Changing the Site Logo

You can customise the look and feel of your Confluence site by changing the logos.

You can change:

  • the site logo
  • the default space logo for all spaces
  • the space logo for individual spaces.

Screenshot: Location of the Site Logo and Space Logo in Confluence.

The Site Logo appears in the header and is visible throughout Confluence. You need Confluence Administrator permissions to change the site logo.  

To change the site logo:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration

  2. Choose Site Logo and Favicon.
  3. Choose Browse to upload a new logo.
  4. Choose Show Logo Only  or Show Logo and Title  depending on whether you wish the SIte Title to display in the header.
  5. Choose Save

Confluence's Auto Look and Feel will detect the colours in your new logo, and change the site colour scheme to match. 

If you would prefer to use the default colour scheme with your custom logo go to  > General Configuration > Colour Scheme > Edit and then choose Reset to revert back to the default scheme. 

Screenshot: Header showing Site Logo, Site Title and auto look and feel changes to the colour of the header

Changing the site icon (favicon)

You can also change the site favicon (the icon that appears in your browser tab). You need Confluence Administrator permissions to do this. 

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration
  2. Choose Site Logo and Favicon
  3. Locate your image file and choose Upload.

You can upload PNG, GIF, JPEG, or ICO files. For best results images should be square, and at least 48x48 pixels.

The Space Logo appears in the sidebar and as an icon in the Sites Directory.  If you are using the Documentation theme the Space Logo displays beside the Space Title. 

The default space logo applies to all spaces that do not have a custom space logo applied - see Changing a Space's Logo

You need to be a Confluence Administrator to change the default space logo.

To change the default space logo:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration

  2. Choose Default Space Logo in the left-hand panel.
  3. Choose Logo:ON 
  4. Choose Browse to upload a new logo
  5. Choose Upload Logo 
  6. Choose Save

Screenshot: Confluence spaces showing the default logo, and a space with a customised logo

Space Administrators can change the logo for their space. This overrides the default space logo and any changes to the default space logo will not appear in these spaces. See example above - 'Sample Space' has a custom logo.

See Changing a Space's Logo to find out how to change the logo in a specific space. 

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17 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Matt Boesch

    If you turn the Global Logo off and then create a new space, should we expect that the Global logo will not appear on any new pages in the new space?  I had previously added a new Global Logo and then disabled the Global Logo, but it is still showing up on new spaces/pages.  I have to go into the Space Admin to disable the logo.  This is also the case for existing spaces/pages.

    08 May 2009
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]

      Hi Matt,

      I am able to reproduce this locally. It seems like we hit a bug here. However, I have raised a bug report on your behalf:

      Feel free to add your comments to the discussion, vote on it and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bear in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

      14 May 2009
  2. User avatar

    Abrham Smith

    Is there a way to change the size of the logo. It seems the logo is being squished/resized when it's displayed on the welcome screen.  However in the admin it looks fine.

    26 Jan 2011
    1. User avatar

      John Brosan

      I would be interested in knowing if there is a way to resize the logo as well or if not, what should be the dimensions of the logo/


      28 Jun 2011
      1. User avatar

        Graham Hannington

        I recommend that you look at the CSS properties that Confluence applies to the logo (tip: use Firebug in Firefox to select the logo and view its CSS properties).

        For example, for the element <img class="global logo" .../>, by default, Confluence 4.2 applies (among other CSS properties) a max-height of 2.5em, which, in this specific context, with a "base"/parent font size of 24px (set by the pagetitle class), equates to a max-height of 60px.

        So, to prevent Confluence from resizing your logo in this context, upload a logo graphic file that is no taller than 60px.

        To further control the logo resizing, override the default CSS.

        Unfortunately, if you use a graphic that is 60px high, then the default CSS on the Confluence login page means that the bottom of your logo will encroach on the login form, and the result is unsightly. For this reason, I have used a logo that is 46px high. (Tip: to determine the ideal height for your logo, use Firebug to dynamically set the CSS height property - then upload a graphic of that height, to avoid the sub-optimal effects of resizing via CSS).

        18 Jun 2012
  3. User avatar


    For users trying to fill in with color, the white space created when the images have other dimensions , this may be achieved using the following HTML markup as suggested by Guilherme Heck:

    02 Feb 2011
  4. User avatar


    Is there a way to align the title text next to the logo so that it is centered vertically? Right now I have a logo that is 114px high, but the page title next to it is only 30px or so, which makes it that it looks quite strange since the title is aligned with the bottom of the logo.

    21 Mar 2011
  5. User avatar


    There is no "look and feed" in the left panel, or is there a "Administration Console", only "Confluence Admin".


    Does anyone know how to replace the default logo which appears on every page?

    19 Jan 2012
    1. User avatar

      Paul Watson [Administrative Account]

      I've revised the instructions above. I hope that helps.

      19 Jan 2012
  6. User avatar


    Anyone know how to change the mobile site logo?

    23 Oct 2012
    1. User avatar


      *mobile site logo on a locally install confluence 4.3.1

      23 Oct 2012
  7. User avatar

    Beth Aitman

    Is it possible to get rid of the site logo completely, and just have the title in the navigation bar?

    03 Jan 2014
  8. User avatar

    Fadoua Boualem

    Is there a way to change the company's favicon on our actual Confluence 4.3 version? Thank you!

    21 Aug 2014
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi Fadoua,  yes this is possible in Confluence 4.3 as well, but it is trickier.  There's some information here in the Confluence 4.3 docs Changing the Confluence Browser Icon, aka favicon.

      21 Aug 2014
  9. User avatar

    Fadoua Boualem

    Thank you so much Rachel! I will try it today.

    22 Aug 2014
  10. User avatar

    Mark Peters

    I realize that the site logo is intended to be displayed across all spaces, and that there's a space-specific logo. But is it possible to instead show a different site logo for each space, and disable the space logo? My company prefers to display the (only) logo on the header bar. Is that possible – by modifying the theme design, for example?

    Administration > General configuration > RefinedWiki Original Theme > Configuration > Designs [tab] > Custom Designs > Edit > Top section [tab]


    08 Jul 2015
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Mark,

      I can see what you're trying to achieve, but, unfortunately, I don't know of a way to do it. You can make an improvement suggestion, if you like, so we can track the interest.

      19 Jul 2015
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