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Perfectly align table content


Bring visual harmony to your tables with the ability to align any type of content to the top, middle, or bottom of a table cell. Select the table content you want to align, then choose the desired alignment in the table toolbar. Those cumbersome workarounds are a thing of the past.

  1. Top align
  2. Bottom align
  3. Middle align

Add your own emojis


It's finally here! You can now add custom emojis to Confluence to make your team’s content more engaging and consistent, and personalize your blogs and comments.

Just think of the possibilities:

  • Add logos as emojis to use in internal comms or press releases

  • Add UI components and icons as emojis to use in documentation

  • Add gifs as emojis to use as reactions in comments

  • Add numbered or alphabet images as emojis and use them to format project plans, reports, and summaries

There’s an emoji for every situation, you just have to add it.

Discover how to add your own emoji

Screenshot: Workflow to add your own emojis to Confluence using the emoji menu in the editor.

Manage uploaded emojis


With the ability to add emojis comes great responsibility. That’s why we’ve introduced controls to enable system admins to view and delete custom emojis, and disable the upload emoji feature for users across their instances. Disabling this feature will still allow system admins to upload custom emojis.

Learn how to manage emojis

Screenshot: User interface for managing emojis in the Confluence administration console.

Work smarter and save time with space reindexing

Take a measured and targeted approach with space reindexing. Previously, admins could only run a full-site reindex whenever a content-missing or search-related issue was reported. Now with space reindexing, you can easily reindex the necessary spaces, saving you hours of time and minimizing disruption to search for your teams.

Learn how reindex a space

Screenshot: New user interface for content indexing.

Screenshot: Selecting multiple spaces to be reindexed.

New REST APIs to make user management easier


Access more REST APIs to help you automate, script, and scale your enterprise user management operations such as onboarding, off-boarding, and security group synchronization.

Use our APIs to:

  • change a user's password

  • change your own password

  • add a new user with a given password

  • retrieve all users (including inactive)

See a complete list of user management REST APIs

Improvements to copy space


With several improvements and bug fixes, we’ve enhanced the copy space feature to include more settings from the original space to a new space.

The following is now included in the copy by default:

  • Space header, sidebar, footer, and PDF stylesheets from the look and feel configurations

  • Comments pinned to attachments in pages and blog posts

Optionally, you can copy watchers of pages, blog posts, and the original space itself.

Confluence 8.4 will also contain usability improvements to copy space, including translation fixes and a progress page that persists even if you navigate away from it.

Check how to copy a space

Resolved issues

For full details of bugs fixed and suggestions resolved, head to our public issues tracker on Jira.

Issues resolved in 8.4.2

Released on 16 August 2023

T Key Summary Status

Issues resolved in 8.4.1

Released on 02 August 2023

T Key Summary Status

Issues resolved in 8.4.0

Released on 06 July 2023

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Before you upgrade, check out the Confluence 8.4 Upgrade Notes for important changes in this release, then follow the usual upgrade instructions to upgrade your site.

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