Release Notes 1.4.3

Confluence 1.4.3 is a maintenance release that resolves some issues users may have encountered using previous Confluence 1.4 releases. 1.4.3 introduces a new SOAP service provider, and fixes issues related to incoming link tracking, notifications management, serving resources from dynamically loaded plugins, and much more.1.4.3 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased their Confluence license after August 17th, 2004.

Who should upgrade?

Confluence 1.4.3 is a bugfix release. While Atlassian recommends customers always run the most recently available stable Confluence release, customers should consult the list of issues resolved to decide whether it is worth their while upgrading.

Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading Confluence should be pretty easy. If you are upgrading from Confluence 1.4 to 1.4.2, you can find instructions here. We strongly recommend that you backup your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading!

If you are upgrading from Confluence 1.3.6 or earlier, be sure to read the upgrade instructions in the Confluence 1.4 release notes.

Changes in 1.4.3

See also: Issues Resolved for 1.4.3

Remote API Changes

Confluence now ships with an second SOAP provider running Apache Axis, alongside the existing Glue SOAP provider. This is the first step towards migrating entirely to Axis as our sole SOAP provider over the next few major Confluence releases. If you use Confluence's SOAP API, you should read this document for information about the migration process and timeframe.

All SOAP clients that worked with Confluence 1.4.2 will continue to work with Confluence 1.4.3 with no change.

Other changes made to the remote API:

  • A condition under which SOAP faults could be masked by HTML error pages on some application servers was resolved. (CONF-3043)
  • Deleting a page via the remote API now places that page in the trash. (CONF-3403)
  • Adding space level permissions to a user through the remote API now works as expected. (CONF-3596)

Other Changes and Fixes

  • A bug that would cause a page's most recent editor to change when the page was previewed has been fixed (CONF-3424)
  • A bug that could cause a page's incoming links not to be displayed has been fixed (CONF-3509)
  • A bug that could cause "Watch this space" not to function has been fixed (CONF-3510)
  • A bug that could cause Confluence to run out of available file descriptors when exporting a space has been fixed (CONF-3517)
  • A bug that could cause an email notification to be sent regarding a page that was restricted by page-level permissions has been fixed (CONF-3573)
  • The attachment upload form in the "Insert Image" is more robust against error (CONF-3677, CONF-3676)
  • Searching for a page in the Parent Page Picker Popup now functions as expected (CONF-3364)
  • Deleting a user now correctly deletes their email notifications (CONF-3619)
  • Restoring a page from the trash now re-adds that page's comments to the search index (CONF-3564)
  • Attachment links are now not rendered if the user can not view the attachment due to page level permissions (CONF-3553)
  • The list of recently edited pages in a user's profile is now more accurate (CONF-2430)
  • Plugins uploaded through the web interface can now correctly serve downloadable resources (CONF-3387)
  • The {recently-updated} macro and recent blogs pages now work under JDK 1.5 (CONF-3528, CONF-3601)
  • The {section} macro's "border" property now works correctly (CONF-3736, CONF-3433)
  • The {noformat} macro now has a "nopanel" parameter that will suppress drawing a background or border (CONF-3656)
  • Several issues regarding the {tasklist} macro were fixed (CONF-3622, CONF-3633, CONF-3632)
  • The {dynamictasklist} macro no longer breaks PDF exports (CONF-3513)
  • The informational macros no longer center their text when viewed in Internet Explorer (CONF-3537)
  • Links are now parsed in the title of a {panel} macro (CONF-3560)
  • The string ?!?! is no longer interpreted by the Wiki/HTML renderer as a broken image

See also: Issues Resolved for 1.4.3

Last modified on Aug 10, 2016

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