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Read the upgrade notes for important info about this release and see the full list of issues resolved.

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Start collaborating sooner

Invite people to edit with you 

Working on a page and could use some help? Invite your teammates to edit the page with you, without leaving the editor. 

You can invite people by name, email address or even invite a whole group. They'll get a notification to take them straight into the editor. You can invite people to a draft, before you've published, or to pages with unpublished changes. 

Alternatively you can grab the link and share it via chat, text, carrier pigeon, it's totally up to you.



Resolve permission roadblocks faster

Space permissions and page restrictions are an inevitable part of many Confluence sites. Inviting someone won't automatically grant them permissions to edit the page, so to make it easier for people to get access we've made a few changes. 

  • If you're invited to edit a page that has edit restrictions, you can now request access.
  • If you're invited to edit a page, but don't have Add (edit) permission in that space, we'll give you a link to a list of space admins so you know who to contact.

Share with ease

Not to be left out, the Share button gets some love in this release too. We've moved the short link from the

More options
 menu to the Share button. It's never been easier to grab a link to a page and paste it into your favourite chat or productivity tool.

Atlassian Performance Testing Framework 

In Confluence 6.1, we released an Amazon Quick Start that made getting Data Center up and running in AWS a breeze. Now we have a new set of performance measurement tools to help take the mystery out of planning and sizing your AWS hosted Data Center infrastructure. 

The Atlassian Performance Testing Framework was originally developed for Bitbucket (known as the Elastic Experiment Executor) and uses pre-defined profiles to mimic real-world user behaviour. By mixing and matching these profiles, you can throw a repeatable workload at your cluster and measure the output. 

The framework spins up a Confluence Data Center instance in AWS, and allows you to specify different Confluence versions and numbers of nodes. It generates a series of graphs that you can use to compare throughput (tests per second), response times, and other vital statistics side-by-side. Once the run is complete, it automatically destroys the instances it deployed, leaving behind no costly leftovers. 

A few things to be aware of: the framework is provided as is, and is not covered by Confluence support. Our support team won’t be able to assist you with interpreting the test results. You're responsible for the cost of any AWS services used. 

Find out more about the Performance Testing Framework here

We speak your language

Confluence customers come from every corner of the globe. We know that poor translations can make learning and using Confluence challenging, so we're working hard to improve the quality of our language packs. 

In this release we've improved our translations for French, German, Russian and Spanish, plus added brand new language packs for:

  • Finnish
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Romanian

Expect to see more languages and ongoing improvements over the next few releases. 

Always improving 

When Confluence becomes mission critical in an organization the impact of bugs and performance issues is amplified. We've been working hard to improve the quality and stability of Confluence over the past few releases, targeting some of the most painful issues.

If you're still running Confluence 5.x, here's a few improvements you might be interested in.  

  • LDAP synchronisation issues are dealt with more gracefully  Getting issues...
  • The Page Properties Report and Page Index macros are now far more stable and performant  Getting issues...
  • Generating thumbnails from uploaded files is now far more resilient against CPU spikes and out of memory errors  Getting issues...
  • The Page Index macro is now less likely to cause out of memory errors in huge spaces  Getting issues...

There's never been a better reason to upgrade to Confluence 6.2.

Infrastructure changes 

Confluence 6.2 has some notable changes under the hood. Check out the preparing for Confluence 6.2 page for more information.

Resolved issues

For full details of bugs fixed and suggestions resolved, head to JIRA.


Get ready to upgrade

Before you upgrade, check out the Upgrade Notes for important changes in this release, then follow the usual upgrade instructions to upgrade your site.


Our wonderful customers - we love you guys!

You play an important role in making Confluence better. Thanks to everyone who participated in interviews with us, made suggestions, voted, and reported bugs !



Last modified on Jun 30, 2017

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