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We release bug fixes and security updates to the Atlassian Companion app regularly.

The Companion app will update automatically, unless it's been deployed using the Microsoft Installer (MSI).

Download the latest Atlassian Companion MSI (69 MB)

Download the latest version

The Atlassian Companion app is available to download for Mac or Windows.

Latest versions

Atlassian Companion 1.2.2

Released 19 June 2020 

T Key Summary

Atlassian Companion 1.2.0

Released 15 June 2020 

T Key Summary

Set trusted domains

System administrators can now set trusted domains/sites before rolling out the Companion app to all users. Setting your Confluence URL as a trusted domain means users don’t have to select 'Trust this domain' when they edit a file for the first time. Easily set trusted domains with an environment variable or during MSI install.

Atlassian Companion 1.1.0

Released 11 May 2020 

T Key Summary

Thanks for your feedback on Atlassian Companion. We're continuing to improve the file editing experience and in this release we've focused on giving users more information about their files.


The Atlassian Companion UI is now available in 23 languages. These are the same languages that are provided with Confluence by default. 

To change the language, click the  Atlassian Companion icon on the menu bar (macOS) or in the system tray (Windows) and choose Languages. 

Companion UI improvements

You'll now get a warning (on upload) if a new version of a file has been uploaded since you started editing that file. You can then either discard your changes, or continue to upload your changes as a new version in the file history. 

The Companion window is now wider, providing more room for messages and longer filenames.  We've also improved the handling of filenames that contain special characters. 

Atlassian Companion 1.0.0

Released 03 February 2020 

T Key Summary

New Companion UI

If you have Confluence 7.3 and Companion 1.0.0 (or later), you'll find it much easier to keep track of the files you've opened for editing with Atlassian Companion. When you click Edit, the file will be listed in the Companion window. Once you're finished making changes, click Upload to send the file back to Confluence.

Files are listed until you choose to remove them from the list, or restart Companion. Less invisible magic, more reliability. 

Use Companion in more environments

We've also changed the way Confluence 7.3 and later launches Companion. Your browser will now ask your permission to launch the Companion app each time you click Edit. This method works in the latest versions of all browsers, in session-based virtual desktops, and avoids problems some people had when Companion wasn't already running in the background, or their browser wouldn't allow the connection.

You'll need to upgrade to Confluence 7.3 or later to get these great new features. See Confluence 7.3 Release Notes for more information. 

Atlassian Companion 0.7.3

Released 19 December 2019

Security fixes

Atlassian Companion 0.6.2

Released 24 July 2019

Key Summary T

Atlassian Companion 0.6.0

Released 22 March 2019

Key Summary T

Atlassian Companion 0.5.3

Released 18 September 2018

The Atlassian Companion app manages the download and re-upload of files edited in Confluence. Learn more about administering the Companion app for your Confluence site.

Last modified on Jun 23, 2020

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