in the new header. You can create an empty page, a blog post, or a page based on a template. Confluence will even suggest the space where your new page will go, based on the spaces you have visited or created content in recently.

Rest assured, we've looked after power users too. Press 'C' on your keyboard to open the 'Create' dialog quickly. You can also navigate around the dialog using your keyboard.

Note: The 'Add' option no longer appears at top right of Confluence pages. It is replaced by the 'Create' option. To add a comment, scroll to the bottom of the page or press 'M' on your keyboard.

New sidebar for content discovery

Location, location, location! Confluence spaces now have a new sidebar, containing useful links and navigation aids. The sidebar helps people viewing a space answer these questions:

  • Where am I?
  • What is in this space?
  • What are the most important links that I should be aware of?

The sidebar appears on the left of every page in spaces that use the default Confluence theme.

Space navigation in one place

From the sidebar you can choose a content type (pages, blog) or go to a different part of the space. Contextual navigation options appear at the bottom of the sidebar, based on the type of content you are viewing. For pages, the navigation section displays the children of the current page. For a blog, the navigation section shows a history of blog posts.

Space administrators can access the redesigned 'Space tools' pages from the sidebar, as well as the option to configure the sidebar.

Customising your sidebar

Space administrators can configure what is displayed in the top section of the sidebar.

  • Configure your space logo and name. Customising the space details for your team or project has never been easier.
  • Show or hide pages and blog. Perhaps you don't need a blog in your space, or perhaps you are using only the blog? You can show or hide the links, so that people don't stray into a content desert.
  • Add space shortcuts. Help your team members and colleagues find important pages and other content, by adding shortcut links on the sidebar. This is a great way of encouraging collaboration and improving productivity.

Minimised sidebar

Collapse the sidebar to make best use of the space available. Click and drag the border, or use the keyboard shortcut: '[' . With the sidebar collapsed, you can still access the sidebar options.


Editor improvements

Instant-load editor

Increased speed means increased productivity. Confluence 5.0 instantly loads the editor when you choose 'Edit'. You don't have to wait for a full page refresh. Even faster: Type 'E' to start editing a page.

Responsive new design

With a new visual refresh, the responsive editor toolbar and footer maximise your editing space based on the size of your screen. This is useful for lower resolution devices such as projectors. When your browser window is reduced to a certain size, the buttons and spacing in the editor toolbar and footer will shrink – perfect when doing presentations or taking notes during a meeting.

New and improved macros

We have made improvements to some existing macros and introduced a new one:

  • WYSWYIG YouTube video macro placeholders. When you paste a link to a YouTube video, you will see a preview – right there in the editor.


  • New Content Report Table macro. This new macro makes it easy to generate a report like the Content by Label macro, but in tabular format. See Content Report Table Macro.
  • Including excerpts across spaces. The Excerpt Include macro can now include content from another space. When you type the name of the page into the Excerpt Include macro dialog, Confluence will offer a list of matching pages including those from other spaces. The wiki markup option is also available. You can type the space key followed by a colon and the page name, like this: MYSPACE:My page name.
  • Nested Expand macros. You can now include one Expand macro inside another.
  • Metadata Details and Details Summary macros renamed. The Metadata Details and Details Summary macros have been renamed to be more descriptive, and make it clearer that these two macros are used as a set. The functionality of the macros has not changed, and an upgrade task will automatically change the names over. The wiki markup and storage format names have not changed.

    Old Name New Name
    Metadata Details macro Page Properties macro
    Details Summary macro Page Properties Report macro


Quick access to recently viewed pages

Finding pages you have visited recently is now easier than ever. A new dialog displays a list of your recent pages that you can search through and navigate quickly. Open the dialog by clicking on the user menu then choose 'Recently Viewed', or use the keyboard shortcut 'g' then 'r'.


Redesigned space administration and space tools

Our design team has given some love to the space administration pages and other space tools, so they now have that special Confluence 5.0 magic too. When you visit the new 'Space tools' option, we automatically take you to the permissions screen, since this is the most-used space administration page.

Note: In spaces using the default theme, the 'Browse' menu is gone. It is replaced by the options in the new sidebar.

If you have an add-on that adds an option to the space administration screens, you should test your add-on against this release and adjust the location of the option if necessary.

Improved theming and branding

In the new Confluence header, you can customise the look and feel to fit your company branding by uploading your corporate logo. Details are in the documentation.

Automatic colour schemes

To make it easier to theme your Confluence site, upon uploading a new logo we automatically detect the primary colours use magic to configure the site colour scheme to match.

Improved user and group management for large sites

We have made a number of improvements to user and group management, which are especially useful on sites with a large number of users.

Improved LDAP performance

We have removed unnecessary data retrievals when synchronising LDAP directories, which gives a marked improvement in performance. See issues CWD-3034 and CONF-23943 .

Improved group administration UI

When browsing the list of groups, you can now search for group names containing a specific string, and adjust the number of groups displayed on a page. We have also improved the pagination when searching through groups. You can now choose whether to show 10, 20 or 50 results per page.


Improvements to the people directory

This release delivers three improvements to the people directory, with 180+ votes between them:

  • Exclude deactivated users from the people directory by default, and provide the option to include them if required (CONF-16477  , fixed in Confluence 4.3.3). Similarly, exclude externally-deleted users from the people directory by default. Details are in the documentation: Searching the People Directory.

  • Fix the bug that caused the people directory to appear empty or to show inconsistent results, after users have been deleted from LDAP or another external user management system (CONF-11467 , fixed in Confluence 4.3.3).

  • Make sure users from LDAP appear in the people directory and search results even when not logged in ( CONF-6404 , fixed in Confluence 4.3.2).

More goodness

Exporting blog posts to PDF

Need to share that company announcement as a PDF document? Just like pages, you can now export blog posts to PDF. Go to 'Tools' > 'Export to PDF'.

Deleting a version of a page

Want to delete a specific version of a page? Now you can. Go to 'Tools' > 'Page History' and choose the option to remove a particular version of the page. This improvement satisfies more than 250 votes!

In-page notifications about comments and edits

Let's say you are viewing a page, and someone adds a comment to that page, or updates the page. Wouldn't it be cool to know about the comment or the update immediately? Now you can! Confluence displays a popup notification near the bottom of the screen. Choose 'Show' to see the comments, or 'Ignore' to dismiss the notification.

Improved way to customise default space content – now via templates

Want to customise the home page of all new spaces created in Confluence? Administrators can now edit a template for the home pages of site spaces and personal spaces. The process is quick and easy, and does not impact your existing spaces.

Easier customisation of site welcome message

You can now use a template to configure the top left section of the dashboard (the 'site welcome message'). This gives you the full power of the rich text editor to create the welcome message.

Infrastructure changes

These are points of interest for plugin and add-on developers.

    • AUI upgrade. Confluence 5.0 includes the latest version of AUI 5.0.
    • UPM upgrade. Confluence 5.0 ships with version 2.8.1 of the Universal Plugin Manager. Note that you can upgrade your version of UPM at any time, via the add-on manager in your Confluence administration console.
    • AppLinks upgrade. Confluence 5.0 includes version 3.10.6 of   Application Links . Note that people with 'Confluence Administrator' permissions can now configure application links. Previously, you needed 'System Administrator' permissions to configure application links.
    • New and changed APIs.

The Confluence 5.0 team


Adrien Ragot
Agnes Ro
Alexander Dickson
Anatoli Kazatchkov
Ángel Eduardo García Hernández
Anna Katrina Dominguez
Chris Kiehl
Craig Petchell
Dave Loeng
David Richard
David Rizzuto
David Taylor
Don Willis
Edith Tom
Esther Asenjo Reyes
Fabian Kraemer
Ivan Loire
Jesper Särnesjö
Joe Xie
Jonathan Raoult
Julien Michel Hoarau
Kenny MacLeod
Matthew Erickson
Niraj Bhawnani
Olli Nevalainen
Paul Curren
Peggy Kuo
Richard Atkins
Ryan Ackley
Sam Tardif
Steve Haffenden
Steven Lancashire
Wesley Walser
William Archinal
Xavier Sanchez Taixe

Charles Miller

Plugin updates

David Chui
Kai Chong
Ong Kang Leng
Philip Cher


Product management
Bill Arconati
John Masson
Sherif Mansour

Product marketing management
Ryan Anderson
Terrence Caldwell
Matthew Hodges

Development manager
Matt Ryall


Sydney support
Michael Seager
Denise Unterwurzacher
David Mason
Lachlan Dally

Amsterdam support
Yilin Mo
John Inder
Alex Conde
Peter Koczan
Ruchi Tandon

Brazil support
Alyson Reis
Guilherme Heck
Rodrigo Adami
Tiago Comasseto
Luiz Carlos Junior
Guilherme Nedel
Bernardo Acevedo
William Zanchet

Kuala Lumpur support
Joachim Ooi
Husein Alatas
Septa Cahyadiputra
Foogie Sim
Hanis Suhailah
Rian Josua Masikome
Amalia Sanusi

San Francisco support
Adam Laskowski
Tim Wong
Robert Chang
Ryan Goodwin
Andrew Campbell
Daniel Borcherding

Service Enablement
Renan Battaglin

Cross-product team

Henry Tapia
Valter Fatia

Quality assistance  
Joey Corea
Mark Hrynczak
Glenn Martin

Technical writing  
Sarah Maddox
Rachel Robins

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59 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Adhip Pokharel

    A big thanks to Confluence 5.0 team. It looks good. Can't wait to try it.

    26 Feb 2013
  2. User avatar

    Marley Wynne

    So excited to check out this release and get our staff trained on the changes!  I (heart) Confluence!

    26 Feb 2013
  3. User avatar

    Adhip Pokharel

    That is why, we are first installing it on our Development instance and not Production so that the we (admins) can first train ourselves(smile) before we answer questions from our employees. Atlassian is a great company. Can't wait to have the RSVP(request for a response from the invited person) feature  available on Confluence. Our thanks mainly goes to Sherif who has been responding us on that feature request.

    26 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sherif Mansour [Atlassian]

      (smile) Adhip, I was taking bets with some of my collogues if you'd make a comment about the RSVP macro. I think I just won! Again, thanks for your patience with the RSVP macro - I do have to stress it is an unsupported plugin, but we are going to endeavour to make some of the small suggestions you've made. I'll email you with some details shortly. 

      27 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Adhip Pokharel

        It is good thing that you won the bet, right(smile)? Please don't think that i am pressuring you guys too much. It is a absolute need for us at the moment. I am grateful to you and your team that you have at least started thinking about it. I have to consider it my small achievement(smile)

        I would also like to draw your attention on a bug report that i have mentioned below regarding the "Import  Word Document" and "Export to Word" feature.



        15 Mar 2013
  4. User avatar

    Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

    Hallo Marley and Adhip (smile)

    We've put together a change management guide, to help in training your staff: Planning for Confluence 5.

    It describes the main changes that are likely to affect the way people work. Any feedback on that page is very welcome, either as a comment on the release notes or on the page itself.

    Cheers, Sarah

    26 Feb 2013
  5. User avatar


    Confluence has a brazilian support team! Fantastic! 


    26 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Heheh that's probably the most unusual comment on the Confluence 5 release to date. (big grin)

      26 Feb 2013
  6. User avatar

    Adam Roth

    Does Confluence 5 bring back the wiki markup editor?  Because if it doesn't then all I can say is "Not Interested".  Not interested, times 1000.

    26 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      John Proffitt

      As an IT administrator working with lots of non-technical users on Confluence, the wiki markup editor is a non-starter for them. Atlassian's move to primarily non-wiki editing tools is what's making the platform usable on a large scale.

      27 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Adam Roth

        Except it's not a question of one or the other.  The rich-content editor can be retained exactly as-is, and can be used as the default editor.  For non-technical users, the experience remains identical.  

        However, there's no good reason why a wiki markup editor cannot be provided in addition to the rich-content editor so that more technically-minded users can edit content the way they want to, too.  I don't think it can be argued that merely having the option of using the other editor is in some way inherently detrimental to people who want to use the rich-content editor.  It's not a war where one way of doing things must be correct, and the other must be wrong.  Both can coexist peacefully.

        The usual arguments I've seen with respect to this topic have primarily been 1) conversion between the two editors caused formatting glitches and 2) the backing storage format has been changed to XML, which is "incompatible" with markup syntax.

        #1 is just an indication that the implementation of the two-editor concept, as it existed in Confluence, had issues.  But a flawed execution of an idea doesn't mean that the idea itself is flawed.  It means that it's time to invest in fixing the flaws in the implementation.

        #2 is somewhat disingenuous in my opinion.  In terms of formal grammar, XML is not any more or less expressive that wiki markup syntax is/can be.  They both belong to the same class of languages, and are capable of expressing essentially the same thing(s).  Reliable, bug-free conversion from one to the other may not be easy, but it is surely possible given that tools exist to convert code from one Turing-complete language to another.  Neither XML nor wiki markup is as complex as a Turing-complete language.  

        Anyhow, I applaud the Confluence dev-team for its hard work in getting out a new major version.  I just wish that whichever product-manager it was that came up with the "brilliant" idea of killing the markup editor had never done that.  Until it gets put back in, I will either be sticking with Confluence 3.x, or ultimately switching to a competing platform if this issue keeps languishing in limbo.

        27 Feb 2013
        1. User avatar

          Sherif Mansour [Atlassian]

          Adam, not wanting to start yet another conversation of why not wiki markup, I'd like to direct you to Confluence 4 Editor - Customer Feedback. We've debated, discussed and agonised over this topic for the last year with customers (and for the Confluence team, we've been talking about this ever since the Rich Text Editor was introduced in Confluence 2.0) .

           ...will either be sticking with Confluence 3.x, or ultimately switching to a competing platform if this issue keeps languishing in limbo.

          I'll be quite honest and open with you. As outlined in the page referenced above, we have no plans to bring back  wiki markup. As the product manager who was heavily involved in the decision to remove wiki markup, I'm obviously quite sad to read your comment. However, we accept that for some people who really want to use a markup based tool this will be the unfortunate outcome, but I and the rest of the team are confident that this was the right decision for the future of Confluence. 

          27 Feb 2013
        1. User avatar


          Why stay with product that fails to deliver what you need and takes the features you need away from you without any warning and with no rationale. Why, there are plenty of choices. Atlassian's decision to kill wiki markup editor cost us many, many hours of lost productivity, can't afford it, but, luckily, it only takes one small Linux host and a few hours of work to install a better collaboration product than Confluence, but the amount of time it saves you makes it worth it. Now you can run Perl scripts through your Wiki markup, how's that. Hope your management does not force you to use the product that became total PITA...

          14 Mar 2013
          1. User avatar

            Charles Miller [Atlassian]

             Now you can run Perl scripts through your Wiki markup, how's that.


            That doesn't sound like a major security issue at all…

            14 Mar 2013
          1. User avatar

            Adam Roth

            In all fairness, I think you may be exaggerating at least a little bit. Granted, it's possible to install a competing product on a Linux host just as quickly/easily as one can install Confluence on the same host. But is it really a better product (and if it is, which one is it)?

            I'm certainly unhappy that the wiki markup editor was canned. I think it was the wrong decision, and no amount of hand-waving from Atlassian or anecdotal stories from people who don't realize that it's not (and never was) an either-or proposition will change that.

            But Confluence, even in its current wiki-less state, is not a bad product. Far from it. It's the wrong product for technical users/organizations in my opinion, but that doesn't change the fact that what it does, it does well. Objectively, one can only say that it's a pretty damn good product (if only it provided a wiki markup editor, it might come close to being perfect).

            And the same can be said even of the aging Version 3.5. It's still better than any competing solution that I've looked at. That subsequent releases were crippled and unfit for purpose doesn't remove 3.5 from the playing field. Probably one day (perhaps even one day soon) competing solutions will surpass its capabilities. But to the best of my knowledge that really hasn't happened yet.

            If you think it truly has, I'd like to know what product you're using.

            15 Mar 2013
  7. User avatar


    hmmm i wonder when the product will be WCAG 2.0 compliant?

    27 Feb 2013
  8. User avatar


    Anyone know if Confluence 5 can now be deployed on a Mac OSX environment?  

    I think Confluence 4 could be but wasnt officially supported.

    Has that changed?

    27 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Hallo there

      The situation hasn't changed. Running the Confluence 5.0 webapp on Mac OSX is not supported, although it is possible to do. (Of course, using a browser on a Mac to access Confluence is supported.) See our page on Supported Platforms.

      Cheers, Sarah

      27 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sherif Mansour [Atlassian]

      Should also probably point out that most of our developers build Confluence on a Mac, so although it isn't formally supported, I think you should be okay for quite some time...

      27 Feb 2013
  9. User avatar

    John Proffitt

    We're just getting started with Confluence and launched with 4.3 – we're still training users now. So this launch will save me a ton of headaches. The old "Browse" button was a particularly painful item to explain to new users. And I can tell you the addition of the Applications Menu is a huge benefit for us – we're going to make Confluence our default home page / intranet and being able to direct folks elsewhere is huge for us. All these additions look absolutely fantastic. Now I just need plugin developers to catch up!

    27 Feb 2013
  10. User avatar

    Li, Xiangfei

    Hope there may have China Support Team...(smile)

    27 Feb 2013
  11. User avatar

    Adin Burroughs

    I really, really hope they dumped flash for little things like previewing PDF files, etc. Flash is a serious PITA with several team members on iOS/Android devices (not just phones, but also tablets). 

    27 Feb 2013
  12. User avatar

    Lewis Foster

    Am i the only one who doesn't see the new sidebar? I have my original page tree but none of the other funky looking features. Running 5.0.1...

    27 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Marley Wynne

      I see the new sidebar once I'm on a page.  Cool tip - hit the left square bracket to give you more screen space!

      27 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Hallo Lewis

      The funky new sidebar appears in spaces that use the default Confluence theme. If you're using the Documentation theme, you'll still see the page tree and the 'Browse' menu. I hope that answers the question. (smile)

      Cheers, Sarah

      27 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Lewis Foster

        Oops. Thanks Sarah! Got it all working fine now.

        28 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Mick Davidson

        If the funky new sidebar isn't available to everyone, then that should be stated clearly in the release notes above. I've just wasted half an hour trying to find it and even more time scrolling through these comments to see if it had been mentioned. Not amused.

        Also, as far as those of us who use the documentation theme goes, the new navigation isn't a benefit as it doesn't exist. So I feel like I've been conned in this regard, as well as having my time wasted.

        12 Nov 2013
        1. User avatar

          Matt Hodges [Atlassian]

          Sorry to hear that, Mick.

          that should be stated clearly in the release notes above

          I've just amended the release notes to reflect this.

          Also, as far as those of us who use the documentation theme goes, the new navigation isn't a benefit as it doesn't exist. 

          Are your referring to the ability to include/navigate the entire space page tree in the sidebar? If so, this is now possible with the release of Confluence 5.2:

          12 Nov 2013
          1. User avatar

            Mick Davidson


            Thanks for doing that, and so quickly. (smile) 

            I'm looking at our version of 3.5.1 in our test instance and has nothing like that. It has the normal tree with the search box at the top and at the bottom it has two identical graphics that say Content by label. I've yet to discover what they are for but I can't click on them and can't find anything in the Admin area. Time to head back to the documentation...


            13 Nov 2013
            1. User avatar

              John Masson

              Hi Mick, if you had the Documentation theme enabled globally, we decided not to over-ride it when you upgrade. If you head to and switch to the 'Default Theme' you'll see the new sidebar in all spaces.

              14 Nov 2013
              1. User avatar

                Mick Davidson


                Thanks. Although some parts of our business might choose to not use the Documentation theme, all of our tech docs spaces use it, so we'll be sticking with that.


                03 Mar 2014
  13. User avatar

    Stephan Vollmer

    I just tried Confluence 5.0 on our test server – it's looking great, nice work! There are a few things that could be improved:

    • We use a custom global logo which is basically a square. In the spaces list on the dashboard, the space logos are shaped into circles. This looks quite odd. Is it possible to display them as-is, i.e. as a square?
    • When the Documentation Theme is set as the global default theme, then the space logos on the dashboard are quite large. Therefore, the spaces list uses much more space than necessary. When the Default Theme is used, then the space icons are much smaller.
    • Is it possible to hide the 3 suggestions ("create a space", "upload profile picture") above the spaces list on the dashboard? It's a bit annoying because I already have created many spaces ... (smile)
    • The new info, warning etc. panels look very nice! But the normal panel does not quite match the look of them. Probably the 2 shades of grey could be changed and a white background used instead.
    • New german translations for the word "standard" are incorrectly spelled "Standart", but it should be "Standard".
    • A nice little addition to the editor would be a autoconvert that changes '–->' into the typographically nicer '→'.    
    27 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Joey Corea [Atlassian]

      When the Documentation Theme is set as the global default theme, then the space logos on the dashboard are quite large. Therefore, the spaces list uses much more space than necessary. When the Default Theme is used, then the space icons are much smaller.

      Hi Stephan - I can't reproduce this issue. When I select the Documentation theme I get excessive white space around the suggestions. The space logos look like the same regardless of what global theme I set.

      Are you able to link me to screenshots of what you are seeing?

      28 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Stephan Vollmer

        HI Joey, unfortunately I cannot provide a screenshot. The space logos are 48x48 px when the Doctheme is used. With the Default Theme the size is 24x24 px.

        28 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Bill Arconati

      Is it possible to hide the 3 suggestions

      If you're running the install version (i.e. not OnDemand) then yes. Install customers can disable it by following these instructions at Customising the Getting Started Guide on the Dashboard. We want to make it available to OnDemand users which you can track at CONF-28255 - Allow Confluence users to hide the "getting started" steps Resolved . Please note that this is only visible to administrators.

      28 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      John Masson

      We use a custom global logo which is basically a square. In the spaces list on the dashboard, the space logos are shaped into circles. This looks quite odd. Is it possible to display them as-is, i.e. as a square?

      If you're using an install version and not OnDemand, you could use a custom stylesheet to remove the border-radius:50% that applies to the "space logo" class that is used on the image tags in the space list. That would return them to being square. You could do the same for the div that holds the space logo inside the sidebar.

      28 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Stephan Vollmer

        Thanks! I set the border-radius parameter to 3px. Now the space logos look consistent with the user avatars in the activity on the dashboard.

        28 Feb 2013
  14. User avatar


    Is it now possible to change the default for "Notify watchers" such that it defaults to being unticked ?

    27 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar


      Same question here ! Any answers ? 

      05 Mar 2013
      1. User avatar

        John Masson

        Hi, this is not part of Confluence 5. You can watch the issue for this here:  CONF-8276 - Make 'Notify watchers' box selected by default option available Resolved

        06 Mar 2013
  15. User avatar


    My god, we finally bought 100 users. (heart) Confluence. Group mentions please (smile)

    01 Mar 2013
    1. User avatar

      Bill Arconati

      Hi, Dmitriy, there's an open issue for group mentions at CONF-23015 - Extend 'Mentions' to work with groups as well Open .

      04 Mar 2013
  16. User avatar


    I've found that the CSS fix described above isn't being applied. For some reason on our test installation, adding "border-radius: 0" doesn't have an effect on either the global stylesheet or a space stylesheet. Firebug shows me that anther stylesheet is taking precedence:


    So, even though I have set border-radius to zero in the custom stylesheets, the calculated styles being applied on the site are the following:

    .acs-side-bar-space-info .avatar-img-container .avatar-img-wrapper, #image-holder .small-logo-container .small-logo-wrapper {

        border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;

        border-radius: 50% 50% 50% 50%;

        display: table-cell;

        overflow: hidden;

        vertical-align: middle;


    Any ideas anyone? Thanks.

    01 Mar 2013
    1. User avatar

      John Masson

      Hi there. I've included sample CSS you could use on this JIRA ticket.

      Not sure if it's related to the problem you're having, but as noted in there, a global custom stylesheet applies only to the Global Theme you have configured. If for example you have the Default theme set globally, then a space using the documentation theme will need to use a custom space stylesheet for that space (and any other space using the doc theme).

      04 Mar 2013
  17. User avatar

    Rasmus Sorensen


    I like the quick way of customizing color schemes based on the site logo. However, for us it would be more useful if the same functionality was available for individual spaces and not only for the whole site. We like to have different logos and color schemes for the different spaces to make navigation easier. (I checked, and the function is not available when you upload a new space logo in 5.0.1).

    04 Mar 2013
  18. User avatar


    Some great changes, but it would be nice to solve the problem of having two pages with the same name in the same space. When creating many groups of documents with a similar outline ("Overview" page, "Implementation" page, etc.) it gets very cumbersome having to come up with new, longer names for pages that should just be referenced by a unique ID or something.

    05 Mar 2013
  19. User avatar

    Aaron Booth

    Hi - hopefully someone can assist.

    In Confluence 5.0 I cannot find an easy way to go to the currently logged in Users Home Page. For example in my profile I set my default homepage to the home page in the space "XXX" (this is the default page for ALL Confluence Accounts). Now if I load up the root directory of confluence it will automatically take me to "". This is perfect.

    The problem comes in If I then navigate away from this page anywhere around confluence, there is no link to take me back to my homepage! Clicking on the logo will also go to the dashboard and not my setup homepage. I would imagine it would makes more sense to go directly to the users setup homepage (which could be the dashboard if they want). There is also no shortcut key to go back to your home page.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    11 Mar 2013
    1. User avatar

      Joey Corea [Atlassian]

      Hi Aaron Booth -

      When you say "Currently Logged in User's Home Page" are you referring to the Personal Space for the user? If that's the case, you can use the top right hand user menu and click the Personal Space link.

      I hope I am understanding your issue correctly and that this helps.

      12 Mar 2013
  20. User avatar

    Aaron Booth

    Hi Joey Corea [Atlassian]

    I do not mean the users Personal Space (although if you read on you will see it "could" be).

    For example in our Confluence install, in the Administration Area -> General Configuration we have the Site Homepage being a space called "Home". This means if anybody logs in to Confluence they will automatically be directed to 

    Now as you know, any user can alter this to set their own homepage via the User Settings Page. So for example I have set my Homepage to a space called "Testing". This means when I login it will automatically direct me to The user could then modify their own settings to be any space home page OR their personal space.

    The problem comes about that there is no way at all for me to get back to this page without manually navigating to the Space which will then take me to that homepage. Clicking on the Logo will take me to the dashboard instead of the currently logged in User's Site Homepage (which to me - would make more sense). On pretty much all web pages on the internet, clicking on the logo will return you to the "root" website of the page, in most cases the default Site Homepage unless the user has modified it. 

    I believe I can cheat and modify aui-header-primary.vm and include a "Home" button, which will default to which will then automatically redirect any user to their set homepage, but this is obviously not idea.


    12 Mar 2013
    1. User avatar

      Matt Ryall [Atlassian]

      Aaron, the new header replicates the existing functionality in Confluence, where the link at the top left of the screen always went to the dashboard. (It previously said "Dashboard" as well, but now it's an icon.) As you rightly point out, this is inconsistent with the idea of a "custom home page" and the rest of the internet, and we'd probably be willing to change it if enough people believe the same.

      I've raised this issue to track it: CONF-28475 - Application logo link always goes to the dashboard, even when a custom home page is configured Resolved

      12 Mar 2013
      1. User avatar

        Aaron Booth


        Thank you for raising that issue. I have watched and voted!

        12 Mar 2013
  21. User avatar

    Adhip Pokharel


    I wanted to report a bug. It is not specifically related to Version 5.0 but i thought this would be a nice platform to raise that issue. It exists in earlier version of Confluence as well and also on Version 5.0. This bug is related to


    1. Importing Word Documents to Confluence
    2. Exporting Confluence pages to Word.

    The numbers get screwed up in both of these cases. Here is the link to the bug that was created on my request


    This is very critical for us as our clients import large word files (sometimes more than 120 pages) to Confluence and it's a pain for our employees to correct the number format one by one. Please have your developer take a look at this.





    12 Mar 2013
    1. User avatar

      Matt Ryall [Atlassian]

      Thanks for your feedback, Adhip. Someone from our product management team will reply to your request on the relevant ticket.

      17 Apr 2013
  22. User avatar


     "I'm certainly unhappy that the wiki markup editor was canned. " I agree with that statement.

    22 May 2013
  23. User avatar

    Mick Davidson

    Just a small point, but I find it very annoying to have to keep using a scroll bar to see the end of the text above. Just to make it worse, you have to scroll down to the scroll bar and move it, then scroll back up again so you can read what's not being shown.

    it doesn't matter if the browser is at full screen or if the sidebar has been hidden, the text still runs off the screen. I don't find this very helpful. And given that this happens to everyone trying to read this page (and possibly others), I'm surprised that Atlassian hasn't realised and done something about it.


    03 Mar 2014
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi Mick, some of the images above were wider than the fixed width specified in our custom CSS on this space.  I've fixed this now.  Could you have a look and let me know if you are still seeing the additional scroll bars? 

      03 Mar 2014
      1. User avatar

        Mick Davidson


        I've refreshed the browser a couple of times and it's still clipping the text. Thanks.

        04 Mar 2014
        1. User avatar

          Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

          Hi Mick, sorry I'm still not able to see the issue in my browsers. Could you please raise an issue and include a screenshot - that will really help us investigate what is going on.   Thanks!

          04 Mar 2014
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