Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Comments on pages or blog posts are displayed in one of two views:

  • Threaded: Shows the comments in a hierarchy of responses. Each reply to a comment is indented to indicate the relationships between the comments.
  • Flat: Displays all the comments in one single list and does not indicate the relationships between comments.

By default, comments are displayed in threaded mode. A Confluence Administrator (see Global Permissions Overview) can enable or disable the threaded view for the entire Confluence site.

To enable or disable the threaded view:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration
  2. Select Further Configuration in the left-hand panel
  3. Choose Edit
  4. Select or unselect the Threaded Comments checkbox to enable or disable threaded mode
  5. Choose Save


  1. Anonymous

    Is there a way to highlight a snippet of a paragraph in the page my team is working on, and leave a comment on that specific block as is done in Google Drive(Docs)?

    1. Sorry the above was me, I just hadn't made my documentation account yet..

      1. Hallo albert

        There's no way to do that with Confluence out of the box. Have you seen the Sticky Notes add-on?

        Cheers, Sarah

        1. as of 5.7 there is:

          unfortunatly not activated on this documentation platform

          Also I'm not sure where the documentation is ... see details on Commenting on pages and blog posts

          (warning) (question) unclear if it and how it is disable alike this old setting for normal comments described above


          another "competitor" well known in the past:

  2. x

    Can comments in Activity Streams be nested somehow? If not, is there something like an "inline comments" macro where I could display the threaded comment list on a page? I'm trying to create a discussion forum experience using Activity Streams and am very close, but the lack of threading is a problem.