Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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This page describes the wiki markup used on some administration screens in Confluence.

Wiki markup is useful when you want to do one of the following:

  • Configure the Documentation theme.
  • Type wiki markup directly into the editor. Confluence will convert it to the rich text editor format as you type.
  • Create links using the Advanced tab of the Links Browser.
  • Insert a block of wiki markup (or markdown) into the Confluence editor. (Choose Insert > Markup.)

Note: You cannot edit content in wiki markup. Confluence does not store page content in wiki markup. Although you can enter wiki markup into the editor, Confluence will convert it to the rich text editor format immediately. You will not be able to edit the wiki markup after initial entry.

Can I type wiki markup into the editor?

Yes. You can type wiki markup directly into the editor, and Confluence will convert it as you type. (You cannot edit the wiki markup after conversion.) See it in action in this video:

Read this blog post for more examples: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About the Confluence Editor.

Can I insert markdown?

Confluence supports inserting content in markdown. This is often used in ReadMe files. See Markdown syntax guide for some examples of markdown syntax.

To insert markdown in the editor:

  1. Choose Insert > Markup
  2. Select Markdown
  3. Type or paste your text - the preview will show you how it will appear on your page
  4. Choose Insert.

As with wiki markup, Confluence will convert your markdown to the rich text editor format. You will not be able to edit your content using markdown.

On this page:


To format a line as a heading, type "hn." at the start of your line, where n can be a number from 1 to 6.

What you need to type

What you will get

h1. Biggest heading

Biggest heading

h3. Big heading

Big heading

h5. Small heading
Small heading


Wiki markup allows you to create bulleted or numbered lists, and is flexible enough to allow a combination of the two list types.

(info) If you need to separate the text within lists using line breaks, make sure you do so using a double slash (//). Empty lines may disrupt the list.

Simple lists

Use the hyphen (-) to create simple lists.
Make sure there is a space between the hyphen and your text.

What you need to type

What you will get

  • some
  • bullet
  • points

Bulleted lists

Use the asterisk (*) to create bullets. For each subsequent level, add an extra asterisk.
Make sure there is a space between the asterisk and your text.

What you need to type

What you will get

  • some
  • bullet
    • indented
    • bullets
  • points

Numbered lists

Use the hash (#) to create numbered lists.
Make sure there is a space between the hash and your text.

What you need to type

What you will get

  1. a
  2. numbered
  3. list

A second level of hashes will produce a sub-list, such as the alphabetical sub-list shown below.

What you need to type

What you will get

  1. Here's a sentence.
    1. This is a sub-list point.
    2. And a second sub-list point.
  2. Here's another sentence.

You can use a third level of hashes to produce a sub-sub-list.

What you need to type

What you will get

  1. Here's a sentence.
    1. This is a sub-list point.
      1. Third list level.
      2. Another point at the third level.
    2. And a second sub-list point.
  2. Here's another sentence.

Note: In numbered lists as described above, the format of the 'number' displayed at each list level may be different, depending upon your browser and the style sheets installed on your Confluence instance. So in some cases, you may see letters (A, B, C, etc; or a, b, c, etc) or Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc) at different list levels.

Mixed lists

What you need to type

What you will get

  1. Here
    • is
    • an
  2. example
    • of
    • a
  3. mixed
  4. list


You can create two types of tables.

Table Type 1

Allows you to create a simple table with an optional header row. You cannot set the width of the columns in this table.
Use double bars for a table heading row.

What you need to type:

What you will get:

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

cell A1

cell A2

cell A3

cell B1

cell B2

cell B3

You can also use a vertical header.

What you need to type:

What you will get:

heading 1

col A1

col A2

col A3

heading 2

col B1

col B2

col B3

Table Type 2

This method allows you to specify the width of the columns in the table.

What you need to type


What you will get

Text for this column goes here. This is the smaller column with a width of only 30%.

Text for this column goes here. This is the larger column with a width of 70%.

(info) For more details please see the Column Macro and the Section Macro.

Advanced Formatting

Colour and Other Formatting

To add colour and other formatting to your tables, you can use the Panel Macro within columns.
More table-formatting options may be available if your Confluence administrator has installed additional macros.


Here's an example of how to embed lists in a table:

What you need to type

What you will get

Heading 1

Heading 2

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

Text Effects

Use the markup shown in the examples below to format text.

What you need to type

What you will get



*bold text*

bold text




Hint: To italicise parts of a word, add braces (curly brackets) around the underscore. For example,


gives you this: Thingx







Text with^superscript^

Text withsuperscript

Hint: There are two ways to make superscripts work, when used directly after another word or character:

  • Add a space before the superscript. For example, kg/m ^3^ gives you this: kg/m 3
  • Add braces (curly brackets) around the superscript markup. For example, 

gives you this: kg/m3

Text with~subscript~

Text withsubscript




bq. Here's how you make a paragraph appear as a block quotation.

Here's how you make a paragraph appear as a block quotation.

{color:red}look ma, red text!{color}

look ma, red text!

Text Breaks

Paragraph Break

In wiki markup, a paragraph is a continuous line of text ending in two carriage returns. This is equivalent to a continuous line of text followed by a blank line.

When rendered into HTML, the result is a line of text wrapped in a set of <p></p> tags.

Line Break

Confluence provides two options for forcing a line break within a paragraph of text:

  • Implicitly, by entering a single carriage return at its end.
  • Explicitly, by entering two consecutive backslashes:  \\

When rendered into HTML, the result is a paragraph of text that is split into separate lines by <br> tags, wherever a forced line break appears.

(info) For most purposes, explicit line breaks are not required because a single carriage return is enough.

The examples below show how to use explicit line breaks.

What you need to type

What you will get

here is some text

divided \\
using line \\  \\ 

here is some text
using line


This is a short list:
* Point 1
Text to go with point 1
* Point 2

 \\  \\

Text to go with point 2 with a break

This is a short list:

  • Point 1
    Text to go with point 1
  • Point 2

    Text to go with point 2 with a break

If you wish to use multiple consecutive line breaks, each should be separated by a space character. For example, use this for two consecutive line breaks:

\\ \\

Horizontal Rule

To create a horizontal line across the width of your page or content block, type four dashes (like this: ----) at the beginning of a line, then press Enter or space.

Make sure that the dashes are on a separate line from the rest of the text.

What you need to type

What you will get

here is some text


divided by a horizontal rule

here is some text

divided by a horizontal rule

You can use wiki markup to add hyperlinks to your text.

What you need to type

What you will get


A link to an anchor on the same page.

[Confluence Wiki Markup^attachment.ext]

A link to a file attached to the page.


A link to a page.


A link to an anchor on another page.


A link to a file attached to another page.


A link to a page in another space.


A link to an anchor on a page in another space.


A link to a file attached to a page in another space.


A link to a blog post.
Note: blogposttitle is the title of the blog as it appears on the page.


A link to a blog post in another space.
Note: blogposttitle is the title of the blog as it appears on the page.  


A link to a whole day's blog posts.


A link to a whole day's blog posts in another space.


A link to the space homepage (or the space summary page of the space.


A link to the user profile page of a particular user.


A shortcut link to the specified shortcut site. Shortcuts are configured by the site administrator.


A link to an external resource.


A link to an email address.


A link to a file on your computer or on a network share that you have mapped to a drive. This only works on Internet Explorer.

[!http://external/image.png!|http://external/link.html]Displays an external image and links to an external URL.

Note that Confluence treats headings as anchors, so you can link to headings using this pattern: [spacekey:pagename#headingname], where headingname is case-sensitive and must be entered without spaces.

For each of these link forms:

  • You can prepend a link alias, so that alternate text is displayed on the page. Example: [link alias|pagetitle#anchor]
  • You can append a link tip, which appears as a tooltip. Example: [pagetitle#anchor|link tip]


You can display images from attached files or remote sources.

What you need to type

What you will get


An image from a remote source is displayed on the page. Uses a fully qualified URL.


An image file attached to the page is displayed.


An image file attached to a different page is displayed.


An image file attached to a page in a different space is displayed.

!/2010/05/23/My Blog Post^image.gif!

An image file attached to a blog post is displayed.


The image is displayed as a thumbnail on the page (only works with images that are attached to the page). Users can click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized image. Thumbnails must be enabled by the site administrator for this to work.

!image.gif|align=right, vspace=4!

For any image, you can specify attributes of the HTML image tag as a comma separated list of name=value pairs.

Available HTML image tags include:

Image tag



Available values are 'left', 'right', 'bottom', 'center', 'top'.


Specifies the width of the border (in pixels).


Use with the 'border' tag. Specify colours by name or hex value.


Specifies the amount of whitespace to be inserted to the left and right of the image (in pixels).


Specifies the amount of whitespace to be inserted above and below the image (in pixels).


Specifies the width of the image (in pixels). This will override the natural width of the image.


Specifies the height of the image (in pixels). This will override the natural height of the image.


Specifies alternate text for the image, which is displayed when the pointer hovers over the image.


Specifies alternate text for the image. This text is retrievable via search, and contributes to accessibility of the page for text-only viewing.

Page Layouts

There is no wiki markup representation for page layouts.


Storage format and wiki markup examples have been included in the documentation for each macro.


  1. Anonymous

    I'm trying to add a table of contents macro in one of my page templates, but no matter how I format the wiki markup, I receive the error "Error formatting macro: toc: java.lang.NullPointerException" in the preview.  I've tried very simple macros like {toc} or {toc:}.  I've tried copying and pasting examples of the toc command from the Confluence web site, but nothing works.  I always get an error.

    How do I properly format toc so that it works in my page templates?

    1. Anonymous

      Unfortunately, I am having the exact same issue with {toc} in templates.  Would appreciate any assistance/guidance offered.  I am a wiki newbie...

      1. Hi there,

        I am able to get a TOC in a template working using just {toc} in the template. Headings in the template and in a page created from the template both appear in the TOC. I'm using Confluence 4.0, by the way.

        If you are still having difficulties, you might like to raise a support ticket at



        1. Anonymous

          Hey Paul,

          Also having troubles with TOC in a template, same error as above. I thought I might point out that I am using OnDemand, as the others haven't specified an environment.

          Thanks for your help, great doc btw.

          1. Anonymous

            Sorry Paul,

            I was a bit hasty with that reply. I should point out that the error only occurs in the template viewer. You can still save the template and create pages with it. The pages work correctly.

            Thanks again

            1. Anonymous

              That's as designed, I believe. - no TOC contents to render.

    2. Anonymous

      Same here.

  2. Anonymous

    Why am I having to use wiki markup when trying to create templates or headers/footers for my space?  The new editor should be available for all these features.  Be gone wiki markup!

    1. Anonymous

      I have the same complaint. I trying to integrate images with links in a template and it's not trivial to find the wiki markup anymore.


  3. Anonymous

    +1 for having the new editor available to create templates - seems a huge oversight for it not to be there.

    The next obvious thing would be to create a template on a standard page and copy the markup, but that's not an option either.

    We've just licensed for 500 users academic - everything else is fantastic but the templates problem is a real pain at the moment.


    1. Same problem here. Usually you create regular pages and find out that one would make a great wiki page template. How do you do it when you cannot even see the markup or copy the page as a template? Have you found any workarounds? Is this the only issue about this problem: As a workaround I voted for this:

  4. I've got a bunch of legacy Word documents with complex formatting that I want to bring into our company wiki's documentation space, which uses Confluence 4.0. Having used WebWorks in the (3.x) past for a similar task, I was planning to do so again; but the removal of direct access to wiki markup is a huge roadblock, inasmuch as I don't see how I can directly deploy the converted pages onto the wiki server. Instead, it appears I must create wiki pages manually, then inside each page open up an 'insert wiki markup' macro and paste in the converted markup. That sort of works; but our doc set and assorted collateral consist of hundreds of wiki pages, so this is shaping up to be a huge labor-intensive project for which I have no time (or patience).

    At a minimum, I would like to wrap the markup inside an "insert wiki markup" macro block, something like this:


      the usual wiki markup


    so the deployed pages, when first opened, automatically invoke the insert wiki markup macro and convert the markup to a 4.0-formatted page. Thereafter, I probably don't need to access the markup again, though that option would also be nice.

    Is there actually a syntax for the insert wiki markup macro?

  5. Anonymous

    I'm on the free trial to evaluate and I can't figure out how to create a template from an existing page. I don't know how to get to the WIKI mark up try try and copy and paste that into the template. Any ideas?

  6. Anonymous

    Can you provide information on how to do mixed lists? The description above does not seem to be relevant. If I use Shift+Enter and try to type an asterisk followed by a space the editor simply deletes the asterisk. Is there some other incantation I should use?

  7. Anonymous

    Matt: it does not matter what format Confluence uses for storage, for me as developer it is faster and more convenient to use Wiki syntax on very many occasions. Please add Wiki sysntax support back to the editor!

  8. Anonymous

    Is there a way to embed a macro into a template?

    For instance, I want a page template that automatically adds in the `Activity Stream` macro, so the end user doesn't have to.

    1. Anonymous

      I'm having the same problem.

  9. Likewise, I'm trying to add previously supported Wiki Markup for columns, and table of contents, and it is returning as "unknown macro."

    Is there something I'm missing? Are macros no longer supported?

  10. Come on guys, I'm a programmer and I cannot live without sources! If you say "Collaboration should include everyone" ( then think about the programmers writing the technical documentation who'd favor manual wiki markup over a clumsy WYSIWIG editor. Gosh. WYSIWIG. This is so 2002.

    Collaboration Should Include Everyone

    1. Anonymous

      Absolutely support. +100500

      Wiki is losing its competitive advantage without a possibility to work with sources.


    2. Anonymous

      AGREE. The extremely limited WYSIWIG is painful to use for anyone with half an hour of programming experience. Please, please bring back the markup option!

    3. Agreed. We just upgraded from 3.5 to 5.1.4 and everyone in the team is horrified. We are all competent with wiki markup, and the pages turned out as we wanted them to. This clumsy editor is something that we need to work around and against, and it's a clear regression in usability.

  11. Anonymous

    When you are nesting controls, like a set of paragraphs and a bullet list inside a table cell, how do you end one without ending them all?  I have this:

    Some text paragraphs

    Bullet List:

    • items 1
    • item 2
    • item 3

    Then more text paragraphs, and this paragraph always comes out indented like it is part of bullet item 3.  How do I end the bullet list without ending the table cell?

    I want it to look the way this appears as I'm editing it.

    1. I figured out how to do this today. The bullet list refuses to end when inside a table. So wrap it in a panel with no border and a transparent background.


      * list item 1

      * list item 2 


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Thomas, that worked for me!

      2. Anonymous

        Thanks Thomas, that worked for me too, you saved me a small nervous breakdown (smile)
        (I still have imperfections on line breaks, but I have more control on format with your "trick") 

  12. Anonymous


    This page format, which is getting displayed, is it done using iframe macro or is there anyother way to get it..? I am new to this and getting confused.. i want a page format of this kind... Please help me out....

    Thank you...

  13. Anonymous

    When writing wiki markup for a page template, how to you escape out to render a character used as part of the wiki markup, e.g. render exactly '*' instead of using it to indicate start of bold section?

    1. prepend the character with a backslash

  14. Anonymous

    What is the markup for indented text? (Not a blockquote, just an indent.) I'm trying to add this into a template.

    1. Anonymous

      Bump! Where is indentation? It shows in the formatting buttons, but where is the markup?

      1. Anonymous

        Also need indent

        1. I too had trouble finding this, but bq. is mentioned on this page. I found {quote} somewhere else.

          bq. Quotes a block of text for you.

          This text block was created by putting a bq. in front.

          For Multiple single lines; like this:
          {quote}Use quote in squiggly brackets,
          before and after multiple lines,
          to quote them all together.{quote }

          The quote syntax actually seems to be a Macro and didn't work w/in this comment block.

  15. Anonymous

    Hello!, I can´t text align (center) with wikimakup!!!!! :S

    1. Anonymous

      {align:center}my txt{align}

  16. Anonymous

    Is it possible to add a caption to an image? I used the "caption" label (caption=image caption) but it won't display under the image?

  17. Anonymous

    Dear Confluence Gurus,

    Preamble: Pro-wiki noobie.

    I imported all my technical specs into Confluence. Now the Edit I need to do is - Remove all "h1-headings" (average - 5 per doc), and move up the other headings by 1 level (average - 25 per doc).

    This is taking much longer than before when I used to copy over the wiki to my favorite editor. I hope you understand that the before is in my imagination, as I have starting using confluence only now : )

    But how do I do this now?




    1. Hallo Anomynous

      You're right in guessing that that sort of operation took much less time in wiki markup. One solution now is to install the Confluence Source Editor plugin, which gives you access to the XML source of the page. The source editor has a find and replace built in.

      I hope this helps.

      Cheers, Sarah

    2. Disclaimer: I am no Confluence guru.

      As Sarah mentioned, one solution is to install the Confluence Source Editor plugin, and use its built-in find and replace function.

      However, although that find and replace function has a Regex (regular expression) check box (which I think - gurus, please correct me if I'm wrong - means, specifically, JavaScript RegExp), I have so far been unable to specify a "replace" value that refers to a matched subexpression of the search regular expression, or do what I really want to do, which is to specify an inline function as the "replace" value (as you can do with the JavaScript replace() function). (Again, gurus, please step in and demonstrate how to do this with the plugin's find and replace function, if it's possible.)

      So, while you can use the built-in find and replace function of the Confluence Source Editor plugin to do what you want, you might find that tedious (too many individual find and replace operations).

      Instead, you might choose to copy the XML from the Confluence Source Editor plugin to an external editor.

      For details, see Promoting heading levels in the Confluence Advanced Tips space of the Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate wiki.


      1. Anonymous

        Hi Sarah, Graham,

        Thanks for the prompt responses. I have asked my sys ad for the source plugin. Meanwhile,  jEdit -> HTML -> paste back to confluence -Worked like a charm. Excellent! Thank you very much.

        I had only up to h4 so I cycled my find-replace 1 <- 2 <- 3 <- 4... after suffering from too-many-tags dizzines for a while : )

        btw: WYSIWIG for comments - wtg!!!



  18. Anonymous


    Questions about the tables for a Type 1 template:

    Can I connect multiple cells or rows together?
    Can I make an indication of size of a cell?

    Questions about file attachments for documents:

    Can I integrate the macro to upload an attachment in a template?

    Thank you


  19. Anonymous

    I'm having a problem with the Template and WM language. I'm trying to create a colored header. But whenever I put of the codes together, it creates an odd extra piece of text. Here's what I'm using.

    h4.{Color:Blue} On this page{Color} 

    And it makes this:

    On this page"> On this page 

    Any way to get the macros to play nice?

    1. I'm having the same issue.

  20. Anonymous

    I'm going to have to install an older version of Confluence.

    Just upgraded our office version to 4.2.5.

    It is So Horrible!

    I'm a techie. The reason I love(d) Confluence was that it had the wiki markup editor.

    That's FUNDAMENTAL to any wiki I've ever used.

    What's that open source wiki.... MediaWiki.....

    ...Confluence is broken. Or at least can no longer call itself a wiki.




    1. You would be preaching to the choir. There is another page to provide feedback. The page had so many comments, Atlassian had to create another page and also deleted all of the comments that just said that they didn't like it..  The current RTE has significant and I would never promote the product because it doesn't have a good editor (and what it was good at!) such as MediaWiki.  It seems Atlassian has chosen to go after the general business user and not the technical writer or technical user. BTW, you HAVE to go back to the old version if you use the PDF export.  It's awful and unusable due to the numerous bugs, in which I have reported many. But, at least based on the roadmap, it doesn't appear to be a core feature for them as it appears no plans to resolve any time soon. Because we really utilized the JIRA gadgets within Confluence, we are actually looking for solutions to replace it entirely as there are numerous solutions out there for issues tracking, in an agile or waterfall world.  But, Wikis need to be wikis and allow for easy, advanced editing (the pre 4.x version), and exporting.

      1. Ugh. 

        Is there a page or an issue describing what's going on and plans for resolving it?  This is a core feature and I'd be lynched if I pushed out broken PDF export.

        1. Here's a few of the most recently logged issues:  CONF-26145, CONF-26210, CONF-26157, CONF-24533, (my issue, they haven't logged but have said it is this 24533, but it isn't - words, regardless of length, just break.  The text THE has TH on one line and E on the other.  This has been a HUGE issue for us because you have to rewrite, reformat, etc. and spend multiple times going through the export/correction cycle), CONF-26114,CONF-26016, CONF-25887, CONF-25711, CONF-25634, CONF-25620, CONF-25619, CONF-25567, CONF-25240, CONF-25233 (this one is a pain), CONF-25152, CONF-24732 (they won't fix this one), CONF-24389.  Since we are an OnDemand user, we don't have access to user macros such as No Print or Page Break to help manage export quality and have some workarounds available.  Since you have your own install, you will at least be able to use them.

  21. Anonymous

    In "Links"-section you could add, how to write the link differently than where it refers using the |-sign.

  22. Anonymous

    I have a page with all releases of my application and each release lists all the CDRL and links to the CDRLs. For the current release I have to scroll down to get to it. Is there a way I can minimize/maximize the release (+/ - like folders in windows) and reduce the vertical scrolling of the page?


    1. You can put the content for each in a clickable area.  Therefore, you have a click here to view xyz and it expands to show the content. You click again and it collapses the area.


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for responding Kalynn, thats exactly what I am looking for. But how do I do that - put content in a clickable area? Can you please walk me through it.


        1. We have this free plugin enabled to use the span macro:

          We insert a span macro first so that we can control what the text, e.g. Click here to expand..., looks like.

          Then, inside the span macro, insert the Expand macro. It is here you input the text "Click to expand.."

          Then, inside the Expand macro, you input all of your content. The instructions for this are here: Expand Macro

          Hope that helps!

  23. is there a way to link to the current space's home page? The reason i'm asking is because i want to make a global template page which should be able to be used in any space without modification.

  24. Anonymous

    How do you imbed a team/people/event calendar for the dashboard? (I.E. When users log in, the calendar is displayed on the dashboard.)


  25. Anonymous

    Is there a way to insert the Space Name at certain places in the text of a page, in a way that when I copy the space, the Space Name place holder in the text would change to the new Space Name automatically? This would be nice to have e.g. for the title of the Home Page, some headers of the copied pages. I am generating template spaces to copy from for each new project and was thinking of something like:

    {{spacename}} project home   < Home page title

    1 project summary:

    Please insert here the summary information for the {{spacename}} project.

    1. Is there anyone that found the solution ?

      How can I specify the Wiki markup to be replace by the space name ? I tried @self, {spacename},

      Unknown macro: {spacename}

      }.. but no way.

      1. To answer to me : i defined a user macro, called myCurrentSpaceName, which code <font color=darkgrey><h2><b>$</b></h2></font> inside...

  26. Anonymous

    What the **** are those *** *** thinking to remove their Confluence Wiki markup. Are they stuck with their heads in their *** or what. Miljardedju. Nondepatat. Can't believe it ... this was exactly the one nice feature. Such a markup languange allows for quickly and easily write together technical articles easy linking etc. An RTF editor with some basic markup search and replace will really not help. We moved to attlassian because we were sick and tired doing it the sharepoint way ... slowly Confluence is now becoming another sharepoint. Great ... that means I will see another major corporate migration to a different tool. I will never get over it, it is pure ignorance.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. Atlassian please bring back the Wiki Markup!! I suppose we're searching for a new Wiki to use. 

      1. Use Ctrl-Shift-D to insert wiki markup

  27. Coming from LaTex and then SGML in the early electronic publishing days and the segueing into HTML as web came along those that want to craft good looking tight docs do not take well to crappy MS Word like GUI editors with no real control. Please put the power back in the hands of your better customers. Those that don't get it won't even try so there is no danger. As well, I have a storehouse of documents that rely on the ability to easily update them with a quick couple of key strokes of markup vs wrestling with a tool that does not understand what I am trying to do.

  28. Anonymous

    This is really a loss for Confluence. I realize you have your reasons for taking a useful feature away but I wish you didn't. 

  29. Anonymous

    Use Ctrl-Shift-D to insert wiki markup

    Right you can insert wiki mark up (like the line above) but not edit it after the fact. just soooooooo much easier and faster to layout and change a layout with mark up than trying to figure out how to make the gui do what you want, or mix and match inserted markup and gui changes.

    It's like using Microsoft FrontPage to make a professional website... are you friggin' kidding me... who does that?

    Still not convinced.


  30. Is it possible to link an image to an external URL using wiki markup? I'm trying to add a banner with a link to my footer and can't get it to work. I can't even seem to be able to write Register here and link that to an external URL.

  31. Anonymous

    It was a bad idea for Atlassian to get rid of wiki-markup.  The editor is infuriating to work with, and there is no alternative that I have found that works as well as the in bedded wiki-markup.  My wiki is now utterly useless, thanks for nothing!

    1. Anonymous

      Several developers on my team, including myself, have stopped using Confluence because of the removal of this feature. 

      1. Anonymous

        Tell me, hours and hours trying to fix the HREF LINK underlining it's not a helping tool anymore

  32. I give up.  Trying to create a simple template using the TEMPLATE EDITOR has already cost me hours just to do simple things.

    1. toc macro error - known issue when editing but works when a doc is generated from the template.
    2. top of page link - After 2 hours of trying various things I cannot figure out how to get this to work because:
      1. Template Documentation only talks about how to create/edit a template but no real world examples such as "Are there default variables for spacename and pageId of newly created page from template".  I need that to create the link to the top of page (see #2 for anchor issue).
      2. Links editor won't take an anchor ("An internal server error occurred").  And this is On-Demand.
      3. Insert wiki markup is broken while editing a template.  Nothing but "Wiki Markup Conversion Errors" on anything I try to enter. (even copied table/list example above).  Same wiki markup will work here in the comment section with no problem.
      4. Confluence On-Demand doesn't have the Confluence Source Editor plugin installed.

    This has just been a big waste of my time.  A lot of this seem to work in editing pages but editing templates are a huge problem.

    1. Hallo Robert

      I'm sorry that you've encountered such problems. I've forwarded your comment to the Confluence support team so that they can help you.

      Cheers, Sarah

  33. Anonymous


    I've got little, but very annoying problem...
    Started to create a document, filled EXAMPLE of xml code somewhere inside document's body, and.. when I edit the page I've got something like
    <xml>...</xml> which is look exactly as I wanted it..
    but when I save the page, I've got as a result &lt;xml>...&lt;/xml>, which is definitely means html substitution of the "<" symbol.
    And there's lot of cases in my documents where such substitution occurring, following by some unknown (for me) rules.
    Could someone clarify, how to turn that substitution off? Or provide me with link to related docs. Thanks in advance!

    1. The easiest solution would be to put your XML inside a code macro, which will maintain all of the XML formatting.

      1. Anonymous

        Pohl, thanks for answer! Unfortunately, I've already put my XML code to code macro block, but the problem appearing in both cases - in and out side of that block!
        I've got a 'rude' solution, (deleted old block and put my XML code to new block and its work fine) but it's still interesting - how to get rid of html substitutions mentioned above? Also, it's look very strange - some html symbols are substituted, and some aren't. Could anyone please provide me with documentation clarifying such Confluence's behavior?

        1. Anonymous

          Sorry, it seems I've misunderstood your name, Eliane. My apologies.

          Also I've asked for a way to escape my XML code without code blocks. If such way exist, please describe it or put a link to according documentation.


  34. Yeah! Thats realy great, but... I have a lot of pictures (schemes, diagrams, images) on my pages, and they all are mapped with ImageMap Plugin. They are not static, I change them time to time - so I change maps coords of areas. So, as I understood, in a new version, I'll not have ability to edit my schemes - is it so?

  35. The horizontal rule explanation confused me. And possibly out of date.

    Use four dashes (----) then press Enter, to create a horizontal rule. (It does not work if you press space.)


    At first I was trying this "(----)", that didn't work. As it's got that "(----)" against the shortcut in the text editer.

    Then i tried ---- and it wasn't working


    After finding the documentation I realised missed the bit about pressing enter

    But it also works when you press the space button, which above it says that it doesn't work




    Conf5.0 is awesome!


    1. Thanks Matt, you're right! (star) I've fixed the instructions on this page.

  36. Hi. Just wondering whether you can insert symbols using wiki markup. I want to use the yellow star symbol (available from the editing toolbar) in a global template. I'm using Confluence v4.1.9. Thanks!

    1. Yes you can - for a yellow star you would use (*y)

      The wiki markup for any of the emoticons can be seen as a tooltip on the "Insert Emoticon" dialog.

  37. Anonymous

    I can not get line breaks to work using  \\

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, they seem to have no effect, and instead of disappearing into the mysterious world of hidden Confluence markup (which is a shame, by the way), they sit right there on the page as if they weren't markup at all.  Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?



  38. Anonymous


    Unfortunately after copying pasting from Word I get simple text underlined as a link. I tried everything to avoid it but no matter what I get the underlined text

    I looked at the html source and (no surprises here) the text is marked as a LINK ->href)

    It's a 159 page doco so this is taking forever. Can you guys help by


    1) telling me how I can edit the underlying page source to remove the hrefs

    2) tell me how to avoid getting href when  I am copying NORMAL text from word?



    ps. I tried word 2010 and 2007 formats. I am using Confluence 4. Also tried installing wikiEd to edit the code but i can't see it in Gadgets after successful installation.

    ps2. Happy to go to the atlassian office, buy u a coffee and get the answer

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      To answer your questions first:

      how I can edit the underlying page source

      You can use the Confluence Source Editor (recently Open Sourced btw) do do this.

      tell me how to avoid getting href when  I am copying NORMAL text from word

      Not sure what's causing this, obviously some sort of bug. If you're able to send me a section of the document (if it's not confidential etc) would be helpful, or:

      Happy to go to the atlassian office, buy u a coffee and get the answer

      If you're in Sydney, sure, bring the doc with you, I'll even buy you the coffee. (big grin)

      The only other thing I wondered is why you were specifically copy pasting rather than importing the document?

      1. Anonymous


        I am Hernan btw. Yes work in Sydney, but in Redfern now so not so close as I used to be (smile).

        1) Good news is that I found the issue, so here it goes (not sure it is a bug per se)

        The word document had REVIEW -> Track Changes activated. So it seems when the text goes to the clipboard it gets messed up and after pasting it wiki underlines the text. The weird bit is that actually you cannot remove the underlining (is part of the text format now)


        To reproduce: Just use msword, track changes, MAKE changes, save and then copy that and voila!

        Workaround: ACCEPT ALL CHANGES and copy again (smile) (i did this using a TEMP doco of course)


        2) Editor: I need the wiki Admin here to config the editor for me to use it right? I have no admin access. Just a user.


        3) Can i ask how can I colour a row using the editor btw? I can see here I can do this:

        COLOUR YEAH!

        but not at work. Is this again an ADMIN config thing? I can't see Admin guys here keen on adding anything by the by




        1. Hi Hernan,

          Here are some answers:

          1. I have been unable to reproduce the problem. Could you please send me an example Word document that demonstrates the issue (mhrynczak at atlassian dot com). Alternatively, raise a support case and we can look into why it is happening for you.
          2. Yes, you do need to have admin access to install the source editor plugin. Another option you could try is Graham Hannington's Wikifier tool - you don't need admin access to use it. Try it out at
          3. Custom colours for table cells was a feature added in Confluence 4.3. To use that feature, you'll need to convince your admin guys to upgrade (smile)




  39. We had another problem come up.  We copied Confluence content to another page, and then started to add content after what was copied.  However, on save, any text typed was not visible. When we looked at the storage format, it showed:
    <p class="overlay-icon icon icon-edit-sml"><strong>test</strong></p>
    <p class="overlay-icon icon icon-edit-sml">Not visible text beginning with text and through the rest of this document;</p>

    How did these overlay references get into the source?

    How can we remove these and clean it up without having to retype everything from the beginning?  This is where the wiki markup would be very beneficial as we could clean it up easily, even though I don't know how this could have happened. 

    1. Hi Karie, you could use the Source Editor to strip the formatting, but I'd be keen to get to the bottom of what caused it. Are you able to supply a copy of the original content before copying it? If you could give that along with the end result you have above in a new bug on would be very helpful.

  40. Anonymous

    Hi there-

    How can I create Panels of information across the page. For Ex. I have Panel 1 Panel 2 and Panel 3. I would like each to be spread across the page with information underneath. Inside the panel it would have some information.... Team 1 (to the left) Team 2 in the center and Team 3 to the right of the page. Then I'd like to list members underneath. How would I do that? Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Use the column macro.  If you want different number of columns within different areas of the same page, place the column macros in a section macro.

      1. Anonymous

        Or change the page layout to 3 simple or 3 column

  41. Anonymous

    Hi all,

    you use some plugins to get more functionality (e.g. CustomWare scaffolding). So I use the rich editor to make some data field with the scaffolding macro. Now I have found an error in one macro and I was asked to send the wiki markup of my created page.

    So is there a chance to get this wiki markup for sending it to support of custom ware?

  42. Anonymous

    It should be noted that if wiki markup is used then it throws off the Chrome browser spell checker. For example, if you put in the word spell then bold it then it is fine. However, if you type \*spell\* then this happens: spell (the browser spell checker is flagging that word as being misspelt - and the dictionary does not offer any suggestions). 

  43. Anonymous

    There is an issue using macros that whenever a macro is inserted it takes up a whole block of space. That means that if your wiki page is littered with {html} tags then the page becomes unreadable. Surely there must be a way to collapse the tags into just the space needed. I also use HTML to display whole pages of content marked up with HTML so the macro block is okay for that. For inline it just breaks the text up significantly. Tried modifying text with a macro?

  44. Anonymous

    Is it possible to just copy and paste images into the editor instead of the very cumbersome and distracting ritual of 1) save the image (make sure the name makes sense), 2) adding as an attachment and 3) inserting the link to the attachment. When you're in the middle of writing a complicated page with multiple images etc it just takes you out of the moment when you have to stop writing and do the ritual for adding an image.

    1. Yes, it is very possible and is a HUGE time saver. This is my favorite new feature since upgrading from Confluence 3.3 to 4.3. I haven't quite figured out which images can be copy/pasted, but in general I have found the following methods work for cutting and pasting into Confluence pages. 

      • Press print-screen on your computer
      • Copy image or area from Paint.NET (a free editor). I assume other editors will work too.
      • Right click an image in Chrome web browser and choose 'Copy Image'
      1. Anonymous

        I can't seem to find a way to copy content and image, and paste to Confluence editor. For example I have a Word document with some text and embedded/inline images. I want to copy over to a Confluence page. Doing select-all+copy and then a paste does not copy over images. I can copy over 1 image at a time from some other page or document but not multiple images.

        Any thoughts? Thank you.

  45. How do I continue a numbered list that broke?

    I want to continue the numbering of my steps after the previous content has been put inside a "section" and "column" macro. how can I do this?


    1. Anonymous

      Did you come up with a solution?


      1. No, I'm hoping someone can give me some pointers.

      2. Can someone from Atlassian help us with this?

  46. Anonymous

    Sally Che is lucky. She hasn't upgraded Confluence. She still has wiki markup. ::cries::

    1. No i dont. which is why I had the above question.

  47. Anonymous

    Confluence - Wiki Markup = Crap.

    LOL. My Captcha text for this posted says it all:   "frucked".


  48. Anonymous

    Life isn't difficult enough, no! You had to make things worse. Removing the Wiki Markup was the shittiest idea ever.

    Bye bye, idiots...

  49. Hi,

    There's an error above in the Links section, in the following excerpt:  

    For each of these link forms:

      • You can prepend a link alias, so that alternate text is displayed on the page. Example: [link alias|pagetitle#anchor]
      • You can append a link tip, which appears as a tooltip. Example: [pagetitle#anchor|link tip]

    The underlined bullet is the error – link tips don't work as described and haven't in quite awhile.  According to your Confluence 3.2 Release Notes (Confluence 3.2 Upgrade Notes#LinkBrowserwillRemoveTooltips), after 3.2 you can no longer edit tooltips with the link browser.  It says the tooltip will remain if you edit the link using wiki markup.  However, since wiki markup is no longer available, that isn't an option.  

    I just spent quite a bit of time trying different things to insert tooltips. I got them to work under the following conditions: 

    • Insert the link with Insert Wiki Markup (or in Advanced tab of link browser — you an insert it using the link browser, but you won't be able to open the link to edit it later — the tooltip disappears)
    • Link to a full URL, not to a page title (if you're linking to a Page Title, tooltips don't show up when you save and view the page)
    • Don't edit the link using the link browser.  If it needs to be edited, you have to recreate the link.  

    Here's the relevant excerpt from the 3.2 Release Notes. 

    Link Browser will Remove Tooltips

    In Confluence 3.2 and later, the link browser no longer offers the option to include a tooltip for your link. If you have existing links with tooltips, the tooltip will disappear if you edit the link with the link browser. The tooltip will remain if you edit the link using wiki markup. See issue CONF-18668.


    Sami Moran


    1. has anyone already submitted a ticket to bring this feature (tips) back? (I would vote for it (wink)  )

      1. see CONF-27283 - Add ToolTip option for links through editing UI Open

  50. Anonymous

    Hello Experts,


    How to dispalys hours on column for Date time picker fields, currently it displays only date.

    For EX: Created field has both date and time but it will display only Date in column.

    even Issue navigator displays date as well time in the column but when it comes in JIRA confluence it shows only date. 

    please help me to fix! TIA!



  51. Please restore wiki markup editing. Confluence is a wiki; this why I like(d) Confluence.

    If I wanted to edit Microsoft Word, I would use Microsoft Word.

    That your backend stores pages as XHTML (or similar) is nice to know, but it degrades the user experience when you remove some of your best features.

    You are a clever company with clever developers; use some of them to support wiki markup. Ctrl-Shift-D is nice for inserting wiki markup but does not let me edit pages.  I've taken to editing markup offline in another product in a text file, attaching the file to the wiki page, and overwriting the page contents with the markup.  This is not a nice workflow.

    1. dear binkley, I know it's hard to believe, but apples are not the same as like say .. potatos

      The most users I talk to, are annoyed and afraid of typing markup. Yes, that might sound wired because it's too "easy" for those who write it everyday but even for the John Doe user this corporate wiki really needs that feature of rich text editing.

      Another downsite of markup: didn't you ever complain about not being able to cascade markup elements .. I really often have had heard people around me crying for a RTE because "that damn markup crap isn't that easy for essays"

      and yes: Most of us use Confluence instead of Word for daily documentation!

      and no: technically and semantically it's impossible to write markup for what is possible with XML / RTE
      If you know how: You are a genious and should startup your own cool wiki (wink)


      Perhaps this will change your mind, perhaps not ... then have a look at another wiki like docuwiki or TikiWiki or ... there are tons of it out there.

      1. Howdy @konqi,

        My request is not to get rid of WYSIWYG!  What I would like is for Confluence to provide both, as it did in older versions.

        For some pages WYSIWYG is very useful, and I use it.  For other kinds of pages we often generate the content or portions thereof and Markup is vastly easier to work with.


        1. Yes, but you will agree: both at the same time will never reach the functionality it has today and will have drawbacks because of technical restrictions. You saw this in Confluence 3 and really: It didn't worked good!

          I will agree to markup is much easier and fluently to write down, but again: Most users I care for doesn't want this. I fear it's different from company to company and related to which type of people are working there. But I have no hope that confluence will ever change this.


          From  CONF-23389 - Restore Wiki Markup Editor in v4 Resolved   

          Product Manager's Note

          Hi All,

          Thanks for your feedback on this issue. There are a number of reasons we made the change from wiki markup to an XHTML-based editor - You can read a complete explanation CEOs on this page.

          We acknowledge that some users need access to the source for various reasons...content portability, fixing formatting errors, personal preference, etc. So we've developed a free Source Editor plugin which can be found on the Atlassian Marketplace

          The source format is not Confluence's old, proprietary wiki markup but rather adheres to basic XHTML markup plus some extra models for defining Confluence-specific objects like macros, links, and images. So if you know basic HTML, the format should be familiar to you. You can read about the format here.

          Bill Arconati

    2. Any progress on this issue?  It is the worst misfeature of an otherwise great product.

  52. Dear Marcel Trautwein alias childno͡.de, I'll give you some detail on binkley's request. Wiki markup and RTE are not mutually exclusive. For RTE users they can use RTE. For power users, we had wiki markup. It wasn't an either/or feature. Now Confluence has removed a feature, which for power users, was extremely useful and a huge time saver. I now spend hours more each month slogging through the RTE editor when a simple text search/replace via wiki markup could have done it in minutes. Many of us have devoted thousands of hours and thousands of dollars developing our wikis. Asking to migrate to a different wiki platform is wholely unreasonable. If you have a small wiki, then yes, it can be managed, but for those with a significant investment in Confluence, it is wholely unreasonable. We would need to migrate gigs of attachments, content, stylesheets, users, not to mention the whole backend which requires configuring servers, databases, automated backups, finding replacements for irreplaceable plugins, etc.

    I don't fully understand why wiki editing was killed, but I considered it a major feature and will miss it. 

  53. Anonymous

    Hi Atlassian Developers and Analysts,

    can you tell me when will Confluence support complex tables (with rows/columns merging)? In html it is done using tags colspan and rowspan, however I didn't find a way to do that with the means of Confluence. Moreover, recent Confluence update disabled wiki-editor. Graphic editor doesn't contain some sort of such actions. So please from BA's stand point I would like to create complex tables as MS products allow.

    I don't know if it is feature nice to have, must have or to be deferred, but I do miss such option in my work.


    Thank you in advance for such a nice product. Please consider my request.


    With best regards,

    Tanya Cherkashina,

    Analyst at Exadel Inc.

    1. can you tell me when will Confluence support complex tables (with rows/columns merging)?

      We added support for cell merging in Confluence 4.0, and support for cell highlighting and column sorting in Confluence 4.3.

    2. I'm also interested to know about support for complex tables.  for example, the ability to turn a cell into two cells like you can do in Word using the pencil tool.

  54. Hello,

    I was wondering if it is possible somehow to turn a cell into two cells  For example in Microsoft word you can use the pencil tool to draw your table so that you can take a cell and turn it into two cells.  When I copy paste a table from word setup like this into Confluence it works, but then there does not seem to be anyway using the WYSIWYG editor to edit this type of table.





  55. This is all very nice, but I wonder how I can add a
                     Non-breaking space
    in a text, so that it will remain a non-breaking space also if I export the text from Confluence.
    Any ideas?

    1. There is some info on answers about adding a non breaking space. I'm not sure whether it would be preserved when exported however. 

      If you are using installed Confluence you could also look at using the Source Editor plugin to directly edit the storage format of your page. 

  56. Hello,

    I am just wondering if there is any syntax for editing the height of a column? I am trying to make boxes of a specified size with content inside but can only seem to edit the width of the columns. 

    I have done some research and cannot really find anything about editing the height of a column using wiki markup. Is there another way to accomplish this same functionality?

    Any advice would be great, thanks in advance!


  57. Contrary to your claim, align is not a tag.  It is an attribute.

  58. we have old version on Confluence. How can we get this editor into that version without upgrading the confluence version?


    1. no, because the editor is fundamentally based on new XML storage format. You are one of these guys paying for Windows out of business support instead of upgrading, right? (wink)

      1. We tried to upgrade the product, but couldn't do it because we have large number of data and lot of integration happened which failed the upgrade.

  59. title seems not to work correctly from WikiMarkup:

    Insert via / as wiki code results in

    while doing all manually  generates

    both missing the title attribute while on second the attribute is visible during wisiwig editing the image caption but after save it's lost.

  60. How can I format the text that I added to the Navigation box ('Configure theme' option in Documentation theme). According to the above I should be able to use markup, but I tried add h1. before some text that I added, but it didn't work. Any advice, or maybe some example code? Thanks