Release Notes 1.2.1

Confluence 1.2.1 is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs that users may have encountered using Confluence 1.2. It incorporates improvements to performance for large Confluence installations, and fixes bugs related to the remote API, over-use of disk space, and a few annoying errors users were experiencing when setting up a new Confluence instance.

1.2.1 is a free upgrade for all existing Confluence customers.

Who should upgrade?

The issues resolved below are all either fixes to problems that have effected small numbers of users, or improve areas of Confluence that may not be used in your installation. As such, we recommend you read through the release notes and decide whether this upgrade is necessary.

If 1.2 is working fine, and none of the issues below are bothering you, there is no need to upgrade.

Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading Confluence should be pretty easy. If you are upgrading from Confluence 1.2, you can find instructions here. We strongly recommend that you backup your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading!

If you are upgrading from Confluence 1.1.2 or earlier, be sure to read the upgrade instructions in the Confluence 1.2 release notes.

Changes in 1.2.1

See also: Issues Resolved for 1.2.1

Remote API Fixes

  • getBlogEntries() will no longer erroneously return SQL Timestamps instead of date objects — Unresolved Link)
  • getPage() will now successfully retrieve a previous page version — Unresolved Link
  • renderContent() can now successfully render a page containing the {blog-posts} macro — Unresolved Link

Setup Fixes

  • Some users were encountering the following error during setup: "Unable to store Trigger with name: 'backupTrigger' and group: 'DEFAULT', because one already exists with this identification." This should no longer occur — Unresolved Link
  • Some users were encountering a NullPointerException in during setup when connecting to an external datasource. This should no longer occur — Unresolved Link

Performance and Efficiency Fixes

  • Installations with large search indexes will no longer experience a performance degredation when saving content — Unresolved Link
  • Backups will no longer leave a redundant exploded copy of the files being backed up in the temp directory — Unresolved Link
  • Deleting a space was not deleting its attachments from the confluence home directory. This is now fixed — Unresolved Link
  • Thumbnails are now stored in their own directory, so they won't be included unnecessarily in backups — Unresolved Link

Other Issues Resolved

  • Confluence now generates significantly higher-quality image thumbnails (Thanks to Mike Aizatsky for the tip) — Unresolved Link
    (!) Note (!)

    Unless you are running JDK 5.0 (which we do not recommend as it is still in pre-release), this improvement will only be visible if you are running Confluence on Mac OS X

  • URLs longer than 255 characters will no longer cause an exception when saving a page — Unresolved Link
  • Pages with titles containing quotes no longer break PDF exports — Unresolved Link
  • Internet Explorer 6 SP2 will no longer corrupt zip-files downloaded from Confluence — Unresolved Link

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