Add, Remove and Search for Labels

Labels are key words or tags that you can add to pages, blog posts and attachments. You can define your own labels and use them to categorise, identify or bookmark content in Confluence.

For example, you could assign the label 'accounting' to all accounts-related pages on your site. You can then browse all pages with that label in a single space or across the site, display a list of pages with that label, or search based on the label.

Because labels are user-defined, you can add any word that helps you identify the content in your site.

You can also apply labels (known as categories) to spaces, to help organise your Confluence spaces. See Use Labels to Categorise Spaces.

Label a page or blog post

Any user with permission to edit a page can add labels to it. Any existing labels appear at the bottom-right of the page, below the page content.

To add a label to a page or blog post:

  1. Go to the page choose the edit icon  beside the list of labels or press L on your keyboard
  2. Type in a new label (existing labels are suggested as you type)
  3. Choose Add

If you're editing or creating a page, and you want to add labels, choose the label icon at the top of the page.

Label an attachment

  1. Do either of the following:
    • Go to the page that contains the attachment and choose Go to > Attachments
    • Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools from the bottom of the sidebar, then choose Attachments
    You'll see a list of attachments, with any existing labels listed in the Labels column.
  2. Choose the edit icon  beside the list of labels and type in a new label (existing labels are suggested as you type)
  3. Choose Add

You can also add labels in a list of attachments displayed by the Attachments macro, by choosing the edit icon  beside each label.

(info) If you add one or more labels to a template, that label will be copied to the page when someone adds a page based on that template. See Creating a Template.

The Labelled content page

If you're viewing a page or post that has labels or displays the Attachments macro, you can choose any label to go to the Labelled content page for the space. Choose Popular Labels or All Labels from the cog at the top-right – to view the most-used labels or all labels in the space – or choose See content from all spaces from the cog to view labelled content from all spaces in your Confluence site.

Screenshot: The Labelled content page

The Popular Labels option displays a word cloud, where the bigger a label is displayed, the more popular it is. Choose any label to view content tagged with that label. 

You can also navigate to the labels view for a space by entering the following URL (replace SPACEKEY with the space's key):

  Is the space using the Documentation theme?

If the space is using the Documentation theme, access the Labelled content page by choosing Browse > Labels

Search by label

You can use the 'labelText:' prefix to search specifically for content that has a specific label. For example, if you're looking for pages with the label 'chocolate', type labelText:chocolate into the search field in the Confluence header. For more examples of searching by label, see Confluence Search Syntax.

Search for labelled pages using a URL

Entering a URL with an appended label or labels is another way to search for pages with particular labels.

In your browser's address bar, enter the following URL and press enter: http://<>/label/foo+bar

The Labelled content page will load, showing search results for pages with the both labels, 'foo' and 'bar'. Replace 'foo' and 'bar' with the label(s) you want to search for, and separate multiple labels with a + symbol.

Adding a label to your results:

Once you're on the Labelled content page, you can add more labels to your search by choosing them from the Related Labels list at the top-right of the page. Each label is listed with a plus (+) sign.

If you want to remove labels from your search, locate the included labels at the top of the page and choose the label(s) you want to remove. Each included label will be listed with a minus (–) sign.

Remove labels

When viewing page, blog post, or attachment labels, an x appears alongside each label. Choose the x to remove the label.

If you have deleted pages that contain a label, you may need to purge the deleted pages from the space's trash to ensure that the label disappears too.

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44 Archived comments

  1. User avatar

    Emils Endele


    I wanted to know is there a way to filter by multiple labels.

    What I am looking for is change the way how related labels are handled. Basically when I click on a related label I want search to return results that include both labels and not just the related one.

    Is there any plugin that can do it or a way to enable it by default?

    tnx in advance 

    18 Feb 2008
    1. User avatar

      Choy Li Tham

      Hi Emils,

      Unfortunately, Confluence does not provide this feature currently and there is no plugin/macro that I can think of to fulfill your request. Perhaps, you may want to give a try to search for other plugins in our Confluence Extension space which might meet your requirement.

      If the above is not an option to you, I have found a similar feature request which stated to filter by multiple labels in Confluence at the following:

      If you are keen on this feature, please do cast your vote to increase its popularity and add yourself as a watcher to the issue above for future updates. Also, feel free to add comments to the feature to reflect the importance of this feature.

      Choy Li

      19 Feb 2008
      1. User avatar

        Emils Endele

        hi Choy Li,

        Thanks for the info. I looked at some extensions but couldn't find anything that suited the best. However the link to JIRA seems promising. it shows that feature is scheduled for 2.8 version, so it is something to look forward to.


        19 Feb 2008
  2. User avatar

    Greg Flanagan

    Does anyone have suggestions for multi-word labels?

    meeting notes

    10 Mar 2008
    1. User avatar

      Choy Li Tham

      Hi Greg,

      I have found an improvement request, which is currently being tracked at the following link:

      The improvement request above stated that Confluence should support the functionality of multi-word labels. Additionally, there are workaround suggested within the improvement request that you might want to give a try such as using "meeting_notes" and "meeting-notes". Meanwhile, if you are keen on this improvement, feel free to cast a vote to increase its popularity and add yourself as a watcher. Also, you may want to add a comment to the improvement request to share your concern regarding this issue with the participant within the improvement request.

      Choy Li

      11 Mar 2008
    1. User avatar


      I believe using underscore character is the best.

      05 May 2011
  3. User avatar


    Can you guys add the JIRA buglist for labels directly on this page - I think if Altassian did that for all its pages it would greatly reduce questions and focus the activity on the features/bugs

    23 Apr 2008
  4. User avatar

    Joe Benfield

    Is there a way to feed specific page content or form variables into the labels field?

    05 Feb 2009
    1. User avatar

      Azwandi Aris [Atlassian]

      You might want to check out the Label Tools Plugin which provides a macro to enable automatic labelling

      17 Feb 2009
      1. User avatar


        Do you know if Label Tools is compatible with Confluence 3.1/3.2?

        25 Jun 2010
  5. User avatar

    anthony hornby

    Is it possible to bulk edit / bulk merge labels in confluence 3.0?

    Specifically I want to be able to clean up labels in the wiki from time to time and cascade change this for all labelled pages (we will have a large site and editing them all by hand isn't feasible).

    e.g. some staff have labelled things "project" and others "projects"  how do we merge these into "project" and update all labelled pages/bookmarks?

    Alternately we decide a label is just not needed - how do we get rid of it from all content in one go?

    If this can only be done at the database level currently I am interested in knowing how that would be done (what database tables are affected / any caveats or things to be wary of.

    We want to make sure that the labelling stays ordered and doesn't get out of hand as we intend to use labels to group and order content a lot.

    All help appreciated :-)

    Regards Anthony

    16 Sep 2009
    1. User avatar


      Any response to this? I too am interested in bulk editing labels, for example, in a manner similar to managing a gmail label.

      30 Nov 2011
    1. User avatar

      Jeremy "Sparky" McKenzie

      I also am interested in this.

      14 Aug 2013
    1. User avatar

      Martin Cleaver [Blended Perspectives]

      The lists feature of Comalatech Ad hoc Canvas can merge labels. See


      28 Nov 2013
    1. User avatar

      Stephen Deutsch

      I also wanted to be able to rename/merge/delete multiple labels, so I ended up writing a user macro to implement it. Since it is a user macro, it is only available for download instances. You can find it here by clicking on "label management tool", "label management tool.vm", and then copying and pasting into the User Macro field (you can name it anything you like, and I would recommend choosing the "Visible only to system administrators" option).

      It only does basic rename/merge/delete (Confluence-wide or space-wide), and it should work on all versions of Confluence 5, and probably on 4. Once you change/delete a label, there is an option to undo, but only one at a time. I have tried to test thoroughly, but I'm not 100% sure it will work on every configuration. Please test before using it on important labels!

      For more information on how to enter user macros, see the Atlassian documentation. If there are any other issues, let me know.

      28 Apr 2014
  6. User avatar



    Can we make labels mandatory when creating a page.  We have some of the spaces wanting to use this feature.

    30 Jul 2010
    1. User avatar

      Zed Yap [Atlassian]


      I have a mere suggestion, you might want to create a space template with labels. During creating a new page just use the space template. To learn more on how to create the page template, please refer to the following documentation:

      Hope that helps.

      04 Aug 2010
  7. User avatar

    Daniel Knecht

    Is there a way to enforce using tag name spaces / fix prefixes?

    Like "my:" prefix is used for personal tags, it could be useful to have prefixes "customer:", "project:", "technique:", "skill:", etc. to allow multiple categories where tags can be used in different context.

    E.g. I could have on my personal page a list of tags describing my skills using the skill-prefix, for example "skill:hibernate, skill:java, skill:wicket, skill:struts, ..." and a project could be tagged with a list of techniques being used like "technique:java, technique:db2, technique:esb, ...".

    Such namespaces would allow to search independent for people with a certain skill and projects utilizing a certain technique even when same tags is used (skill:java vs. technique:java)...

    So, is it possible to do this?



    24 Nov 2010
  8. User avatar

    Thomas Fritz

    Is it possible to enhance the existing label system in Confluence with a plugin?

    What we want to do is to add some label suggestions to the existing ones. This should also be possible if on is using the autosuggest input field. Therefore we have to get the pages text, send it to a remote Web Service.

    If it is not possible to modify or enhance the existing internal labelling system - is it otherwise possible to modify the default page template from a plugin to add a completly new input field?

    Kind regards

    01 Jun 2011
    1. User avatar

      Edwin Dawson [Atlassian Technical Writer]

      Hi there Thomas,

      Unfortunately I can't help you with questions about developing new Confluence plugins.

      For more information, why not post a question under Confluence development topics on Atlassian Answers or create a feature request on our issue tracker for the Confluence developers?

      Alternatively, you could always open a support request at, where our support engineers will be able to get back to you quickly.

      I hope this helps.

      Best Regards,

      Edwin Dawson
      Technical Writing Team Leader

      07 Jun 2011
  9. User avatar

    Chris Rutledge

    In 2.9x, it appears that personal labels are not used to affect searches. I created personal label "montypython" and applied it to a page. When I used montypython as a search term, no results were found.

    The wording in the 3.5x documentation is a bit ambiguous regarding this feature, but it looks like personal labels may be able to be used as search terms in that version. Is this the case?

    05 Jul 2011
  10. User avatar


    I'd like a feature where I could highlight a word in the text and make it a label.

    01 Sep 2011
  11. User avatar

    Daniel Samuels


    Is there a way to make it so certain labels are linked - so if I add label A, label B will also be added automatically. Basically we have a large label database and we are finding that many things are called slightly different things by different people and so we were hoping to clean this up by linking them so they come up together on a page. 

    Any thoughts?



    02 May 2012
  12. User avatar

    Bob Worobec

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a way to automatically apply a label to all sub-documents of a given document. For example, if Status Updates is a  document at the top level of a Confluence Space, I'd like all Child Pages created under the Status Updates page to have the label status_update applied automatically.

    Anyone know of a way to do this?

    Thanks in advance.

    05 Nov 2012
    1. User avatar

      Ryan Anderson [Atlassian]

      Bob WorobecBob Worobec - there is no way to do this in Confluence out-of-the-box.

      You may want to create a feature request on our public issue tracker:

      Ad Hoc Canvas, an add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace, may be helpful managing your labels in Confluence:

      08 Nov 2012
  13. User avatar


    Is there any way to hide labels from users? I want to use labels to track certain pages, but I don't want that label to display on the page for most users.

    Thank you.

    19 Nov 2012
  14. User avatar



    The label field appears when raising a bug, I assumed that if this field appears then the user can create a search for bugs that use a particular label. For example, when raising a bug I create a label called 'test'. I would then like to go to issue navigator and search for all bugs containing the label 'test'. However when trying to create a search, I try to select the 'label' field using the 'more criteria' field however I find that I am unable to select and therefore search on the 'label' field.

    04 Jan 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Hallo there

      It sounds as if you're working with JIRA, not Confluence? If so, here's the JIRA documentation on labels:

      Cheers, Sarah

      06 Jan 2013
  15. User avatar

    Uday Kumar


    If the page is creted, how aboutadding the space name as one of the label to the page.

    Is there any way to do that.


    11 Jan 2013
  16. User avatar

    Uwe Kluge

    I'm just wondering that Atlassian sets the personal labels concept to deprecated:

    We are using personal labels to make our CF dashboard more personalized (bookmarks, page favourites adjustable per user).This is working fine even if there are some bugs (e.g. personal labels will be removed if the content is updated by someone other).

    So please tell me why Atlassian decided to drop this feature?

    And will there be any successor for this concept (Confluence's page favourites rely on this too)?

    Thank you in advance!


    20 Feb 2013
    1. User avatar

      Sarah Maddox [Atlassian]

      Hallo Uwe

      Thanks so much for telling us how you use personal labels. It's useful to know of real use cases for the feature. I'll forward this comment to the Confluence product managers for their input.

      Cheers, Sarah

      20 Feb 2013
      1. User avatar

        Uwe Kluge

        Hello Sarah Maddox [Atlassian],

        the Atlassian support recently adviced me to upgrade our wiki to CF 5.x. One of the biggest problem (w/o any further analysis) would be how to cope with the dropped personal label feature since some solutions in our wiki rely on that.

        So my question to you is if there is any feedback from your product managers regarding my input one year ago?

        Best regards, Uwe

        06 Jan 2014
  17. User avatar

    Alex Pylaev


    How can I do searching for label without labelText: ?

    23 Sep 2013
    1. User avatar


      I have the same need. I want to be able to find all pages in a space that are not labeled. One way that might work is if there were a way to apply a label to all pages in a space. If all pages had a <spacename> label, then we could use the current labeling functionality to find those pages that have the <spacename> label only (and not the others). Then we could add the appropriate label to each of those pages.

      16 Oct 2013
  18. User avatar

    Daniel Housley

    It would be great if we could force users to comply to adding labels to new pages... non labelled pages really are frustrating.

    27 Sep 2013
  19. User avatar

    Carter Le


    Is it possible to write a script to change the label of a page or properties macro?  I want to be able to easily change a label from active to complete with a click of a button. 


    18 Nov 2013
  20. User avatar


    Is it possible to label a word instead of a whole page? I want to label certain words throughout an entire space. Then when I use "content by label," I want it to list / link to the various words throughout the whole space (not the name of the page). I guess I'm thinking along the lines of tags... or like an index (but manually choosing the topics, rather than allowing the index macro to automatically grab every single heading).

    27 Nov 2013
  21. User avatar

    Darryl Winder

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question but...

    is there any way to apply a label to a page and all its children ? I'm looking for some way to conveniently show all the changes of a chunk of related content that is too much for a single page. "recently updated" does the trick IF all the pages have the same label.


    Maybe a bridge too far but would be great if a tag can be locked to a particular version of the page (a la source control tools like git/svn) so the appropriate version of the child for a particular version of the parent is obvious (smile)

    18 Dec 2013
  22. User avatar

    Vamsi K Nori


    I am facing issues with Labelling in Confluence. I am using 5.5 version. Starting 5th June 2014, whatever labels i am creating are not rendering properly when i am using the "Content bY Label" macro. All the labels created prior to that are rendering properly but not the new ones. 

    Also whatever pages i am creating new, from the above mentioned date, the auto prompt feature is not working properly when i am searching for them. The older files are working fine. 

    What can be the issue here? 

    12 Jun 2014
    1. User avatar

      Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]

      Hi Vamsi, I haven't been able to replicate your problem. Could you contact support who will help you troubleshoot the issue. 

      13 Jun 2014
  23. User avatar



    is it possibile to "fix" some labels?

    I would like to allow the users to remove only labels that they have created themselves (with a template in which I put the add-label macro). The template add some labels automatically (using the "add page via form") and I would like to keep them.

    Thanks for your time!



    02 Dec 2014
  24. User avatar

    Michael Gould

    Is there any way to update a page without annihilating the label(s) that might be different on previous versions of the page? It would be great if they didn't disappear, as pointing to specific page versions across time becomes much easier when you can use the label functionality as a versioning tool.

    Currently, the "labels" tag appears at the bottom of the versioned pages, but it is always empty UNLESS you manually add them, and then they are summarily deleted when the page undergoes a new save.

    03 Dec 2014
  25. User avatar

    Angela Feng [Atlassian]


    It looks like the Marco (page properties report) doesn't pull up the latest reports - I tagged each report by labels but it doesn't not seem to work well when I am pulling multiple labels. Any thoughts?




    14 Aug 2015
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