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The RSS Feed macro embeds an RSS feed on a page. It can display the contents of external feeds, or of internal feeds generated by Confluence. To display blog posts or to list recently updated pages in a space, use the Feed Builder to create an internal feed, then render it using this macro.

CAUTION: Including unknown HTML inside a webpage is dangerous.

HTML inside an RSS feed can contain active scripting components. This means that it would be possible for a malicious attacker to present a user of your site with script that their web browser would believe came from you. Such code could be used, for example, to steal a user's authentication cookie and give the attacker their Confluence login password.

The RSS Feed macro may be disabled by your Confluence administrator. Also, your Confluence administrator can define a whitelist of trusted URLs. You will see an error message on the Confluence page, if the included URL is not in the whitelist.

Using the RSS Feed macro

To add the RSS Feed macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros
  2. Find and select the required macro

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Autocomplete for links, files, macros and mentions.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.


Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).






The URL of the RSS feed link you want to show.

Maximum Number of Entries


Limit the number of entries displayed.

Show Item Titles Only


Show only the titles of the news items, not the content.

Show Name/Title of RSS Feed


Hide the feeds title bar.

How up to date is the feed? 

By default, the RSS Feed macro caches the feed results for 60 minutes before fetching the data again.

If you wish to change the default caching, use the Cache macro to define how often the RSS Feed macro fetches the feed updates. You will need to install the Cache plugin onto your Confluence site.

What happens to a page containing a disallowed URL?

Your Confluence Administrator can set up a whitelist of allowed URLs. If this is the case, you may see an error on the pages which contain the RSS Feed macro.

A user can add the RSS Feed macro or the HTML-include macro to a Confluence page. The macro code includes a URL from which the content is drawn. When the page is displayed, Confluence will check the URL against the whitelist. If the URL is not allowed, Confluence will display an error message on the page.

The error message says that Confluence "could not access the content at the URL because it is not from an allowed source" and displays the offending URL. If the person viewing the page is a Confluence Administrator, they will also see a link to the Administration page where they can configure the URL whitelist.

Here is an example of the error message, including the link shown only to Confluence Administrators:

Here is an example of the error message, but without the link.


Private feeds from external sites

RSS feeds which require authentication cannot be accessed using the RSS Feed macro.

Accessing internal HTTPS feeds

This applies only to Confluence instances which have enabled HTTPS for all content. If your site is fully HTTPS, the RSS Feed macro cannot access internal feeds. To enable the RSS Feed macro to access internal feeds without affecting your HTTPS setup, enable local-only HTTP access:

  1. Shut down Confluence.
  2. Consult the SSL guide to enable HTTP access to Confluence. You'll want to ensure that you have an HTTP connector and an SSL connector, both commented in. This means that Confluence will be accessible via both HTTP and HTTPS. However, you should not have a redirect port, nor rules in web.xml to redirect all traffic.
  3. Instead of using web.xml to redirect traffic, insert a firewall rule to redirect all HTTP requests not from the Confluence server to the equivalent HTTPS URL. This ensures that users will only be able to access Confluence via HTTPS, as intended. If you have still left HTTP access for attachments enabled (to avoid the IE download bug) you must selectively enable those URLS as well.
  4. Modify your Confluence RSS Feed macro feed link to use the HTTP URL, and restart Confluence.

Enabling the RSS Feed macro

The RSS Feed macro is disabled by default.

To enable the RSS Feed macro:

  1. Go to  > Add-ons.
  2. Select System from the drop down and search for the Confluence HTML Macros add-on.
  3. Expand the add-on and enable the rss (rss-xhtml) module.

Code examples

Macro name: rss

Macro body: None.

Storage format example

Wikimarkup example

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33 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Gordon Rogier

    How can I add the username of the current user to an rss macro... not for authentication, but just as an identifier for the rss feed to look up their related records?? Eg. where username and username-email would be replaced with whomever is currently log into the wiki page.

    19 Apr 2009
    1. User avatar

      Arie Murdianto

      The urls in the rss macro is a url which is generated by the feeder. If your feeder support those urls then, rss macro will display as what rss feeder gives. Please consult to the owner of the site where you take the urls from for better clarification on what parameter that you can put. Please do note that rss macro is only responsible to download the rss data and displaying the data in Confluence page. What data that is displayed in Confluence page is really depending on the feeder.

      20 Apr 2009
  2. User avatar

    Adam Menter

    I'm trying to embed an RSS feed into the front page of my Confluence wiki. The display settings on this macro aren't as robust/functional as some of the other RSS readers available (i.e. Google Gadget Custom RSS). While experimenting with different RSS feed options, I tried embedding HTML script using the HTML macro. It looked great but there were two problems: 1) The script would disappear whenever I'd re-edit the page, and 2) I kept getting security warnings through IE.

    I'd love to be able to use this RSS macro or the Widget macro in some way, but I haven't quite found (I'd like to be able to show teasers and embed the feed in a self-contained box in page with other items). Any suggestions?

    18 May 2009
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      Hi, Adam. Sorry if this is a little late. In regards to the disappearing HTML, I believe that you are using the Rich Text Editor which is infamous of this known bug. Perhaps, you can create a special page for this section/feed and include it in your front page? You can also try the Widget Connector Macro to embed some Google Gadgets to your site.

      11 Aug 2009
    1. User avatar


      My work-around for the Rich text bug is to place the script in an html attachment file, and then reference that script in the html macro e.g.

      Unknown macro: {html}


      06 Aug 2010
  3. User avatar

    Nawaz Quadri

    Hi there!

    I am using RSS macro for displaying news. My requirement is to add one more colum which shows the date of posing the news (similar to blog-post macro). Can you please suggest, what should I modify in the rss.vm file to show the news posted date.

    Best Retards,

    Nawaz Quadri

    28 Jul 2009
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      Hi Nawaz,

      I am afraid that this will require some changes in the class, not just the .vm files. Feel free to raise a feature request at the plugin's issue tracker if you are keen on it.


      04 Aug 2009
  4. User avatar

    Roxy Martinez

    I am trying to embed a JIRA 4.0 project specific RSS feed in a Confluence page.  Even though the content is displayed, so is the HTML markup associated with each item in the feed. I have been able to display content from other RSS feeds just fine.  Other macros such as the [jiraissues] macro work fine between Confluence and JIRA. I am not sure if it has to deal with authentication issues or if there may be some kind of limitations to doing this?

    The macro I am using is formed like this:


    Tthe output becomes:

    <a href=''>Roxanne</a> commented on <a href="">MYPROJECT-1</a> (someone broke my project)
    Roxanne commented on MYPROJECT-1 (someone broke my project) saying:It wasn't my fault!

    01 Feb 2010
    1. User avatar

      John Masson

      Hi Roxy, we're having the same issue now... Although we'll probably just use a gadget to get around it, would be nice to know how to fix... Did you ever get anywhere with it?

      17 Jan 2011
    1. User avatar

      Travis De Silva

      We have the identical problem. did you solve this issue?



      17 Jan 2011
  5. User avatar


    Hi. I'm trying to embed an RSS feed from the Reuters Photographers Blog but I get the error that it is not an "allowed source". What's the procedure for getting it allowed?



    16 Feb 2010
    1. User avatar


      16 Feb 2010
      1. User avatar

        Sashidaran Jayaraman [Atlassian]

        Hi Mike,

        I believe you are encountering the situation described here. In order to resolve this, kindly configure the whitelist.

        Hope this helps.


        18 Feb 2010
        1. User avatar


          Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

          18 Feb 2010
  6. User avatar


    Hi there - I was wondering whether there is a quick solution for aggregating multiple RSS feeds into the one feed for display on a Confluence page?

    I noticed that an earlier version of Confluence had a RSS Aggregator Plugin - is something similar available/planned for version 3.1?

    Clayton Wehner

    19 Feb 2010
    1. User avatar

      Sashidaran Jayaraman [Atlassian]

      Hi Clayton,

      Unfortunately, the RSS Aggregator macro Plugin is not supported in Confleunce 3.1. Perhaps you could contact the plugin author to get some updates on the plugin. Also feel free to raise a feature request at and describe in detail how you require this feature to work. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


      23 Feb 2010
  7. User avatar

    Thomas Bey

    Is there away to make a rss ticker? Like ones used on nasdaq or nyse?

    18 Mar 2010
  8. User avatar


    Hey Thomas ,

    Im doing the same , Im using a free RSS ticker but the issue Im having is exporting my confluence page as RSS , any one know how ?


    08 Apr 2010
  9. User avatar


    Hi, all:

    When I try to use the RSS macro I get the following error:

    Unknown cacro:

    I'm using Confluence 3.3.

    Can anyone advise?

    Thank you,


    12 Aug 2010
    1. User avatar


      excuse me:

      "Unknown macro: [rss]" (excpet with curly brackets)

      12 Aug 2010
      1. User avatar


        I'm using the following code:

        12 Aug 2010
  10. User avatar


    can the RSS content be integrated in the search index ? 

    09 Nov 2010
  11. User avatar


    Hi All,

    I integrate the Feed of my company page at Facebook with this Macro. The problem ist, that Facebook is missing the base URL in the links provided by the feed:

    instead of the correct:

    Is there any chance to configure this macro to "auto-add" the base URL to the provided links?

    And another question: Can I force Confluence or this macro to open all external links in a new browser tab?



    10 Dec 2010
  12. User avatar


    Is it possible to change the width of a external (web) RSS feed?

    28 Jun 2011
  13. User avatar


    I get an error with the text:

    rss: org.apache.commons.httpclient.ConnectTimeoutException: The host did not accept the connection within timeout of 10000 ms

    Anyone know what that's about?

    30 Aug 2011
    1. User avatar

      Michael O'Neill

      Gak! I'm anonymous. :)

      30 Aug 2011
  14. User avatar


    WTF is going on, with this Wiki documentation ?   I see "Show Item Titles Only"  ,  but  I do not see the actual  attribute that I need to type, into Wikitext.
      I am wasting time on this product,   trying things,  trying things that should just bloody well be spelled out, in this document. (This is all through, the documents, online).


    20 Apr 2012
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Hallo there anonymous

      My apologies for this gap in the documentation.The macro names, parameter names and values were removed at the time of the Confluence 4.0 release, when wiki markup was no longer the storage format. This was a mistake.

      I'm working on fixing the problem. See this issue: CONF-24972

      In the meantime, you can find the parameter and value names in the Confluence 3.5 documentation, which still refers to wiki markup: Recently Updated Macro.

      Cheers, Sarah

      10 Aug 2012
  15. User avatar



    I am trying to embed an RSS feed into one of my confluence pages using:


    However, I am getting these errors. What is going wrong and how can I get the RSS feeds to display on the page correctly? 

    Error Messages

     rss: Unable to retrieve Could not download: - org.apache.commons.httpclient.ConnectTimeoutException: The host did not accept the connection within timeout of 10000 ms
     rss: Unable to retrieve Could not download: - org.apache.commons.httpclient.ConnectTimeoutException: The host did not accept the connection within timeout of 10000 ms
    29 Oct 2012
  16. User avatar


    I get this error message on my rss feeds. Does anyone know what the problem is?

    Error rendering macro 'rss' : org.apache.commons.httpclient.ConnectTimeoutException: The host did not accept the connection within timeout of 10000 ms

    Many thanks


    30 Jan 2013
  17. User avatar

    Carlos Moya

    Hi there!

    I'm getting the same problem

    Error rendering macro 'rss' : org.apache.commons.httpclient.ConnectTimeoutException: The host did not accept the connection within timeout of 10000

    Any news?


    31 Jan 2013
  18. User avatar


    Is it possible to include other paramenters in the macro that a rss feed contains, such as the date posted.  This would be vital for our feeds.  Or can you suggest a way of including it?



    15 Nov 2013
  19. User avatar

    David Hayman

    Is there any way to display more than 15 entries? While this page states that 15 is the default, setting the number higher doesn't seem to have any effect.

    Thanks in advance. 

    02 Jul 2014
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