Documentation for Confluence 5.7.
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Confluence release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for major releases and minor (bugfix) releases. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Confluence, you will find essential information in the upgrade notes associated with the relevant release notes.

Release notes are maintained in the Confluence Latest space. All links below will take you to the Confluence Latest where you can browse all release notes and upgrade notes. 

On this page:

Confluence 5 release notes

Confluence 4 release notes

Confluence 3 release notes

Confluence 2 release notes

Confluence 1 release notes


  1. Hi, 

    We are currently running on Confluence 5.1.4 and if we want to upgrade to the latest release (5.4.3 version), can we do it straight?

  2. Hi, 

    We are currently running on Confluence 5.1.4 and if we want to upgrade to the latest release (5.4.3 version), can we do it straight? is there something that we need to take in consideration while upgrading? Thank you in advance for any help.

    1. Hi Samar,  You can upgrade directly from 5.1.4 to 5.4.3.  You can find more information about the upgrade process and suggested upgrade paths here Upgrading Confluence

      In terms of things to take into consideration while upgrading, I would also recommend reading the upgrade notes for the versions in between (Confluence 5.2 Upgrade NotesConfluence 5.3 Upgrade Notes as well as the version you are upgrading to Confluence 5.4 Upgrade Notes)

    2. Our attempt to upgrade from 5.1.5 to the latest version of Confluence failed repeatedly and required restoring the VM snapshot as well as the database. It looks like I am going to have to rebuild our Confluence server from scratch with a clean database, then import all our data, to get on the new version.

      Here is the bug we hit: Confluence will not start up because the build number in the home directory doesn't match the build number in the database, after upgrade

    3. Samar,

      I have successfully upgraded and wanted to update you on this. I had to upgrade from 5.1.5 to 5.2.3, fix a number of SQL-related bugs, and then I could upgrade directly to 5.4.4. I strongly recommend you try the upgrade on a test instance that duplicates your production environment to resolve any potential problems.


  3. Hi Atlassian,

    When do you plan addressing such problems like the famous Email Notification Storm? Users end up creating rules to delete all emails from confluence which is quite counter-collaborative. 

    It is actually affecting other Atlassian products: we are piloting Confluence Questions, and trying to involve users by add experts to  watchlist - the experts simply don't get notified due to Outlook rules which are set to kill all the annoying letters from Confluence. We are on the verge to buy Questions, but there is so low activity in it that the pilot may fail.

    1. I absolutely second this request - the current mail notification concept is not very useful and even counter-productive - I would love some Atlassian brain-power being invested in making mail notifications work

      1. love your 7 emails! (smile)

        1. There you go, exactly the reason why email notifications need fixing (smile)

          1. Notifications is something we'd like to spend some time in the near future. If any of you would like to talk some more about the issues you're having feel free to email me - jmasson at altassian dot com

  4. I'm wondering why Atlassian always needs so many bug-fix releases (n.n.X) .

    Quality control sounds questionable.

    Competitors which I'm familiar with have only 1/10 of releases (patches).

    Improving quality -> less work on providing releases (patches) -> more time to provide real improvements and new features

    1. I'm quite sure that they follow a scrum principle: release often and release early. This way they can get customer feedback really fast -> can quickly react to market needs. About working on providing releases: the often you release the less you need to prepare for a release.


  5. Charles Miller [Atlassian] and Rachel Robins [Atlassian Technical Writer] I love the layout of the page. I want to design a page like this, can you provide some information about the layout. Thanks!

    1. Top right of page click Tools -> View source.

    2. Hi Sridhar Krishnan! This page was created with Page Layouts. In edit mode it looks like this:

      Page layouts are really easy to use once you get started and you'll never look back. Hope this helps! (smile)

  6. Thanks Vidal AbadDenise Unterwurzacher [Atlassian] and appreciate the quick response. I did check View Source earlier for the layout but I was unable to customize the the column layout in  such a way so as to provide the empty space (column layout.cell aside–width 200 px) such as this one. I was wondering if we set this in CSS and what is the code block? Also, how can I design a CSS and have this layout only for my space. Sorry for not specific on this.

    1. Hi Sridhar, 

      In addition to the info above about the page layout, we are also using some custom CSS on this space which changes some of the fonts, spacing and creates a fixed-width display. 

      There's some information on how this is done, and where you can get example CSS from in this comment