Release Notes 1.3.6

Confluence 1.3.6 is a special maintenance release for customers who are using Confluence with an Oracle database. It contains a number of fixes, originally developed for Confluence 1.4, to Confluence's behavior against Oracle databases.

1.3.6 is available as a free upgrade for all existing Confluence customers from the archive download page.

Who should upgrade?

We recommend that customers skip Confluence 1.3.6 and upgrade to Confluence 1.4. Confluence 1.4 includes a great many new features and bug-fixes that are not included in 1.3.6. We do, however, recognize that 1.4 is a significant upgrade and some customers wish to continue with Confluence 1.3 for the time being.

Confluence 1.3.6 is recommended only for Confluence customers who:

  • are not yet ready to upgrade to Confluence 1.4, and
  • are running Confluence with an Oracle database

Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading Confluence should be pretty easy. If you are upgrading from Confluence 1.3 – 1.3.4, you can find instructions here. We strongly recommend that you backup your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading!

Changes in 1.3.6

Confluence 1.3.6 addresses a number of situations in which Confluence could lock up, consume additional resources, or fail to perform backup or restore operations against an Oracle database.

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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