Configuring Attachment Size

Confluence gives you the option of limiting the maximum size of a single file attachment. 

To configure the maximum size allowed for an attachment:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration.

  2. Choose Edit.
  3. Enter the maximum size next to Attachment Maximum Size'.
    The default is 100mb. 

  4. Choose Save.

To configure the maximum 'index-able size of attachments':

By default, large attachment is defined as greater than 1 MB.  The atlassian.indexing.contentbody.maxsize system property controls whether the content of the attachment should be stored in the Lucene index or not. Attachments exceeding the size (in bytes) defined in this system property are still uploaded, but their contents are not indexed.

For example to specify 250 kb as the maximum size to be indexed you would use the following JVM parameter:


Limiting the size of attachment indexing:

  • Decreases the size of the index when large attachments are present.
  • Prevent excerpts of large attachments being displayed in search results.

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