Page Tree Macro

The Page Tree macro displays a dynamic, hierarchical list of pages starting from a specified parent (root) page. It can act as a table of contents or a list of related topics. When viewing the page tree, your reader can click a link to view the relevant page. The page's current position is highlighted in the page tree.

Note: The Page Tree macro is used in the Confluence Documentation theme, to create a navigation panel showing a table of contents for your space. Read the instructions on Configure the Documentation Theme.

Using the Page Tree Macro

To add the Page Tree macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros
  2. Find and select the required macro

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Autocomplete for links, files, macros and mentions.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.

Click Refresh in the Macro Browser to see the effect of changes to the macro parameters.

Macro Parameters

Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).




Root Page

The home page of the space

Specify the parent page for the page tree. The tree will include all children of the given page, plus their children and grand-children etc. The tree will not include the root page itself.

Specify the page title or a special value as follows:

  • Your page title — to specify a page name for the parent or root of the tree. The tree will include all children and grand-children of the specified root. The tree will not include the specified root page itself.
  • '@home' — will include all pages under the home page of the space (default).
  • '@self' — will include all pages under the current page.
  • '@parent' — will include all pages under the parent of the current page, including the current page.
  • '@none' — will include all pages in the space, including orphaned pages and the home page.

Sort Pages By


Specify the order to display the pages in the tree. This sort order is for display purposes only. It does not permanently re-arrange the page order. The value may be one of the following:

  • bitwise — sort alphabetically, for example: title1, title10, title2.
  • creation — sort by date of creation.
  • modified — sort by order of date last modified.
  • natural — sort in 'natural' alphabetical order, for example: title1, title2, title10.
  • position — sort by the default Confluence sorting rules. If your pages have been ordered manually, this sort will respect the defined order. Otherwise the pages will be displayed in the 'natural' alphabetical order, such as: title1, title2, title10.

Include Excerpts in Page Tree


Select if you want the page tree to show excerpts from each page. The excerpts must be defined on each page by the Excerpt macro.

Reverse Order


Select to show the pages in reverse (descending) natural order. Must be used in combination with the Sort Pages By parameter.

Include Search Box above Page Tree


Select if you want to include a search box above the page tree. The search box allows your readers to search within the page tree for the specified value.

Show Expand/Collapse Links


Select if you want to display the 'expand all' and 'collapse all' links at the top of your page tree. Your readers can click these links to open or close all branches of the tree at once.

Available values in wikimarkup and storage format:

  • true – Show the 'expand all' and 'collapse all' options.
  • false – Do not show the options.

Start Depth


Enter any number greater than 0 to set how many levels of children the tree should show when it opens for the first time.

Code examples

The following examples are provided for advanced users who want to inspect or edit the underlying markup for a Confluence page. 

Macro name: pagetree

Macro body: None.

Storage format example

Wiki markup example

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88 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Benjamin Robinson

    The search parameter of this macro works well for me with one exception. When you search for some keywords, it seems the search box automatically inserts a word called ancestorIds, then the unique number of the root page, so that the search engine understand you only want to search the parent tree and its children for your keywords.

    However, the Did you mean feature consistently tries to correct ancestorIds and offers ancestoring. If I then click the Did you mean link, the entire search breaks because there are no parent or child pages called ancestoring.

    Does anyone have a solution so that I can use the pagetree search box and the Did you mean feature? I already tried creating a dummy page with the word ancestorIds on it so that Did you mean would not suggest ancestoring, but this didn't help.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    03 Jan 2009
  2. User avatar


    Hey everyone, the dummy page a created with the word ancestorIds on it did the trick! I guess the search index needed some time to absorb the page and its words.

    Anyway, now the Did you mean? feature does not automatically change ancestorIds and works great! Thanks.

    05 Jan 2009
    1. User avatar

      Shawn Stepper

      That worked for me too, but it really shouldn't be necessary...

      04 Nov 2010
    1. User avatar

      Dennis Kromhout van der Meer

      There is a bug logged for this here: CONF-21185.
      Please vote, comment and watch it to help our developers decide what to work on next. For more information on how Atlassian implements new features, bug fixes and improvements: Implementation of New Features Policy

      08 Nov 2010
  3. User avatar

    Benjamin Robinson

    Sorry, I posted that last commment anonymously by accident and also meant to say, "...the dummy page I created..."


    05 Jan 2009
  4. User avatar



    May be somebody knows if it possible have collapsed all pages as default display in treenaviogation, closed all branches of the tree when you open your space...... as here on this page.

    Thanks for help in advance!

    06 Mar 2009
    1. User avatar

      Henry Tiong [Atlassian]

      Hey there,

      You can use the startDepth parameter by specifying startDepth=0. E.g.

      {pagetree:root=Pagetree Macro|sort=natural|startDepth=0}
      The root page Pagetree Macro could not be found in space Confluence Latest.

      hope this will be of help,
      Henry CL Tiong

      13 Mar 2009
  5. User avatar

    Jacob Stensgaard


    Is it possible to have the children (one level) of a given page automatically expanded when the page is selected? Most of our users overlook that there are actually subpages present and we are forced to add the children macro to most pages.

    30 Mar 2009
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]

      Hi Jacob,

      As far as I know the current feature you requested is not available yet, however I found this might interest you:

      I have a suggestion; you might want to try "children" macro to show all the child pages. For more information on the children macro, please refer to this:

      Hope that helps.

      Best rgds,

      02 Apr 2009
      1. User avatar


        Hi, I completely agree with Jacob, that feature is much needed and after many hours of Google'ing I haven't been able to find anything on it. Having to re-expand a page every time after clicking on it is insane

        02 May 2012
        1. User avatar


          I want this exact same thing.  This is not how any standard navigation works.  For example, the navigation on the left of this very entry is doing the correct thing by expanding the navigation tree to where you are currently at.

          Where can we log a feature request or bug to fix this?

          05 Mar 2013
          1. User avatar


            This such a basic but highly needed feature. Add a checkbox somewhere:

            [ ] Show current page children in the Page Tree (Always auto-extend the current page in the left side Page Tree)

            27 Aug 2013
  6. User avatar

    Kevin Kempf

    Is it possible to use this macro to add a navigation panel to the Dashboard level? I know how to apply the navigation panel on the space level, but I have a feeling that this macro isn't intended to reveal the contents of every space from the top level.

    08 Apr 2009
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]

      Hi Kevin,

      Is it possible to use this macro to add a navigation panel to the Dashboard level?

      Yes, this is possible but not in a direct way. You will need to perform some extra steps (might be tedious):

      1. Create a page, say TreeA, with the {pagetree} macro in SpaceA (spacekey FOOA):
        h3. SpaceA
      2. Grant view permission to all users, so that everyone can see it in the dashboard
      3. Repeat the steps 1-2 for all other spaces
      4. Now in the Administration Console->Layouts->Global Layout, include all the above pages that you have just created:

      Hope that helps.

      Best rgds,

      09 Apr 2009
  7. User avatar

    Ken Emmanuel


    I have two instances of Confluence on the same machine, but the pagetree search function does not work in either. I get an "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error in my browser. I have a third instance of confluence on another machine, and it works ok in that, except it doesn't perform tree searches when I specify a parent page. It only works when it's a space wide search.

    Please help.


    18 May 2009
  8. User avatar


    Can I use the heading to created table of contents within the same page.....Wiki offers that ...?

    18 May 2009
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]


      Can I use the heading to created table of contents within the same page.....Wiki offers that ...?

      You might want to try the Table of content plugin. for more information please click on the link below:

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

      19 May 2009
  9. User avatar

    Bridget Maloney

    I noticed this week that in our wiki, instead of displaying the Pagetree, it is just displaying the text "Loading ..." and never actually loads. Any idea why this is? And how I can fix it?


    28 May 2009
    1. User avatar


      We had a simular problem, and it tured out to be a conflict between similar plugins
      Page Tree
      Vendor: BNP Paribas
      Plugin Version: 1.3
      Page Tree
      Vendor: Atlassian
      Plugin Version: 1.11

      check it from your Manage Plugins page and disable one.

      03 Aug 2009
    1. User avatar

      Suzie Reed

      I had that issue as well. I tried moving it to a different section of my page and then back again and it worked. A little clunky, but it is a simple work around.

      It looks like we only have one page tree plugin,

      07 Aug 2014
  10. User avatar


    IE, 7 and 8 choke bad on this plugin now. They appear to be refreshing the tree as quick as it can, and it never stops and displays the tree. It just says, "Loading..." as the browser thrashes refreshing the page....

    01 Jun 2009
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      This seems to be a problem for large spaces, perhaps, you may refer to this bug report. If it is not applicable, feel free to raise a support ticket for further investigation.

      11 Aug 2009
  11. User avatar

    Jeff Liu

    Is there any limitation on number of root-level pages can be displayed in the PageTree view? For example, if I have 1,000 pages in space root level, are all pages listed alphabetically in the tree view?

    26 Jun 2009
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]

      Hi Jeff,

      Is there any limitation on number of root-level pages can be displayed in the PageTree view?

      As far as I know, there is no specific number of page can be display in the PageTree view. I have personally tried
      to view 1086 number of pages using the PageTree macro and it works fine. However, you might also interested
      in the performance issue regarding pagetree macro in a large space:

      are all pages listed alphabetically in the tree view?

      As far as I know, I have also tested this and all pages is listed alphabetically in the tree view.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

      30 Jun 2009
  12. User avatar

    Heji Kim

    Hello. Is there any way to use the pagetree macro from one space to another? We have multiple engineering spaces and someone requested to have a consolidated page where all pagetrees are listed for each space.



    27 Jul 2009
    1. User avatar

      Heji Kim

      I got it using the "include" macro of course.

      27 Jul 2009
  13. User avatar

    eddie connatser

    Hi everyone!  I have an issue here.  I just used the UWC importer to bring in 356 pages to confluence.  I realized that when the pages were brought over from our old Twiki, they were not placed under the home page.  No problem, I just used the "@none" parameter to list pages using the pagetree macro. HOWEVER, for some reason, the pagtree macro is not displaying all of the pages.  I'd say I'm missing about 100-150 pages!  I made sure that all the pages were located in the same place. Is anyone else having this issue?

    21 Aug 2009
  14. User avatar

    Jesper Højgaard Pedersen


    Thanks for this very useful macro. I'm using it to make a navigation tree that spans several spaces similar to some of the comments above.

    I have three spaces and each space has an 'index' page that just contains a {pagetree}. In the Space Admin->Page Layout I've added something like

    There's one thing I can't seem to workout - is it possible to have the tree completely collapsed when using 'root=@none'?

    I have tried adding the parameter 'startDepth=0', but it only works when I'm on a page in one of the spaces that are being included in the navigation tree. I would like all 3 trees to be collapsed when viewing a page in a fourth space.

    Hope this makes sense!

    25 Aug 2009
    1. User avatar

      Sashidaran Jayaraman [Atlassian]

      Hi Jesper,

      The value for startDepth parameter should be greater than 0. I have tried to reproduce the situation you described and I managed to achieve what you require through the use of {include} macro that basically calls the Index pages in a page. However, when used in the Custom Page Layout, this behaviour is not the same anymore. I guess this is the problem you are having too. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      If my understanding of your issue is correct, you might want to raise a feature request at and describe in detail how you require this feature to work. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page.

      If you feel that I am not addressing your issue, kindly raise a support ticket to, so that your issue can be further investigated. Also, please provide the following:

      1. Wiki markup used for the above issue
      2. The system information page. You can obtain the page by accessing the http://<path-to-confluence>/500page.jsp
      3. Screenshots that illustrate the problem.

      Hope that helps.


      25 Aug 2009
  15. User avatar


    Any recommendations on an easy way to modify this macro to show all pages in a site?  My audience would like more of a sitemap, and this macro would work well, but needs to show more than space-specific pages.

    12 Sep 2009
    1. User avatar

      Corey Hampton

      I'm not 100%, but you might be able to modify the layout of the Dashboard and then include the pagetree macro on the Dashboard page itself.  If you set the root to the Dashboard it might give you all of the pages.  Not sure, just a thought.

      27 Nov 2009
  16. User avatar

    Corey Hampton

    Does anyone know what CSS file, or the style name that is used for highlighting the page name?  It's bold right now, but I would like to change it so it stands out a little more, but I don't know what style is being used.


    21 Sep 2009
    1. User avatar

      Tim McDougall

      If you want to make changes to the CSS, I would highly recommend downloading Firebug, a free plugin for Firefox. It allows you to inspect the CSS of any page.

      It looks like each element is added with a unique ID, but you should be able to modify the formatting of the entire pagetree by using the 'div.plugin_pagetree' selector.

      23 Oct 2009
    1. User avatar


      Hi Corey,

       The styling is applied via the javascript for the plugin, the pagetree-resources.js file to be precise. I haven't figured out how to access this, but if I do, I'll let you know how I did it.

      20 Jul 2011
  17. User avatar


    Currently (As seen on this page as well) the title (name) of the page is align to the left and apear above the Navigation Tree
    Is is possible to 'Push' the title of the page to the right so it will be aligned with the Body of the page and at the same time push the Navigation Tree to the top

    19 Nov 2009
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]


      Currently (As seen on this page as well) the title (name) of the page is align to the left and apear above the Navigation Tree
      Is is possible to 'Push' the title of the page to the right so it will be aligned with the Body of the page and at the same time push the Navigation Tree to the top

      I think this can be achieve by some customisation in the Layout. I have actually created an example shown below please give it a try:

      1. Create a test space (lest name it "testSpace")
      2. Edit the page layout via space admin >> Layout
      3. Replace all with the code with the following code:
      4. Save the changes

      NOTE: make sure that the page contain the page tree is having the name TreeNavigation

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

      20 Nov 2009
      1. User avatar


        Hi Zed
        Amost perfect... :-)
        The NavigationTree and the Content of the page are aligned as expected.
        Howevere the entire page (Navigation and Body) are on the left of the "Edit", "Add" , "Tool" menu bar.

        Is ther e a way to put the Title(Name) of the page and the Menu (Edit", "Add" , "Tool") on the same row and have the entire "body" of the document under this row so I will not loos the screen space under the menu.?

        Somthing like:
        <td> Navivation Tree </td>
                 <td> Page Name </td>
                 <td> Menu (Edit, Add, Tools) </td>
                 <td colspan=2> Page Body </td>

        Thanks for your help

        23 Nov 2009
  18. User avatar


    I am using the pagetree macro in a navigation sidebar.  Is there a way to get the tree to stay expanded as you navigate between different pages.  We have had complaints that the expanded nodes of tree collapse when you navigate to a new page.  The users would like the tree to stay in the same expanded state as when they were browsing the tree.

    22 Jan 2010
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      When moving between pages, the macro will only expand the current tree and highlight the current page. If you would like this behaviour to be extended to achieve your requirements, you might want to vote for this request.

      25 Jan 2010
  19. User avatar



    I'm trying to add a pagetree to the layout below the edit/tools/etc box on the right hand side of the page. So I added



    to main.vmd, but all I get is the following error:

    Error formatting macro: pagetree: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Are there any restrictions on where the pagetree macro can be included, or is there any other way to place a pagetree at that location?

    I'm using a theme, so I have to edit the theme's vmd file instead of using the built-in layout editor, but that should not really make a difference as far as I know.


    24 Jan 2010
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]


      I have a mere suggestion, you could try to use the include macro and the page tree macro combination. However, this will not work in the main.vmd but this method will work in Global Layout. To do so, please follow the steps shown below:

      1. First create a space called test space
      2. In the Home page of test space insert the following wiki makup
      3. Now apply the following code in the Global Layout:
        NOTE: You will need to change the <spacekey> and <page title> to the appropriate value for this case is test space and Home
      4. Save the changes.

      Hope that my suggestion will help.
      Best rgds,

      26 Jan 2010
      1. User avatar

        Thomas Wolff

        I don't understand this answer and would appreciate further help.

        I just upgraded from Confluence 3 to v. 4.2.10.

        The following in the LSB (left side bar) in the content of the Main layout worked fine in the dashboard and all pages in all spaces in v. 3:


        I found that using pagetree2 in v. 4.2 only worked on some pages; in others just didn't display any hierarchy or error message, 

        Therefore, I switched to pagetree, again in the LSB (left side bar) in the content of the Main layout. 


        Now it seems to work well in all spaces and pages except for the Dashboard, on which I get the familiar error message:

        Error formatting macro: pagetree: java.lang.NullPointerException

        What am I missing? How can I make it work on the Dashboard too? I have Adaptavist Theme Builder if some can help me use it to recognize the Dashboard so it works there too.


        19 Sep 2012
  20. User avatar


    I'm using Adaptivist theme builder, but when I use the pagetree macro i have lots of spacing and it doesn't display nicely like the menus here.

    I haven't adjusted any other font settings etc.

    Any ideas?

    26 Jan 2010
  21. User avatar

    Mark Lu

    How did you hide the icons in your TOC?

    27 Jan 2010
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      Hi, Mark. If I understand you correctly, the {toc} macro does not display content icons as what the {pagetree} macro does. They are different macros for different purposes, anyway.

      08 Feb 2010
  22. User avatar

    Thomas Kotzur


    i'm searching for option to expand a part of the TreeView with a click on a link but not on the "+"-Symbol.

    It gives any option to realize it?

    Many thanks.

    24 Mar 2010
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]

      Hi Thomas,

      As far as I know, the feature request is not available yet. You might want to raise a feature request in JIRA:

      Please add your comments to the discussion and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bare in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Best rgds,

      25 Mar 2010
  23. User avatar


    Is there a way to increase the font size of the page tree contents, I have this on the home page of a lot of the spaces and the recently updated macro seems to overpower it with size.  I have decreased the size of the recently updated macro but would like to increase the size of the page tree too.

    08 Apr 2010
    1. User avatar


      I've been playing around a little with CSS on the pagetree and was able to decrease the font size (you can certainly increase it too).  I am using the ThemeBuilder plugin and putting it in the custom CSS; however, it should work if you put it in Site Admin | Stylesheet -- it should take effect on every pagetree.

      Below is some CSS that you can paste in...good luck.

      /* Change link font and size */

      div.plugin_pagetree a {

         font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;



      /* Change link font color and background color when mousing over */

      div.plugin_pagetree a:hover {

         font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;





      /* Change the excessively large padding/margin sizing to something more reasonable. */

      div.plugin_pagetree ul {





      /* Style the LSB page tree */
      .atb-leftSidebar div.plugin_pagetree a {
         font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
      .atb-leftSidebar div.plugin_pagetree a:hover {
         font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
      .atb-leftSidebar div.plugin_pagetree ul {

      19 Apr 2010
  24. User avatar

    Mark Lu

    I think the pagetree macro would be even better if there was an option expand all the nodes (or n level of nodes) by default.

    If you agree, vote for the improvement at

    18 May 2010
  25. User avatar



    Is there a way to include the parent page at top of the tree when using this plugin?


    20 Aug 2010
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      Unfortunately, no. However, there is an existing feature request at PGTR-43 in regards to this requirement. Feel free to cast your vote!

      27 Aug 2010
      1. User avatar



        Basically, I have the same question.

        I noticed that the parent page is included on top of the page tree in the "Browse Space -> List Pages - Tree View". Is it possible to have the parent page in the page tree in the sidebar?

        Thanks in advance.




        12 Dec 2012
  26. User avatar



    Is there any possibility to change the appearance of the pagetree. For example I would like every page name shown as one line only. If the page name is longer than one line the user can show the full title in the tooltip.

    Any ideas?



    07 Feb 2011
    1. User avatar

      M. W.

      it's possible with the pagetree2 macro from the Theme Builder Plugin:

      02 May 2011
  27. User avatar


    Ahhh. What took me a while to figure out is that what gets displayed by the pagtree macro corresponds to the 

    List Pages - Tree View in terms of order. I was worried that I'd be trapped into having a table of contents (TOC) that only displays citems in alphabetical order. I'm glad I have control.

    However, I'm still unclear how I would get my TOC to include a link like the Index link at the end of the Confluence Documentation TOC. And in general I'd like some more discussion of ways to create an index.

    10 Feb 2011
    1. User avatar

      Hanna Nelson

      I figured it out:

      1. Add labels to your pages.
      2. In the space, click Browse > Labels, then select View > All Labels.
      3. Select the URL.
      4. In the Theme customization (Space Admin), Navigation area, add that link (with the text you want to appear) using wiki markup.

      Save and voila!

      05 May 2011
  28. User avatar

    Michael Rieger

    The example given above for "Showing Excerpts from Each Page" is not working if excerpts were created with Confluence 4. Pagetree displays the excerpts of pages created with Confluence 3 correctly. However nothing is rendered for pages created in Confluence 4.

    13 Sep 2011
  29. User avatar



    after installing Confluence 4.0, I have trouble with the excerpts from child pages of the root - As long as I'm not editing anything it works fine, but after editing some part of a child page (not the excerpt part), the page tree no longer shows the excerpt. Is this a known bug or what can I do against this?

    Thanks for your help!

    30 Sep 2011
    1. User avatar

      Michael Rieger

      Good to hear that I am not the only one needing the excerpt working in pagetree macro with Confluence 4 (smile)

      I have raised a bug for this behaviour:

      04 Oct 2011
  30. User avatar


    Is it possible to have more then 1 Page Tree macro in a page??

    My first Page Tree macro on the page works fine

    but the 2nd Page Tree macro on the page has the error "undefined"


    16 May 2012
    1. User avatar


      I am having the same problem. My second tree is less dynamic so I've settled for a handful of links for now.

      25 May 2012
  31. User avatar

    Dimitris Kotsilis

    In version 3.3.1, while trying to use the pagetree2 macro in the sidebar, it didn't work although it works fine in a page.

    On the other hand, pagetree works fine in sidebar too.

    I wanted to add to the sidebar a page tree of a second space (pagetree cannot do that), so I used the following suggested workaround:
    I added the pagetree macro in a page in the second space and I used the include macro in the sidebar.

    My question is why the pagetree2 doesn't work? Is there any known bug regarding pagetree2 in the sidebar?

    29 Aug 2012
  32. User avatar

    David Ochocinski

    I've noticed the pagetree macro does not show sub-pages that have restrictions placed upon them if the user is not logged in.  Ideally, it would show them,  but prompt for a username/password if and when the user tries to click on a page.  Am I doing something wrong?  Any suggestions?

    05 Oct 2012
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Hallo David

      This is by design, since page names can contain sensitive information. This behaviour follows the pattern of other Confluence functionality, where you will not see that a page or space exists if you don't have permission to view that page or space. (The exception is when an author puts an alias in a link – in that case, readers will see the alias but the link will be "dead".)

      Cheers, Sarah

      07 Oct 2012
  33. User avatar

    Rahul Savaikar


    I am unable to get the existing pages within the search results. For instance, if I search for an existing page name "Librarian Directory" (PS: the page has no view restrictions), the search page should provide me with some results.

    The search results show as:


    No results found for Librarian Directory. Please try one of the following suggestions:

    Use more general search terms
    If you are filtering by space, content, last modification date or contributor, try removing or adjusting the filter


    I also tried the Advanced Search but to no luck. The "Advanced Macros" plugin modules have been checked and everything seems to be fine.

    Any help is much appreciated!


    Rahul Savaikar

    15 Oct 2012
  34. User avatar

    Rahul Savaikar

    Oh..!! By the way, I use Confluence 4.2.4 - just FYI..


    Rahul Savaikar

    15 Oct 2012
  35. User avatar

    Eliane Pohl

    I cannot get the Expand/Collapse links to work. Can someone show me the proper format? ShowLinks=true isn't it.

    07 Feb 2013
  36. User avatar

    Hans-Hermann Hunfeld

    Is there a chance to change the default root parameter from @home to @self? For sure that can be done in each used macro, but this means more clicks than perhaps needed...

    22 Apr 2013
  37. User avatar

    Gary Pullis

    The tree will not include the root page itself.

    Sure would be nice if this was an option. Looks like there used to be a showRoot parameter. Could this come back?

    29 May 2013
  38. User avatar

    Roger Williams

    Very misleading/confusing to document a parameter name as "Start Depth" and then leave it the user to discover that is is actually "startDepth"  – why do you not specify the actual parameter name?

    07 Aug 2013
    1. User avatar

      Hans-Peter Geier

      I guess this could be a general comment, not just related to this macro.

      The parameter editor shows "friendly names", to make it easier to read and understand.

      This is fine for none-techies, e.g. for people which don't know the wiki language and/or don't want to bother with it.

      But for people which prefer to type the wiki syntax, they need to know the (exact!) internal parameter spelling.

      Since 4.0, Atlassian has dropped most of the documentation of the wiki syntax, so for authors which don't know the wiki syntax by heart, it's difficult to look it up. The 3.5 documentation pages may be the only place to find it?  (as long as Atlassian keeps it online)


      What I want to say, I think it is good to write "Start Depth" in the parameter editor, but there should be a quick and easy way to find the full syntax in the wiki-spelling.

      08 Aug 2013
    1. User avatar


      Similiar: excerpt=true

      02 Dec 2013
  39. User avatar

    kimberly anderson

    Is it possible to expand part of the navigation but not all of it. For example just show one section expanded while the other 2 are collapsed. We are using Confluence on Demand


    09 Jan 2014
  40. User avatar

    Jimmy P

    Hello, anyone know how to include "anchors" of pages in the page tree? This allows our larger page to be easily discoverable from the navigation tree.

    Example, Page A has 10 anchors. Currently, the navigation tree only shows one node "Page A". I would like it to show "Page A" with 10 children instead.

    This should be a common scenario as Apple's documentation used this approach.


    25 Jan 2014
  41. User avatar

    Adrian Reid [Atlassian]

    Hi Jimmy, you can't use anchors to display an element like a heading in either the page tree macro or the navigation tree in the left panel.

    If you want to display the page structure of a large page on a page like a contents page you could do the following:

    1. In the large page (page A), insert a ToC macro inside an Excerpt macro.
    2. In the contents page insert an Excerpt Include macro, with a link back to page A.

    Hope that helps.

    06 Feb 2014
  42. User avatar

    Sigrid Schoepel

    Is there a way to use this macro (or is there another one that would work) to display a page tree or list of all the child pages with a specific label that are under a certain top page?

    I have:

    Topic 1 (label: topic)

    Use case (label: use case)

    Use case 2 (label: use case)

    Topic 2 (label: topic)


    Use case 3 (label: use case)

    Use case 4 (label: use case)

    Sub-topic 2 (label: topic)

    Use case 5 (label: use case)

    On each high-level topic page like Topic 2 I'd like a list or table that shows all the child pages with the label "use case" and not the other sub-topic pages.

    How can I do that? (I'm an Atlassian newbie and not a programmer, so please don't tell me to write a macro.)

    Thank you!


    05 Aug 2014
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi Sigrid, sorry we don't have a macro that displays the page tree and also has a parameter for label.  There are macros that will only show pages with a particular label (such as the Content by Label macro), but that wouldn't work for the scenario you described above.  The tree / hierarchy based macros, like Children Display and Page Tree don't filter by label. 

      One work around would be to use a series of labels, for example "topic1-usecase", "topic2-usecase" and then you could use the content by label macro.   

      06 Aug 2014
  43. User avatar

    Robert Nadon

    With version 5.4.4, when there is a specific space listed,  and the page tree is moved across spaces it breaks and must be either redone or manually changed to reflect the new space.

    18 Aug 2014
  44. User avatar

    Dmitriy Setrakyan

    It would be nice to be able to differently highlight elements that have children vs elements that don't. Is there any way to add a new CSS class, e.g. "withChildren"?

    11 Sep 2014
  45. User avatar

    David Schmidt

    How can I override the page tree pages and links and hard code them myself for total customization? I see that there is the storage format example. How do I access this to configure it. I would like to have a page appear in multiple areas on the tree menu but still have the links go to a single page.

    24 Jan 2015
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi David,

      There's no supported way to do it, but you could try something like the Confluence source editor plugin if you like.

      26 Jan 2015
  46. User avatar

    Barry Raveendran Greene

    I'm trying the excerpt feature, but getting a full wiki markups displayed. For example, I'll get <strong>Existing Subscriber dashboard used to understand a specific user.</strong>.  Is this a bug or how it should be working?

    28 Jan 2015
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Barry,

      When I test it I get the same result, so I've raised a bug. You can watch it and comment if you like.

      CONF-36291 - HTML tags appear in excerpts using the page tree macro Resolved

      28 Jan 2015
      1. User avatar

        Barry Raveendran Greene

        Thanks for opening the bug. The workaround is just to use plain text, no markup. 

        30 Jan 2015
  47. User avatar

    Sebastian Kübler

    This macro will be ultra super if it have the option to display the headings of the child pages. I.e.

    • Child 1
      • Heading 1 from child 1
      • Heading 2 from child 1
    • Child 2
      • Heading 1 from child 2
      • Heading 2 from child 2
    • etc

    I tried a workaround with the excerpt include option and inserted the Table of Contents Macro inside an excerpt macro of the child page but the macro inside the macro don´t work. Output was only the macro code <ac:structured-macro ...

    28 Jan 2015
  48. User avatar

    Charney Kaye

    Hiya, I'm using Confluence 5.9.1-OD-60-234. I edit a page in a space called "Development" a.k.a. "DEV", to add a Page Tree macro with its Root Page set to point at a page in a different space called "Support" a.k.a. "SUP" with the title "Apples - Oranges - Bananas".

    Now, the page title auto-completes in the field while I'm editing the macro, and Confluence's own choice of exact value for the "root" field is "SUP:Apples - Oranges - Bananas"

    I save the macro, then save the page. But wait! When I see the new version of the page, the macro shows only an error, "The root page SUP:Apples - Oranges - Bananas could not be found in space Development."

    So whatever Confluence was trying to accomplish by pointing to the other space ("SUP:...") apparently is just getting ignored.  Any ideas?


    21 Jul 2015
    1. User avatar

      Giles Brunning [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi Charney,

      Looks like there might be a bug here. I tried it, and it seems to work if you delete the space key from the beginning of the page name. So, in your case, remove the 'SUP:' and save the macro. It worked in my case, so hopefully that works for you too.

      I'll raise a bug if there isn't one already.

      21 Jul 2015
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