Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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The Labels List macro displays a list of all labels within the current space. Each label in the list links to a page that displays all pages in the current space that contain that label. 

Using the Labels List macro

To add the Labels List macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros
  2. Find and select the required macro

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Using Autocomplete.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.


Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).

Parameter name



Parameter description and accepted values

Restrict to this Space Key


Current space

The key of the space whose labels you want to display.

Excluded label(s)
NoBlankThe labels that you do not want to appear in the list.

Code examples

The following examples are provided for advanced users who want to inspect or edit the underlying markup for a Confluence page. 

Macro name: listlabels

Macro body: None.

Storage format example

Wiki markup example



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  1. I am using Confluence 3.1 in which this macro appears to have one optional parameter, spaceKey, which enables to specify the space for which the list of labels should be generated. This should be perhaps included in the above documentation. Currently, it is possible to specify the spaceKey only for one space, but it would be a nice enhancement if the spaceKey can be specified for multiple spaces.

  2. Anonymous

    I would like to list the labels for all spaces.

    1. I have created a New Feature request for this. You can vote for it at

  3. Anonymous

    Is it possible to limit this to a parent key instead of space key?

    I have a parent page for around 90 Children Pages with different CC Procedures, its very important to separate those form the rest of the Space Labels, any chance of having this done? Or maybe someone can suggest a way around?



  4. Anonymous

    This is a very pretty macro! I would like to use it for a glossary. BUT it should not list labels but list the title of pages since every glossary entry will be a separate page. Is there a solution to this?

    Does anybody have experience with using confluence wiki as glossary?

    Thanks in advance!


  5. Anonymous

    This is a pretty neat macro. Am using it as an index.


  6. Anonymous

    Good Macro but it does not work when you click on one of the labels. The url is wrong.

    It says:
    but that does not work.

    What works is:

    Why does it add DES in there? Is there a way to fix this?


  7. Anonymous

    Is there a way to limit the list to the page the macro is on?

    To display the page's macros..


  8. Anonymous

    the macro only displays labels of pages not from attachments, right? I think it would be great if this lists the labels of attachments, too.

  9. Anonymous

    Yes, it's absolutely critical for my company's use that labels in use on attachments also show up in this!

  10. Anonymous

    Would it be possible to get an extension of this macro that allows for wildcards?  For example:


    And show all pages that have labels beginning with java? 



  11. Seconding a question back from 2010 -

    Is there a way to apply this to a specific page rather than an entire space? To clarify, I'd like to add this to a parent page with multiple children pages, displaying the labels associated with those children pages. 

    I don't see an option for this in the macro, but was hoping someone might have run into this scenario before and come up with a way to work around the issue.

    Or Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer] - do you know if this might be on the radar for a possible enhancement to the macro?

  12. Anonymous

    I can't get the "excludedLabels" to work. The excluded label(s) still appear in the list. I've tried with a single label and multiple labels. How should you specify multiple labels to exclude?

    1. I have just tried this out in Confluence 5.4.1 and it worked fine for me.  I added five labels to pages in the space (label1, label2, label3, label-4, label_5). In the labels list macro I specified the following in the Excluded labels field:

      These labels did not appear in the list.  label1 and label2 displayed correctly in the list. 

      Hope this helps. 

  13. Hi.

    Is there a way to show excerpts in the result page when clicking on a label of the labels list?

    Thanks in advance 

  14. Could this macro be edited to display the list view in A-Z order as mine appear to be not quite random but only the lower half of the list is in A-Z order which is very strange.

    1. Hi Andrew, I haven't been able to replicate your problem in Confluence 5.5.  Are they out of order within each column (e.g. within the A-B column) or all out of order? 

  15. I didn't see a response to the request for Label List to include attachments. Any word on that?

    Also, I am getting a label included in the list that I didn't use "file-list". When I click on it, there are no associated pages. Is it possible that it was used at some point prior and was never cleaned up when the last reference was deleted?