Release Notes 1.0.1

Confluence 1.0.1

Over the course of the last month of supporting Confluence 1.0, there are a number of patches that we have been distributing to fix specific problems our users have encountered. Confluence 1.0.1 is a maintenance release into which all these patches have been integrated.

Who Should Upgrade?

All the issues that were resolved for this release are listed below. We have not snuck in any other changes: what you see here in the release notes is precisely what you will get. If you find something on the list that directly affects you, or that you feel justifies the effort of an upgrade, then do so. Otherwise, feel free to stick with 1.0.

Upgrade Procedure

If You Have Customized osuser.xml

If you have customized Confluence's user-management, for example to integrate it with LDAP or JIRA, you will have to integrate your changes to account for the caching OSUser providers we introduced in Confluence 1.0.1. See this document for more details: Confluence Caching OSUser Provider. Updated instructions for integrating with JIRA user management are here: Delegate user management to use JIRA logins


To avoid the possibility of data-loss, you should back up your ConfluenceHome directory and your database before upgrading, and perform a full backup from within the application.

Changes in 1.0.1

See also Issues Resolved for 1.0.1

Direct Attachment Links

In response to a loud demand from users, links to attachments using the [^attachment.jpg] syntax will download the attachment file directly, instead of linking to an anchor in the destination page.

Sybase ASE Support

Confluence 1.0.1 resolves the following problems that were causing Confluence not to work with Sybase ASE 12.5.1:

  • ORDER-BY mappings failing on Sybase (CONF-1021)
  • Can't add users under Sybase (CONF-1022)
  • Weird datatype error under Sybase (CONF-1024)
  • Sybase doesn't like complicated distinct selects (404 page fails) (CONF-1025)
  • Backup import fails under Sybase (CONF-1063)

These bug-fixes may also improve Confluence's compatibility with other untested databases. They will not, however, have any effect on Confluence's operation against PostgreSQL, MySQL or HSQL.

Microsoft SQL Server Dialect in Setup Page

The Microsoft SQL Server database dialect was missing from the database setup page. It has now been added to the list. Confluence has not yet been tested on Microsoft SQL Server, and the usefulness of this option is not yet guaranteed. However, since the Sybase issues above are now resolved and SQL Server belongs to the same family as Sybase, it would be well worth a try.

JIRA User Provider Caching

Users who were linking their user management to JIRA's using the supplied provider were experiencing significant performance problems as a result. 1.0.1 introduces caching to the user provider, which should speed up these installations significantly.

Global Reports Visibility

Under Confluence 1.0, the global "undefined pages" and "orphaned pages" reports did not properly filter out pages that the user could not see. The user could not see the content of any page they did not have access to, but they could learn of the existence of (and names of) pages and spaces they were not permitted to see. This bug is fixed in 1.0.1

Locale-Independent Dates in Backup/Restore

In Confluence 1.0, dates were written into backup files using a localized representation of the month. As such, if you exported Confluence data from a server in one locale it might not import successfully into a server with a different Locale setting. Confluence 1.0.1 still recognizes the 1.0 export format, but its own exports will write out dates in a locale-independent format.

As noted above, this means that data exported from Confluence 1.0.1 can not be imported successfully into Confluence 1.0.

Fix Browser Crash on Viewing Some Templates

Previously, if you created a template containing no variables, then anyone attempting to preview or use that template would have their browser hang in an infinite Javascript loop. Confluence 1.0.1 fixes this bug.

Typo Fixed on User Group Editing Page

A single-character change from "privilage" to "privilege".

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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