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Read the upgrade notes for important info about this release and see the full list of issues resolved.

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The Confluence Server mobile app is here!

We know work doesn't just happen at your desk. Sometimes, you need to stay connected to your team, capture a great idea, or move work forward – wherever you happen to be. That's why we're so excited to announce that our new app for iOS and Android is now available for Confluence Server and Data Center (6.8 and later). 

The app has a lot in common with its Confluence Cloud cousin, but allows you to log in to your site, no matter how you manage your users (LDAP, Crowd, or SAML single sign-on). 

Create, edit, and stay connected to your team

Create a page when you're on site with a customer, or fix that typo on an existing page before anyone notices. Keep the conversation going with likes and comments, or save the page for later, when you’re back at your computer.

Be notified, your way

Push notifications mean you're just one tap away from your team, when it really matters. Set the notification level that's right for you, then sit back, confident that the most important notifications will find their way to you, wherever you are.

On holidays? No problem. Temporarily turn off push while you're hitting the slopes, then flick it back on once you're back on deck.

Want a quick overview? The notifications tab pulls your most important notifications, like mentions, shares, and tasks assigned to you, into one place. Swipe to clear notifications as you action them.

We've kept your privacy and security in mind, and adapted the push notification message, so that users get a shorter version when not connected to your network (if your site is not publicly accessible). Alternatively, if you still have concerns, you can disable push for the entire site.

Get back to your work, fast

There's a multitude of ways to get back to your work, or find the page you need. You can search, browse by space, or head straight to your recent or saved pages.


The app is available now on Google Play and the App Store. If it's not yet showing up in your store's  search results, use the buttons above to go straight to the store listing. 

Once you've upgraded your site, and checked that you meet the requirements, go ahead and invite your team to use the app!

Request access is now 5 times better

We've improved the way request access works under the hood. Instead of asking just one person to grant access, we now email up to 5 people at once.

Confluence chooses people to contact in the following order:

  1. people who have contributed to the page, can still see the page, and have 'Restrict' or 'Admin' space permission (sorted by last edit date)
  2. space administrators who can see the page (sorted alphabetically)

As we prioritize the people who most recently interacted with the page, requests for access should be actioned faster. 

More goodness

Visual improvements to page content

We're continuing our work to bring a refreshed look and feel to Confluence. This work is based on the new Atlassian designand includes things like updated colors, typography, and icons. In this release, we've been working on page content, including:

  • status macro
  • date lozenges
  • user mention lozenges
  • emoticons
  • tasks

More performance and stability improvements

We're continuing to tackle the big, hairy issues that have an impact on performance and stability in the largest Confluence sites. Since the release of 6.7, we've:

  • improved quick search so it no longer causes long GC pauses and out of memory errors
  • fixed a problem when creating image thumbnails from uploaded PowerPoint files that often resulted in out of memory errors
  • limited the User List macro's ability to wreak havoc if you have many thousands of users (a system property now caps it at 10,000)
  • upgraded Hazelcast, which is used for clustering in Data Center

New language pack

You can now use Confluence in Danish. We've also fixed a number of issues with our Japanese language pack. 

Help us improve your search experience

The Confluence Server team is working on improving search and have developed a search testing pilot (as a browser extension) that'll allow you to try one of our new search design concepts in your own Confluence site. 

If you're interested in taking part, head over to Atlassian Community - try the new Confluence Server search on your site to find out what's involved. 

Resolved issues

For full details of bugs fixed and suggestions resolved, head to JIRA.

Get ready to upgrade

Before you upgrade, check out the Upgrade Notes for important changes in this release, then follow the usual upgrade instructions to upgrade your site.

Interested in our shiny new mobile app? Don't forget to renew your software maintenance.  Renew now


Our wonderful customers...

You play an important role in making Confluence better. Thanks to everyone who participated in interviews with us, made suggestions, voted, and reported bugs !

Last modified on Apr 30, 2021

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