Release Notes 1.0.3

Confluence 1.0.3

Confluence 1.0.3 is another maintenance release, hopefully the last maintenance release we will need on the 1.0 branch before moving full steam ahead towards version 1.1. It fixes some bugs regarding the remote SOAP/XML-RPC API, the display of the 404 error page under Postgresql, and the display of the site's stylesheet under certain versions of Internet Explorer.

The Confluence development team are now working hard on 1.1, which will contain significant improvements and new features. Remember, a Confluence license entitles you to a year of upgrades, so if you buy 1.0.3 today, you'll be able to upgrade to 1.1 for no extra charge when the time comes.

See also: Issues Resolved for 1.0.3

Who should upgrade?

Confluence users should be running at least Confluence 1.0.2. Versions prior to 1.0.2 contain a bug that will cause their licenses to expire a month after the build date listed in the page footer, regardless of the true expiry date of the license. Versions 1.0.2 and later do not contain this bug. (Note: In the absence of this bug, only trial licenses ever expire. Purchased licenses for Confluence do not expire.)

All the issues that were resolved for this release are listed below. We have not snuck in any other changes: what you see here in the release notes is precisely what you will get. If you find something on the list that directly affects you, or that you feel justifies the effort of an upgrade, then do so. Otherwise, feel free to stick with 1.0.2

Upgrade Procedure

Confluence 1.0.3 contains no database or configuration file changes, so you should just be able to unpack it on top of your existing Confluence installation:

  1. Shut down the Confluence server
  2. Back up confluence/WEB-INF/classes/, and if you have customized it, confluence/WEB-INF/classes/osuser.xml
  3. Unpack Confluence 1.0.3 in the same location as your existing Confluence installation
  4. Restore the two files you backed up in step 1 to the 1.0.3 installation.
  5. Start Confluence

To avoid the possibility of data-loss, you should back up your ConfluenceHome directory and your database before upgrading, and perform a full backup from within the application.

Changes in 1.0.3

Global RSS Feed Fixes

The global RSS feeds found on the Dashboard page were not being generated correctly: an extra ')' was being added to the end of links. This has been fixed in 1.0.3

Page Not Found Fix for Postgresql

Users running Confluence against a Postgresql database were encountering a system error whenever someone attempted to visit a page that did not exist. This has been fixed.

Remote API Fixes

Several outstanding issues with the remote API that were holding back the TimTam client have been fixed. In addition a getVersion method has been added to allow client authors to determine which version of Confluence a server is running, and adjust their features to match. The full description of Confluence's remote API is here: Confluence XML-RPC and SOAP APIs

  • The WSDL file now respects the server's configured base URL, so SOAP can be used on servers that are behind a proxy.
  • getPermissions now recognizes when a user is in the confluence-administrators super-user group.
  • storePage handles re-parenting a page correctly
  • storePage will now allow a page to be renamed (all links to the page are automatically redirected)

Other Fixes

  • You can now comment on a blog post when the title contains non-US-ASCII characters
  • The bug that was causing some versions of Internet Explorer 6 to not display the site's stylesheet has been fixed
Last modified on May 27, 2016

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